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Thursday, 13 December 2018 00:34

Opinion: Ikinari Punch Line actually sells Well

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First of all, it is not a news, it is just my opinion.

Japanese idol group SKE48 have released their 24th single "Stand by you" yesterday, according to ORICON News, the single sold 141,943 copies only at first day, compared to the previous single, the sales dropped 20 percent. 

The sales is below expectation, so some fans suspect if the number can reflect the real sales or not (therefore I also listed Billboard's data for reference at the post), and claim SKE48's 23rd single "Ikinari Punch Line" is the best-selling single of the idol group recently. So, who is right? and who is wrong? Let's check out SKE48 previous 4 singles' total sales first:

Previous SKE48 singles' total sales (According to ORICON):

  • 23rd single: 390,770 copies
  • 22nd single: 386,683 copies
  • 21st single: 341,836 copies
  • 20th single: 327,598 copies

According to sales data provided by ORICON, Ikinari Punch Line actually sold best among last 4 singles, but why did its sales not so good at the first day, let's study the number deeper. SKE48 latest single "Stand by you" released on 12 December 2018, Ikinari Punch Line released on 4 July 2018. The sales period was around 5 months, the group added more handshake events (2018/11/04, 2018/11/18, 2018/12/01, 2019/01/12) for 23rd single, these handshake events made the sales increased by 57,620 copies from week 18 to week 22. It may be the main reason to make 23rd single sold well, and 24 single sold below expectation.

Did other singles have special arrangements? No, or at least not affect the total sales, but their sales dates were unusual, SKE48's 20th single released on 30 August 2016, after almost 11 months, the group released their 21st single with Obata Yuna as CENTER on 19 July 2016, it may be the reason affected the 21st single first day/week sales, and then sales period was back to normal, the 22nd single released on 18 January 2018, the first day/week sales were down a bit (9%), the total sales were better though.  

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  • Comment Link Ray Thursday, 13 December 2018 01:32 posted by Ray

    Opinion about your opinion:
    In a world where everything seems to have a price and seems to be on sale, including babies, children, women, kidneys, hearts, livers and everything else even people's ethics...we are so tired of figures and numbers...who has the most, who sells the most or the least. My friend we sincerely only care about the music, the rhythm, the groove. I no longer care if 48 or 46 sell or not, does it matter Art-wise?!

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Thursday, 13 December 2018 01:39 posted by Paul Cho

    Ok, I just reply other 48G fans about SKE48 23rd and 24th sales number, of course I talk about number. You should talk to @akb4846

    Well, if you really don't like the number, did you watch AKB48 2018 solo concert DVD/BD digest video, if you do, re-watch it again, please.

  • Comment Link Someone48 Thursday, 13 December 2018 02:19 posted by Someone48

    Comparing 1 day to total just as oranges to apples, doesn't make sense.
    Better wait at least 2nd week before coming to conclusion.
    SKE48 have a tendency to send their theater CDs very late.

  • Comment Link uzi Thursday, 13 December 2018 02:37 posted by uzi

    In the end it's still will be hang on 300k as total. I believe it. But one fact about ske's oricon number. They've never reach 400k level after Rena chan graduation.

    About the timing of release.. It's on good rate when they release more than 1 single per year.. But is it wise to release adjacent to monster sales of nogi-akb?

    I've lost the ability to predict the number after sayanee graduation single was lower than i thought..

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Thursday, 13 December 2018 02:39 posted by Paul Cho

    Some fans did say SKE48 have a tendency to send their theater version late, but I can't confirm with the rumors. 22nd and 23rd single's 2nd day/2nd week sales were good (22nd single: 44,954/15,858 copies, 23rd single: 36,378/10,388 copies) actually, were their theater version also late?

  • Comment Link candid Thursday, 13 December 2018 04:37 posted by candid

    Funny that you say you are "so tired of figures and numbers...who has the most, who sells the most or the least", because just two weeks ago you were boasting about AKB's No Way Man selling 1.3 million copies. And a few months back you were boasting about SKE's 23rd single topping the Oricon charts for 2 days. And 6 months ago you were quite strongly bragging about SKE's numbers and figures at the election.

    And if you "sincerely only care about the music, the rhythm, the groove" then how come you talk so much about the idol girls who don't make the music but never about the actual song composers?

  • Comment Link Tuberose Thursday, 13 December 2018 08:44 posted by Tuberose

    @Ray tbh if we're talking about art I won't even mention idols be it Japanese or Korean idol. Idol is more to gimmick imo, they're like circus where people 'trained' but not necessarily born to be part of it.

  • Comment Link Ray Friday, 14 December 2018 02:26 posted by Ray

    I guess you are all...correct.

  • Comment Link HyperSonic Saturday, 22 December 2018 11:46 posted by HyperSonic

    Idols are gimmicks used to be true probably before AKB happened. Their music is actually the perfect embodiment of jap Idol music as an art form. I may get tired of idol gimmicks from certain AKB members but guess what will keep me coming back again and again for more. Their Beautiful meaningful music that perfected and set a bar for present day jap idol music. As far as oshimening and all such stuff go they only remain constant as long as AKB can consistently upkeep their musical reputation.
    So you see just because you can’t see the good in Idol music doesn’t mean others feel the same way. And judging by the name of this site reading 4846 daily, you rationally don’t belong here if you think 4846 music is a gimmick in the first place. If I were to make an assessment of you from the nature of your irrational irrelevant comments scattered across this site , you’re are either here after Produce48 , a Kpop fan, or former 4846 fan or whatever just dying for a speck of attention. Whatever your problem is, just get real already , dud.

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