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HKT48 4th Gen - Sakuranbo wo musuberu ka? MV

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HKT48 new song "Sakuranbo wo musuberu ka?" (Literal meaning: Could you tie a cherry?) music video (full version) is available on their official YouTube channel.

"Sakuranbo wo musuberu ka?" is performed by HKT48 4th generation members Unjo Hirona, Oda Ayaka, Sakai Moeka, Shimizu Rio, Takeda Tomoka, Jitoe Nene, Tsukiashi Amane, Toyonaga Aki, Matsumoto Hinata, Miyazaki Sono.

The music video is included in HKT48's 10th single "Kiss wa Matsushikanai no Deshouka? (Literal meaning: Are Kisses Only Something We Can Wait For?) Type-C edition. The single has been released on 2 August 2017.

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