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Sunday, 11 November 2018 01:23

Oda Nana's Mirai no Atashi premiered at Hamamatsu Festival

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Japanese actress Sakurai Atsuko and Keyakizaka46 member Oda Nana's short film "Mirai no Atashi" was premiered as opening film at Hamamatsu Festival 2018 on 10 November 2018.

It is Oda Nana's first short film, "Mirai no Atashi" is about Mari an age 46 married working woman (Sakurai Atsuko) has a time travel back to 30 years ago and meets herself when she is still a high school girl (Oda Nana). The filming was done in early 2018 in Hamamatsu, the home down of Oda Nan and the film director Toyoshima Keisuke.

Moreover, the short film will be played in Toyoshima Keisuke Short Film Festival at CINEMA RA, Hamamatsu on 29 December 2018.

Trailer (Toyoshima Keisuke Short Film Festival)

Note: Oda Nana is Hamamatsu city's goodwill ambassador.

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Official Trailer

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