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Monday, 18 February 2019 06:50

Hirate Yurina to appear on SCHOOL OF LOCK! Tonight

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Keyakizaka46 8th single "Kuroi Hitsuji" CENTER Hirate Yurina will appear on TOKYO-FM radio show SCHOOL OF LOCK! (GIRLS LOCKS!) Tonight (22:15 JST).

Original source: GIRLS LOCKS! official page

Kuroi Hitsuji will be released on 27 February 2019. Pre-order on CDJapan:

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  • Comment Link Joe Monday, 18 February 2019 10:58 posted by Joe

    I don't follow 46 groups, does she even have an in team rival like Jurina and Sayaka did just to soice thing up or is she really the only member in that group that even matters? No picking on her just trying to understand. Seems like a big waste of money to have such a large group of background singer/dancers. Just make her a solo act, looks like she was already given several solos on top of being center on all other group singles and their album.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Monday, 18 February 2019 13:35 posted by Tuberose

    @Joe yeah there's no rival for Techi in Keyakizaka46, I meant Neru is also popular in public (while the others are mostly known by group fans only) but like a different kind of popularity no one would compare them bc they're too different, that's why she's been dominating.
    Management probably noticed it too, and they're afraid of dropping her from the center position bc general public thinks Keyaki=Techi.
    Fans are the one who should act, they should support a certain member in order to dethrone Techi (like when Yuko became #1 bc some of her votes were from Acchan antis) to prove that another member can make money too. Hating on pushed members is stupid since from the beginning it's not like management chose them bc they love them in personal way. This is business, money is the priority.

  • Comment Link lol Monday, 18 February 2019 14:24 posted by lol

    Those "background singers/backdancers" you said have much more outside jobs than her. Example Neru, she is very busy with many appearances either in radio, programs, even she has her own NHK show. Other members have exclusive contract with magazine like Risa, Habu etc and some of them will release their pb soon. If anything you will see her mostly only in MVs and her radio program. Except last year when she promote Hibiki. She rarely appear on magazines, Keyakitte, or even lives and Kouhaku after Hibiki and management announced her injury. Not to mention members are already given the chance to centering their songs on lives.

    Well, at least she was everywhere last year for Hibiki (recently in Sekai no Owari's mv). Is she really the only member that even matter? No. But idk why management don't want to change her. They even made her as center in Garasu when her arm injured.

  • Comment Link Heywood Jabloemy Monday, 18 February 2019 22:18 posted by Heywood Jabloemy

    I like what you three are saying. Glad to know it's not just me. I don't hate Techi but I wonder what the rest of the group of capable of. I like the Yuko-Acchan analogy. Sayanee & Milky - Jurina & Rena were all classic combos from what seems the golden era of AKS. Maybe Rika & Yuka is NGT now?? sadly they won't give Techi a 'counter-point. So it looks like Keyaki is stuck w/ her - the Prima Ballerina (Black Swan).

    I can't tell you who is most popular or center is in Twice, Red Velvet, Black Pink, IZ*ONE or other KPOP groups because they work as a unit and there's something for everyone. It's a harmony of working as a whole & also shining individually, it's one lesson AKS has yet to learn. If you don't like Techi, chances are you won't look past her to see the others and maybe that's by design? Maybe Keyaki only wants "Techi fans" & maybe the other girls know they're being used to prop her up. I wish AKS was more open or transparent with their process or image strategy.

  • Comment Link Joe Tuesday, 19 February 2019 10:47 posted by Joe

    @lol my solution wouldn't be shutting down Keyakizaka46 I was suggesting branching her off as a true solo artist and leaving the rest to grow on their own and let the next bit of cream to rise the the top. Top management has shown that they are not stuck on the AKB model anymore.

  • Comment Link Akai Seigo Wednesday, 20 February 2019 16:26 posted by Akai Seigo

    Is it me or the other,Techi looks like Daichi Miura on the picture.

  • Comment Link Momo Wednesday, 20 February 2019 21:11 posted by Momo

    Keyakizaka 46 has been successful just as they are now. There is no reason for them to do what everyone else does. Any serious "development" of another center would create an artificial drama which would only be a distraction. When Techi is finished there are others that can step in without any additional training and development.

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