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Monday, 12 November 2018 13:36

Where NO WAY MAN 5 Million Views Come From?

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First of all, it is not a news, it is just my personal study.

Today, AKB48's new music video "NO WAY MAN" reaches 5 million YouTube views, the figures are so good that make fans wonder if it is influenced by Korean fans.

Thanks to YouTube's analysis tools "Music charts & insights", we can check the traffic data of any individual artist, so let's check AKB48 (Artist), the group got 19.6 million views in last 28 days.

Though the tool does not provide the individual music video's data, we can have an idea where those traffic came from: 

Top 10 countries

  1. Japan: 11.2M views
  2. Thailand: 2.49M views
  3. South Korea: 1.77M views
  4. Indonesia: 983K views
  5. Taiwan: 491K views
  6. United States: 412K views
  7. Philippines: 341K views
  8. Vietnam: 339K views
  9. Hong Kong 220K: views
  10. Malaysia 203K: views

Therefore, we can see the traffic mainly came from Japan (over 57%).

Original source: YouTube Music charts & insights

On the other hand, we can also check IZ*ONE's statistics for comparison: 

IZ*ONE got total 26.5 million views in last 28 days, and about 25% of traffic came from South Korea:

Top 10 countries:

  1. South Korea: 6.61M views
  2. Indonesia: 3.03M views
  3. Japan: 3.02M views
  4. Thailand: 2.57M views
  5. Vietnam: 1.91M views
  6. Philippines: 1.84M views
  7. United States: 1.15M views
  8. Malaysia: 1.09M views
  9. Taiwan: 888K views
  10. Singapore: 401K views

Original source: YouTube Music charts & insights

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  • Comment Link Tuberose Monday, 12 November 2018 16:25 posted by Tuberose

    This is what I am talking about when I said SEA is 'powerful'. There's a ton of Japan48G's fans who are anti-SEA and despise the fact that AKB branched out to JKT BNK MNL (tho MUM is not SEA). They have this mindset that SEA is third world countries, barbarian and home to uneducatedly rude poor people. When actually SEA people contributed a lot in promoting 48G via internet, they're the ones who provide subtitle, they're the ones actively post things on social media and they're the ones spreading the love. Sorry but it's not South Korea, the truth is Kpop idols make not so much money in SK alone so they work in Japan, China and US as well.

  • Comment Link Jsprite Monday, 12 November 2018 16:39 posted by Jsprite

    One of the good things that came out of Produce48 is an interest by Korean fans of anything that has to do with AKB48 in general, and Sakura/Jurina/Miyu in particular. They are now even watching the old AKB48 videos on YouTube, even the ones from the Golden Era.

  • Comment Link Remy Monday, 12 November 2018 19:52 posted by Remy

    SEA 48G fans seem to me to be responsible for the majority of English subtitles for variety shows. I don't think I'd be nearly as much of a fan without those

  • Comment Link sorasan Monday, 12 November 2018 21:25 posted by sorasan

    It's a win win situation .....

    Just the mention of Japan to Seo & China is enough to rife ppl yet you still see them go Japan for holiday and stuff .....

    Music is such a wonderful thing ....

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