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Saturday, 03 November 2018 07:05

Power of K-POP Fandom! PRODUCE48 c/w Views 10 times higher than Others

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Japanese idol group AKB48 have released their 54th single NO WAY MAN coupling songs' music videos today. Fans always fight which member is most popular, music video as well. So, which coupling song of 54th single is the most popular one? 

Within first 23 hours, PRODUCE48 Senbatsu's coupling song "Wakariyasukute Gomen" got over 900,000 views, almost 10 times higher than other coupling songs.

  • Common c/w Ike no Mizu wo Nukitai: 103,732 views
  • Type-A c/w Wakariyasukute Gomen: 905,639 views
  • Type-B c/w Soredemo Kanojyowa: 125,897 views
  • Type-C c/w Ohayo Kara Hajimaru Sekai: 120,339 views
  • Type-D c/w Saikyou Twintail: 91,470 views
  • Type-E c/w Yume e no Process: 83,133 views 

K-POP army are well known for their passionate, is the view rate affect by Mnet's TV show PRODUCE48?

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Common c/w Ike no Mizu wo Nukitai by Ike no Mizu Senbatsu

Type-A c/w Wakariyasukute Gomen by PRODUCE48 Senbatsu

Type-B c/w Soredemo Kanojyowa by Otona Senbatsu 2018

Type-C c/w Ohayo Kara Hajimaru Sekai by U-19 Senbatsu 2018

Type-D c/w Saikyou Twintail by U-16 Senbatsu 2018

Type-E c/w Yume e no Process by AiKaBu Senbatsu

AKB48's 54th single "NO WAY MAN" will be released on 28 November 2018. Pre-order on CDJapan:

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  • Comment Link Tuberose Saturday, 03 November 2018 18:43 posted by Tuberose

    Honestly as someone who follows both J and K pop this is to be expected, but let me tell you guys one thing: the enthusiasm only last for a really short time.

    P101 S1 produced 11 members in which rn only Chungha have a successful solo, Gugudan became a Sejeong (sometimes "+Mina") and friends, Weki Meki is Yoojung+Doyoung and the others, DIA is Chaeyeon (she's basically webdrama actress tho) and friends (sometimes Kathy but most of the time she's not mentioned), luckily WJSN is made of at least 5-6 popular members so they didn't end up as Yeonjung and friends, as for Sohye she is doing good as rookie actor but definitely not as good as when she's in IOI.

    Now in this article we're talking about members that didn't even make it to Top 20, here's what happened to eliminated PD101 S1 contestants: some talented enough to debuted solo got a great responses then forgotten, some joined or debuted in a group got an okay to good responses then forgotten (only Soyeon of (G)-Idle is successful in solo and with her group without being a Soyeon and friends), some went back to a trainee life and ofc forgotten. It's a little better for P101 S2 but they're male (female fans are more loyal thanks to all those abs and leather thighs highlighting their Richards, ok that's a joke).

    Will AKS able to keep the iron hot for those who didn't make it to IZ*ONE? Will they use the PD101 S2's formula and make a sub-unit like JBJ and The Boyz or at least SNH's 7Senses? If he and management insisted to 'why-change-people-dont-like-changes' formula we won't see such numbers anymore this time next year.

  • Comment Link Jsprite Saturday, 03 November 2018 19:05 posted by Jsprite

    In J-Pop, buzz is good, but views don't matter much as actual CD sales.

  • Comment Link Someone48 Sunday, 04 November 2018 05:44 posted by Someone48

    Speaking of potential sub units, I would say it is allready done with this particular song, let's see if AKS will continue with those girls but I don't expect anything more.
    Out of al lthe subunits 48 groups produced, only those managed by external agencies had some sort of success thanks also to their super popular members at the time.
    since then no sub unit creation left a big enough impact nor lasted very long.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Sunday, 04 November 2018 11:47 posted by Tuberose

    This particular song is not even a unit song, unlike Love Crescendo. So far only subunits like no3b, not yet, french kiss and watarirouka hashiritai 7 that successfully made it into charts.

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Tuesday, 06 November 2018 01:06 posted by Conscious Pilot

    Wait...wait..So the nobodies who were not given a bone in AKB goto Korea - LOSE on a Reality show about Idols then come back to AKB which now throws them a bone and the KOREAN fans make them 10'x more watched than the people AKB pushes??

    Yeah...totally predicted that. The days of the DANSO are over.

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