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Friday, 08 June 2018 13:04

AKB48 World Election to go Stream Live on YouTube

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AKB48 official Facebook fanpage has announced that their upcoming 53rd Single World Senbatsu General Election will be live-streamed to 246 countries around the world via AKB48 official YouTube channel on 16 June 2018

Check out the details below!

Live-streaming Date & Time: 16 June 2018 (4:00PM to 9:24PM JST)
Live-streaming URL:

Note: This live stream is not available in Japan, China, and Thailand. If you live in Japan, China or Thailand, it will be broadcasted live on the following channels: Fuji Television (Japan), workpoint (Thailand), Tencent (China).

Original sources: AKB48 official Facebook fanpage

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  • Comment Link Rick Silvers Friday, 08 June 2018 14:36 posted by Rick Silvers

    This is significant.
    This acknowledges the far away fans that were looking for illegal streams and attempts to monetize them. I don't know what their target is in total viewership but I am willing to bet that this year's Janken tournament is also streamed on YouTube.

    There is a service that launched this year called Kocowa that offers same day uploads with full English subs of content from all three major Korean broadcasters for a mere $6.99 a month. They have three types of billing, daily, monthly and yearly. Rakuten's Viki and Dramafever offer similar services thought not same day.

    Now 48G is a much much narrower scope as far as potential customers but...

    YouTube has a pay model in place that is not YouTube Red, it is how I once watched IPL from India. If they are smart and willing to take the chance they can set that up for something like $7.99 USD a month all you can consume, theater shows, old concerts, AKBingo, etc. Nothing will ever stop the pirates/illegal steams but at least this way they could get a bit of coin out of it. Maybe even a bit of that money could go to add English subs to it.

    Lets build on this a little further...
    Pick any group you want to subscribe to for $7.99 USD a month, or watch all five groups for $29.99 a month (STU48 excluded for obvious reasons and I am not sure that NGT48 generates enough content for this.) Then depending on the package you pick you can get 1 or 5 votes to that year's general election, assuming you have been with the service for at least 90 days prior. Paid subscribers get online help with buying tickets to a theater show when and where their oshimen is performing when they visit Japan.

    You are welcome AKS, you can pay me in leftover lemon props from Ichikawa's graduation.

  • Comment Link Niv Friday, 08 June 2018 17:13 posted by Niv

    Great news, sad they make 1 step forward and 1 back though. Banning foreign CC cards etc and then they do this, so kinda confusing.

    Anyway, I am happy enough that I can watch it without garbage re-streaming this year.

  • Comment Link DR Friday, 08 June 2018 23:01 posted by DR

    Nice. No more stream hopping.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Saturday, 09 June 2018 09:52 posted by Tuberose

    Lemon's wota back at it with his knowledge and left me feeling dumb er time lol

  • Comment Link Joe Sunday, 10 June 2018 12:03 posted by Joe

    I would buy more from them if they subbed more because I rather have professional quality and support the franchise. They don't do enough to foster growth in english speaking markets.

  • Comment Link Theaterdude777 Friday, 15 June 2018 07:11 posted by Theaterdude777

    Are there going to be English subs for this live stream???

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