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Is Onishi Momoka shooting her photobook?

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AKB48 Team 8's Nara representative Onishi Momoka tells her fans she has chopped her hair into a shorter style via Twitter, and her tweet you can find there 2 hashtags: Onishi Momoka 1st Photo book, Cebu Island. 

After checking Onishi Momoka photobook's official Twitter, the Team 8 member actually flied to Cebu Island after General Election. Does Onishi Momoka begin shooting her first solo photo book? 

8 months ago, Onishi Momoka announced she will release her first solo photo book (TBA), but she did not confirm the release date, and then not much news about it, and now, let's look forward to Team 8's first solo photo book.

Reference: Onishi Momoka first photobook official Twitter

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