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Thursday, 06 December 2018 00:09

Nagano Mei's Kimi wa Tsukiyo ni Hikarikagayaku releases first teaser

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Japanese actress Nagano Mei's upcoming movie "Kimi wa Tsukiyo ni Hikarikagayaku" releases first teaser today.

The movie is live action adaptation of Sano Tetsuya's awarded light fiction of same title. Watarase Mamizu (Nagano Mei) is a high school student who is suffering from the mysterious ailment "Luminescence disease", the disease is named for the fact that the bodies of those sufferer glow faintly under the moonlight. and the glow becomes brighter as their death draws closer. Watarase Mamizu is about to pass over, she wants to do something before she dies, but she is not allowed out of the hospital. Therefore Her classmate Okada Takuya (Kitamura Takumi) gives her a helping hand to carry out her wishes.... The movie is scheduled to hit theaters in Japan on 15 March 2019.

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