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Friday, 01 February 2019 05:38

Yamaguchi Maho Assault Investigation's 3rd-party Committee formed

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AKS' Representative Director Yoshinari Natsuko and AKS-management-person-in-charge+board-member Matsumura Takumi announces via NGT48 official site that AKS have formed a third-party committee to investigate NGT48 member Yamaguchi Maho's assault incident. Yamaguchi Maho was assaulted in her own apartment on 8 December 2018.

AKS explain the third-party committee aims to investigate the incident's related fact, cause (including indirect cause, background, etc.), and accord to Japan Federation of Bar Associations' third-party committee guideline to invite the experienced law experts forming the committee, the committee members have no relationship with AKS which ensures the committee independence, neutrality and fairness.

Committee structure:

Committee Chairman: Iwasaki Akira (Lawyer)
Committee member: Kiuchi Masaya (Lawyer)
Committee member: Takayama Kozue (Lawyer) 

AKS expect the third-party committee is able to bring an end to the investigation within one and half months, and report to AKS board directly, and then AKS will reveal the public to the public.

Original source: NGT48 official site

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  • Comment Link Nako Miku Friday, 01 February 2019 11:17 posted by Nako Miku

    No one trust them

  • Comment Link DXTakamina Friday, 01 February 2019 14:39 posted by DXTakamina


    To put it simply:
    Iwasaki Law Office - company lawyer of Ariola Japan (NGT's label)
    Akasakamori no Ki Law Office - representative is a former company lawyer of Dentsu
    Shinwa Law Office - company lawyer of AKS and Akimoto's own company

  • Comment Link sorsasan Friday, 01 February 2019 15:51 posted by sorsasan

    eport to AKS board directly, and then AKS will reveal the public to the public .... huh ..... well that means I , AKS, will let the public see what I , AKS, feel like letting them see ......

  • Comment Link Joe Sunday, 03 February 2019 15:47 posted by Joe

    Life is not always so clear cut that the right solution or conclusion is satisfying. Sometimes chasing after absolute satisfaction leads to burning it all down and losing what you are trying to get vindication on... To me it looks like they learned a powerful and costly lession and even if this panel is just a public stunt the loss of sponsors and their money was oh so real and likely sent shockwaves up the ranks that they need to be more careful or they risk major backlash. I think that this panel will most likely provide somethng for fans you embrace amd we can move on and return to enjoying ourselves again.

  • Comment Link Jolly_Roger Sunday, 03 February 2019 21:01 posted by Jolly_Roger

    How hard is this concept - when a crime is committed you arrest the suspects, charged them, put them on trial, and if found guilty throw them in jail. Has this happened yet? If the subhumans who committed the crime face absolutely no consequences, what is the purpose of any of these sideshows? How does any of this give Maho her justice?

  • Comment Link Joe Sunday, 03 February 2019 22:57 posted by Joe

    Jolly Roger, you are conflating two totally different incidents into one. The attack was a crime and is being handled by the authorities not AKS. AKS does not dictate to the police on how to investigate crimes or prosecute offenders. Maho is a 23 year old woman and should be the one dealing with the police, if i were attacked in my home I wouldn't expect my employer to handle it for me. How the attack case is handled is between Maho and the police and how that plays out we can only hope is by the book. The issue we can demand a change and heads to roll (firing people involved) from is AKS was rhem trying to sweep this under the rug and making her feel like they didn't have her back and that is the purpose of the committee - it isn't going to be going after the attackers or seaking vengence on them it is meant to find out who dropped the ball and why and to recommend actions to fix it for the future.

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