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All NMB48 KKS promoted to official member

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During NMB48 7th Anniversary ceremonial LIVE, NMB48 announces all their research students are promoted to official members.

Team N

Umeyama Cocona (5th Generation)
Kojima Karin (5th Generation)
Mizokawa Mirai (5th Generation)
Hongou Yuzuha (2nd Generation Draftee)

Team M

Ando Erina (2nd Generation Draftee)
Iwata Momoka (5th Generation)
Yamada Suzu (5th Generation)

Team BII

Shimizu Rika (5th Generation)
Jonishi Rei (5th Generation)
Nakagawa Mion (5th Generation)
Mizuta Shiori (5th Generation) 

It was announced during NMB48 7th Anniversary ceremonial LIVE in Osaka-jo Hall on 12 October 2017.

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