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Monday, 15 October 2018 08:00

Yamamoto Sayaka ranked in Best Jeanist Awards

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The Japan Jeans Association holds an annual event "Best Jeanist Award" for promoting jeans in Japan. The awards honors celebrities who wears jeans the best.

Nakajima Yuto (Hey! Say! JUMP) wins the awards for his second consecutive year in the men’s division. Actress and model Nanao wins the awards for her third consecutive year in the women’s division. NMB48 member Yamamoto Sayaka ranks 10th place in the women's division.

This year’s voting pool consisted of 226,192 people across Japan.

Men’s Division

  1. Nakajima Yuto (Hey! Say! JUMP) (60,313 votes)
  2. Nagase Ren (King & Prince) (26,611 votes)
  3. Ueda Tatsuya (KAT-TUN) (24,746 votes)
  4. Masuda Takahisa (NEWS) (14,566 votes)
  5. Kim Jae Joong (14,326 votes)
  6. Tamamori Yuta (Kis-My-Ft2) (10,040 votes)
  7. Morita Myuto (Johnny's Jr) (8,529 votes)
  8. Suezawa Seiya (Kansai Johnny's Jr) (8,424 votes)
  9. Nakajima Kento (Sexy Zone) (5,988 votes)
  10. Kotaki Nozomu (Johnny's WEST) (5,435 votes)

Women’s Division

  1. Nanao (59,958 votes)
  2. Araki Yuko (20,633 votes)
  3. Takizawa Karen (9,943 votes)
  4. Aragaki Yui (8,460 votes)
  5. Mori Hikari (7,973 votes)
  6. Momota Kanako (Momoiro Clover Z) (7,579 votes)
  7. Yamamoto Mizuki (7,412 votes)
  8. Imada Mio (6,780 votes)
  9. Ishihara Satomi (5,838 votes)
  10. Yamamoto Sayaka (NMB48) (4,984 votes)
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  • Comment Link don Monday, 15 October 2018 21:16 posted by don

    Call me clueless! I've only heard of Satomi and Sayaka out of those top 10 ladies.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Wednesday, 17 October 2018 11:50 posted by Tuberose

    ^Hey Clueless lol. They're all massively popular model-artist-singer-idol.
    1. Nanao has been adored by Japanese teen girls and woman (20s-30s) thanks to her beauty and proportion (172cm which is tall for Japanese)
    2. Araki Yuko is rising star. Started as model (she is in Nonno the same magazine as Nishino Nanase and Berisa) now also is an actress.
    3.Takizawa Karen is also popular for her proportion (172cm tall too) she's also actress but mostly model
    4. Aragaki Yui is one of top star. Actress singer model
    5. Mori Hikari is a model. It's understandable if idol wota don't know her since she's less public than everyone else on the list.
    6. Momota Kanako the face of Momoiro Clover Z! How is it possible u don't know her? Momokuro is top idol group in Japan and she's the Acchan of the group.
    7. Yamamoto Mizuki is a rising star. Was a model but now pursuing a career as an actress.
    8. Imada Mio is actress-model currently getting recognition thanks to her role in Hana Yori Dango spin off dorama called Hana Nochi Hare.
    9. Ishihara Satomi is the top actress of Japan. Sexy beautiful cute fresh she's the definition of perfection.
    10. Our dear Sayanee is an idol which golden voice.

    Tbh I have no idea who's the males are individually (most of them not all) lol but I know their groups

  • Comment Link don Wednesday, 17 October 2018 22:18 posted by don

    thanks for the updated info tuberose, appreciate your effort.
    guess I'm more familiar with Japanese actress's in the Satomi, Karina, Asami Mizukawa, Nao Matsushita age group, 30+, women.

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