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Saturday, 13 January 2018 01:00

Do you know 7 Rules of Saito Asuka?

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First of all, it is not a news, you may take it as a brief review of TV programme "Nogizaka46 Saito Asuka Seven Rules", an unofficial documentary of Nogizaka46 next generation ace Saito Asuka.

For me, I write this article just want more fans to know about Saito Asuka, well, I am not her fans, at least not her kami oshimen, but I have to admit that charming girl is one of my favorite members, so I hope other fans would like her too.

Let's check out Saito Asuka's 7 Rules:

Rule no. 1: Not doing "CUTE" stuff for fans

Saito Asuka admits she tried to be a perfect idol, but she found she couldn't, she could not pretend a kawaii girl, therefore she decided just be herself, be honest to response to her fans, and her fans is ok with it.   

Rule no. 2: Do not expect too much

Saito Asuka shares her experience of being bullied in the school, not being selected for single or other media in her earlier years in Nogizaka46. Therefore, she gets used to not expecting too much, and able to accept the results not matter what they are. It is a rule that 13 years old idol learn from life, a rule to protect herself.  

Rule no. 3: Lying on Wall while Waiting

As a popular idol, Facing media's attention, busy schedule, the way to relax herself is lying herself on wall during the break at work, and her preference is a hard and cold wall.

Rule no. 4: Not read the book with a happy ending

Saito Asuka loves reading, actually she loves reading literature, and she loves the book of dark theme, she just can not enjoy a book with happy ending, she admits she is very likely to make a different interpretation of the ending.   

Rule no. 5: Go to roast meat restaurant alone 3 times per month

Saito Asuka visits roast meat restaurant 3 times per month, alone, or with other people, however she said it is seldom people would invite her to restaurant, moreover she explains it is better not having roast meat meal with other Nogizaka46 members, because they will just concentrate on eating meat...

Rule no. 6: Send LINE message to mother every morning

Saito Asuka began living by herself last year, but she will see her mother once a week. Saito Asuka's mother sends message to her every morning. Though Saito Asuka thinks her parent are stupid, she really thanks her parent.

Rule no. 7: Shine in Nogizaka46

Saito Asuka does not want to be an idol, and not fit to be an idol or work in showbiz industry. Saito Asuka is a negative girl, however she finds she loves Nogizaka46, and Nogizaka46 is place she belongs to, at last she said she feels like to stay in Nogizaka46 a little longer.

A brief info about Saito Asuka

Saito Asuka is a member of Nogizaka46's 1st Generation. She joined the group at age 13, therefore she has regards as one of next generation ACE since joining the group, she was appointed to be sole CENTER for 15th single "Hadashi de Summer", and Double CENTER with Nishino Nanase for 19th single "Itsuka Dekiru kara Kyou Dekiru". Saito Asuka released her solo photobook "Shiosai" in 2017, which sold over 120,000 copies.


Nogizaka46's 15th Single "Hadashi de Summer" MV

Nogizaka46's 19th Single "Itsuka Dekiru kara Kyou Dekiru" MV

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