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Friday, 28 September 2018 15:12

I just wonder what AKB48 overseas fans are reading these year

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I received a lot of fans complaining this site (me) provide a wrong information about "there was non AKB48 member serve solo CENTER for AKB48 single's title track" and claim Matsui Jurina served the sole center for Oogoe Diamond, the AKB48 10th single. I thought it was just some Jurina knight or some poor misled fans' spam. I must admit it was my fault: I never check English Wikipedia (Because I'm sure I am right).

However, the complains were a bit too much, I finally decided to check English Wikipedia, and I found:

I found it is quite interesting it states "Centers: Jurina Matsui" (Huh? Jurina and Matsui are two different persons, they are Double CENTERs for the song?) of the song, so I can't help to think maybe I am wrong (and need to apology again, oh, my god, I can imagine Jurina knights are shouting "fake news" in my brain), then I re-check Japanese Wikipedia, the answer states Maeda Atsuko and Matsui Jurina served the Double CENTERs for the song.

However, I don't trust Wikipedia 100 percent, so I started to search other information, it is quite interesting I find some media sites mention Matsui Jurina is CENTER of Oogoe Diamond, but they also don't mention it is a sole position for the single, I understand this song is a bit complicated, with many different versions. Then I found some sites (including techinsight, bunshun column) do mention Maeda Atsuko and Matsui Jurina were Double CENTER, but I don't really reply on them, so, I kept searching, and I finally have found some more reliable sources as followings:

Sponichi / Sanpo



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  • Comment Link AsianMe Friday, 28 September 2018 15:33 posted by AsianMe


  • Comment Link Elvin Friday, 28 September 2018 16:07 posted by Elvin

    It's double center. It was stated in a documentary I watched a while back. Just another example of Akimoto-sensei trying to make waves by putting a new (at the time) member in the center position with their top gun.

  • Comment Link Someone48 Friday, 28 September 2018 17:02 posted by Someone48

    Not everyone can read and understand japanese language.
    Foreign fans read what is available.

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Friday, 28 September 2018 17:13 posted by Paul Cho

    I don't know what to say
    Look! I don't blame nor mock overseas fans. I just worry. (and, of course protecting this site or protecting myself)

  • Comment Link Akai Seigo Friday, 28 September 2018 18:49 posted by Akai Seigo

    I dont trust weak-ipedia either.I am glad you clarified things out and thanks.

  • Comment Link Elvin Friday, 28 September 2018 21:22 posted by Elvin

    @PaulCho Nothing to say, I thought I sensed a question somewhere in there so I did my best to answer it.

    The documentary was actually on Oshima Yuko btw. They made it look like she was shafted by having Jurina as center instead of her.

  • Comment Link Joe Friday, 28 September 2018 21:49 posted by Joe

    You are doing a great job and I thank you. However Jurina was the center or at least central to the narrative of OD as evident of her soloing the cover and the PV being centered around her usurping Maeda's spot in the dance line up. The song itself is actually mostly sung in groups of two to four except a few solo lines (one of which is JM) so I don't think you even need to be able to read at all to come away with an impression that JM is the focal point of that single which is even more exceptional than just dancing in the center position.

  • Comment Link Jolly_Roger Friday, 28 September 2018 22:09 posted by Jolly_Roger

    You realize that anyone who registers themselves on Wikipedia can edit articles. You just have to cite your information correctly. Register and change it... it is that simple.

  • Comment Link Joe Saturday, 29 September 2018 02:36 posted by Joe

    JR Actually that is not true. The edits are moderated by editors and because the material is public and a primary source of information for over a billion people errors are usually reported quickly and fixed. Go ahead and test it. Ask us to view a section of an article then make some change then let us know when we can check it out.

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Saturday, 29 September 2018 03:51 posted by Conscious Pilot

    LOL - Jurina Knights. It wouldn't surprise me. Once upon a time when Jurina was around 12-15 yrs old she had a vast array of fans as the AKS groups were all still new. However, by the time 2014-2015 rolled around the "Split" occurred. The Loli fans (guys that usually only support KKS & younger Idols) had departed for HKT or other groups. Jurina was re-sold as Yuko's successor & the "girl power" thing especially with fans who like "Danso" or Bi-Girls became Jurina's Western fanbase.

    Nearly 90% of every hardcore Jurina fan I've encountered over the years (in the English/Western fandom) was shall I say..."Militant" (Extreme? Elitist? Judgmental if you didn't worship?). I only say this because as we've seen here- She can be "Polarizing" to some. (but then some say Mayu & Paruru were too - so who knows).

    It makes perfect sense that the English Wikipedia would be written to make her a amazing as possible, by Western people. These same people probably write trash about Rika Nakai & feel it's justified. Only the Japanese have ANY real power over AKB48 & it's myths & legends. You do NOT need to apologize to anyone Mr. Cho- The Japanese lyrics, documents, & info over-rules EVERYTHING written by a Westerner regardless of sentiment.

    Thank You Mr. Cho for taking the time to translate the Japan news for us Western/English readers - You have nothing to apologize for.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Saturday, 29 September 2018 07:40 posted by Tuberose

    @Joe: the solo cover was meant for Acchan

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Saturday, 29 September 2018 08:44 posted by Paul Cho

    Sorry, I do't get it, I think I never deny Matsui Jurina holding a important role in Oogoe Diamond, by the way, do you see the links at bottom?
    Please re-read the post again
    @Conscious Pilot
    Please make no mistake
    1. I meant Jurina Knight, not Jurina nor AKB48 oversea (or western) fans, Jurina Knight is a group of extreme (fake) fans from China, at least most of them from China, they were expelled from Chinese forums after 2016, though they are still quite active in Weibo and very likely in AKB48/IZONE overseas fandom.
    2. I don't want to comment AKB48 overseas fans or Jurina overseas fans
    3. I don't translate anymore, if you follow the site long enough, I seldom translate mobame or magazine anymore.
    4. I don't run the site for free, I get income from the site through ads, CDJapan affiliate and donation (if the payment below my expectation, I do not update), so no one owe me, it is fair, AKB48 fans don't need to thank me, actually I thank you for your support.
    5. If people (including me) makes mistake or does something wrong, he/she need to apologize for what he/she did.

  • Comment Link yada Saturday, 29 September 2018 09:59 posted by yada

    well done, and thanks, Paul..

  • Comment Link Joe Saturday, 29 September 2018 13:30 posted by Joe

    From a promotional stand point OD was 100% meant to showcase Jurina to deny that is absurd. He role is objectivly central to the plot of the video and her being the solo member on the cover - forget any speculation about who was "meant" to be the solo cover - if you originally meant to type A but instead typed Z then published it knowing you typed Z then I have to assume and conclude you meant to use Z I can't then profess that because you at some point thought of using A as a way to disqualify Z (which you actually purposly used) and elevating A (which you purposly didn't use) to your real intent. Absurd! Saying JM was the focus of OD promotionally is not an attack it is simply a truth.

  • Comment Link Joe Saturday, 29 September 2018 16:56 posted by Joe

    @paul cho I believe everyone understands that this page is commercial and that you deserve you get income for the work you do. When ai thank you I do it for your moderation and fairness in the forum. Mistakes are human and should be pointed out respectfully as unintentioned so they can be corrected not treated as malicious and attacked. I have seen you correct mistakes somtimes pointed out and somtimes you discovered youself many times which is a hallmark of professionalism and that is worth a thanks because too many sites just set it and forget it.

  • Comment Link R Sunday, 30 September 2018 01:10 posted by R

    Well i believe what i believe..
    J is the center for the song meant to introduced her and SKE.
    Maeda is the other center, i believe AKBingo broadcast it as double center Maeda and Jurina.

    if i want a credible news, i usually asking my friends who resides in Japan or following the official blog, channel, website etc of the group or members (sometime from the people directly involed)

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Sunday, 30 September 2018 02:30 posted by Paul Cho

    I am sorry to tell you this site is not commercial, I am failed to make it, it is just fans based, and you may notice, there is no scandal posts of AKB48 group or 46 series members.
    Of course, you can, it is your right.
    Sure, you can get the news or support what you believe from direct sources or other different sources. Actually, most of news here were quoted/collected from direct sources, valid sources and Japanese reliable news sites, for sharing news to other AKB48 fans. To be honest, I have my favorite 48G/46s fans sites and bloggers, they are far better than me. Anyway, thank you for visiting my humble site and leave your comment. At last, but, I must admit I don't really get your meaning, you meant W-CENTER (Acchan + Matsui Jurina) for TV Live and Sole CENTER (Matsui Jurina) for Single, right?

  • Comment Link FK Sunday, 30 September 2018 08:40 posted by FK

    I read an article in Bunshun and it mentions that the centers of Oogoe Diamond was Maeda Atsuko and Matsui Jurina

    It's true that this single was made to introduce Jurina(based on her screen time on OD's MV) but it doesn't change the fact that this single was centered by Acchan and Jurina

  • Comment Link bobobobo Monday, 01 October 2018 23:11 posted by bobobobo

    those who said jurina solo center in oogoe diamond probably new fans with lack research information.

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Tuesday, 02 October 2018 02:31 posted by Conscious Pilot

    @PaulCho -

    So wait Jurina Knights are ANTI's? I thought Jurina Knight was a version of "White Knight" (Help Damsel in distress) - i.e. White Knights FOR Jurina (Protect her Honor- ect) - Goes to show how I know about the Jurina Fandom I guess.

    What I meant was- YOU do this site out of a labor of love so No Need to apologize. Your coverage of the 2018 AKB SSK was spot on! You can see, read, & translate things about AKB48 in "real time". That's a value to me at any rate.

    **If you look on Stage48- their Jurina thread only has like 50 pages? I ask someone why & someone told me they heard a few years ago Stage48 had a 'Rogue Moderator' who deleted YEARS Worth of Jurina pages & discussions in retaliation against Jurina fans (over what I have NO IDEA) so hear Thread starts at Oct 2016. I wonder if it was the "Jurina Knights".

    Thank you Mr. Cho for your service.

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Tuesday, 02 October 2018 03:10 posted by Paul Cho

    @Conscious Pilot
    Well, first of all, thanks for your comment about Neru in another post, please don't get her involved in trouble, please.

    I must say it again, Jurina fans is not equal to Jurina knight, Jurina knight is an extreme fans group, and very "professional". Because their behaviours are a bit weird to me (e.g. they translate Matsui Jurina's information, but delete or amend some of her messages, I find it is quite disrespectful as a fan; or say something bad about Matsui Jurina), and they always ask people for donation, or other stuff related to money, so TBH I don't know if they are fans or antis to Matsui Jurina, or any 48G members. Generally they will try to protect Matsui Jurina in anyway which you can not imagine, in a thread with over 10k replies, Chinese fans discussed and talked about what they did the bad things to other 48G members and their fans, with lot of evidences support, I must admit it is hard for me to explain to you. But if you really wanna know about them, you can search some keywords, "收视楼", "收视0.8%", "奶骑", "水24死币废档", "猜拳单铃悬终止", "love berry停刊". Though the thread was deleted by a Jurina knight admin, many fans still remember it.

    I don't really know stage48 stuff, though I visited there sometimes before, sorry. By the way, if you want to start war with anyone here, I will delete you comment without notice.

  • Comment Link Joe Tuesday, 02 October 2018 10:08 posted by Joe

    FK The single also came with a series of Jurina SOLO covers. I understand the resistance because JM fans feel that accepting this reality would support antis contention that JM was given favortism from the very start which she was and there is loads of supporting evidence of that in all subsequent singles including both AKB and even more SKE. Yet the same can be said about the mighty Acchan herself keep in mind that Maeda was also chosen as center early on she was also treated as a favorite daughter by management and it wasnt earned any more than Jurina's yet everyone accepts it as natural and right and never claims the Maeda was somehow not worthy of and there isn't any controversy why? Because her fans don't deny it they simply say that management made the right choice because you can't argue with the results.

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