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Sunday, 21 April 2019 19:07

Translation: Yamaguchi Maho Graduation Announcement

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NGT48 Team G vice captain Yamaguchi Maho read her graduation announcement at NGT48 Theater on 21 April 2019, following is her graduation announcement (a letter):

"I, Yamaguchi Maho will graduate from NGT48. I wrote the feeling I kept in my heart on a letter, and share it with all of you.

I really like idol and the group, therefore, I hope the group can change, because I am very painful, and I don't want my important companion have the same feeling, therefore I prepared giving up everything and took an action.

However, after I disclosed everything, the director told me "Because there is no charge, so it is not an incident", and blamed me against the company, I have became a victimizer. I am just want to protect the members, and do the activities seriously. And the group where overlook everything, is not the place I think I can continue my idol career.

For the un-overlookable problem, the group give me an answer "If you can not overlook, you should graduate, otherwise there is no new NGT48". However, if the environment does not change, I think same thing will happen again. I were enduring, and hoped I could do the best, but the fact is I am just a nobody who can do nothing.

I don't know what is more important then human life. I sincerely wish my important companion can be an idol safely everyday.

Since I disclosed the incident, there are only (Hasegawa) Rena, (Sugahara) Riko and Mofu (Murakumo Fuka) are still willing to come close to me. Therefore, while I know they have made the decision for the future, I have decide to make an announcement. What I can do for NGT48 is only graduation. To all of you, I am sorry.

There were a lot of people supporting me, the people who are the victim suffered the torture I experienced , leave me message, the people who have courage because of me, I am wondering if they are disappointed by this result, I am very sorry about this. I think it is the world people do the right thing, they may not get a return, but I don't think they should suffer.

Thank you I am glad there is a lot of people spend their time supporting me, I hope, in the future, they spend their time to do the thing make them happy, as well as, they hope I will be happy.

For the fans who support me, I am sorry I graduate from the group like this. There were days I sang and danced, and had handshake event every weekend, and we would say "see you", but my final handshake events will be on 5 May 2019 and 6 May 2019. Let's handshake again after my long absence. I will be happy to continue our "see you", let's talk about dream then.

My last day of activities will be on 18 May 2019, a graduation live performance with (Hasegawa) Rena and  (Sugahara) Riko together. (Sugahara) Riko who can not participate in the live today due to injury, is undergoing the rehabilitation, for smile once again on the stage. I will be happy if we can show you we can move forward. 

What I can do is, I should show you the happy face, not a sad face I did, and give you support. Just like all of you helped me, I hope I can give my hand to the person in need.

For this incident, I once wish I did not join NGT48. But standing on the stage and perform the live together, and get the support from you, I really feel happy about this, I think it is great to join NGT48. I hope members and fans both can move forward in the future, I hope you can have a smiling face all the time.

There is less than a month left, no matter as a person, or a NGT48 member, I hope we can meet again with smile. Please keep supporting."

Original source: ORICON News

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  • Comment Link don Sunday, 21 April 2019 21:03 posted by don

    Thanks for posting the translated version.
    Maho is definitely making headlines on all the morning Japanese tv talk shows Monday morning, second only to the dope from AAA.

  • Comment Link kinako Sunday, 21 April 2019 23:22 posted by kinako

    So Rittan and Renapon have decided to put NGT behind them, but Mofu won't... that's disappointing, I liked Mofu.

    And to all the 'aces' who tacitly endorsed what happened by treating Maho like a leper... you can go down with your rotting, corrupt ship, because it has much further to sink w/o Niigata cashflow or public support -- buh-bye.

    For those KKS / members who weren't directly involved, I feel a bit more for you... but your choice to stay won't get any sympathy from me.

  • Comment Link seertotep Sunday, 21 April 2019 23:41 posted by seertotep

    She left while the ship is still floating. Happy that she is graduating from this group. Hope for a good future for her.

  • Comment Link Lux Monday, 22 April 2019 00:53 posted by Lux

    Poor girl. But is good for her to left all that toxic enviroment.

    NGT deserves the disband.

  • Comment Link ray Monday, 22 April 2019 02:59 posted by ray

    Japanese MALES are an absolute disgrace, they ain't got NO GUTS. It took an adolescent girl to come out and tell the truth about the DISGUSTING Nippon Society. No wonder why there are so many gay groups plaguing the Jpop scene. What a huge pile of filth.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Monday, 22 April 2019 05:08 posted by Tuberose

    @Kinako maybe she has her own reason to stay don't blame Mofu, at least we all know she's a friend.

    I wish Mahohon would continue being an idol, however I doubt there's a company who would like to sign her unless that company is really clean.

  • Comment Link Strider Monday, 22 April 2019 05:39 posted by Strider


    I really wish I could post a .gif reaction to your post. Seems like you swallowed an entire bottle of retard pills.

  • Comment Link JusticeForNGT Monday, 22 April 2019 14:06 posted by JusticeForNGT

    @Lux why should NGT disband? I feel sorry for everyone else that is didn't give up. Theyre the real idols.

  • Comment Link Joe Monday, 22 April 2019 14:24 posted by Joe

    How is rays comment of racist hate and homophobia ok when far far less toxic comments are deleted. A recent comment by me about Kato Rena not being pretty enough to be an idol and that is what is holding her back got deleted and that is obviously a joke since anyone with eyes can see she is super pretty but rays bigoted filth is OK? What are the rules here?

  • Comment Link JusticeFor48G Monday, 22 April 2019 14:31 posted by JusticeFor48G

    Anyone badmouthing the girls who stayed were CLEARLY NEVER fans. If you truly were a fan then the fact you give up so easily on them shows you don't care. I also highly doubt you cared about Maho until this year.

    Even if the company has issues so what? You act like its so uncommon for companies in all sorts of fields to not want to make a huge issue out of something like this. I don't blame them. They were hoping it wouldn't true into a huge thing.

    What exactly do you "fans" consider justice for Maho anyways? Have her become the president of AKS and throw everyone in jail including all the girls that didn't blindly support her?

    I am so proud that many of the girls had more of a critical eye and realized they should stay out of it and not harm 48G, AKS and there own careers.

    This whole thing was WAY overblown. The stories should have stopped after she apologized. Anyone who thinks AKS is evil needs to do some growing up and look at both sides.

    I felt bad for her like everyone else, but when you graduate when the company clearly has put in so much time and effort for her I don't respect her decision at all. Sure you may say they only did all of this because it went public. Sure, but thats how big companies work. NO ONE is changing that. Get real.

    The reality is real fans will still be around. NGT is not sinking and will be fine. We just lost some fake fans that acted like they were fans from PD48. Thats all. Not a loss at all. Go back to faking YouTube views or streaming or whatever you call it lol. I am happy to see these fake fans leave. The best part is the sales will continue to be outstanding and 48G and AKS will continue to be the great idol group of Japan for years to come.

    p.s. dont bother replying to me. i dont read replies from morons. not like this post will even be approved tho roflstomp

  • Comment Link HartK Monday, 22 April 2019 15:05 posted by HartK

    There's no reason for her to stay. She should join another idol group or got solo activities to survive

  • Comment Link Sakimaaai Wednesday, 24 April 2019 03:01 posted by Sakimaaai

    Been a fan of the 48 Groups since Late 2014 and you are not talking like a fan but a blind worshiper. A fan would want their idols to grow and learn to be better people not to be blind to their wrongdoings, misinformation, and/or misdeeds. This inculde the agencies that manage them.
    When NGT48 first debuted Katomina, Marina and Tsugumi were my favorites. They started off well, I thought that AKS had this starting new groups thing down packed. Soon I started to notice Yuka (how can you not, the girl started to do crazy things), Mahohon, and Hinata. Then this happened...

    To say so what that this company has issues is crazy. They made so many missteps that with NGT being the 4th sister group, they should know better. Everyone knows more than 1, 2 or even 3 girls were involved in what happened and just the simple idea of this in any fan's head can really fuck up a group.

    I mean one bad apple spoils the bunch. If we know that there are up to 12 girls doing things they shouldn't, but don't know their names then we're gonna think about it everything we see them. Fans are gonna watch everything they do, trying to figure out which one it is. We also don't know if all the girls know either. Maybe out of the 12, 3 are friends with 3 others but the others aren't, therefore, don't know. Just because they work with each other doesn't mean they tell each other everything. So they'll start doing the same thing, wondering if what happened to Mahohon could happen to them and which girl/s was it. The whole thing will create distrust among them. A group needs to trust each other in order to function. Now with how the company has handled this, they'll know the company will be of no help so they'll live in a fear-like state causing more graduations=a high turnover rate=high audition rate=more money.

    Now you also have to look at the fact that AKS makes most of their money though handshake events and sponsorship deals, NGT CD sales aren't that great so yeah. Sony might be dropping them, they have almost no sponsors left and at this rate, they'll have nothing from theater either since they keep closing it for months at a time. So, in theory, it would make sense to scape NGT and start over, since at this moment they are making the least amount of money for them.

    The justice people are asking for is simple. We're asking for the truth, unedited, uncensored truth. A real apology would be nice. Even Mahohon said she just wanted the problem to be handled when she brought it up in the first place. That's all we want now.
    If they didn't want people to know who was involved then they could have still handled this better.
    They could have been on probation or they could have re-worked the group so that we couldn't tell who was the true suspect.
    Could've said the group was being reformed due to the situation so all current members had to do a new audition while also recruiting new members, that way they could just get rid of any girl who was troubling by saying they didn't pass the audition/sign the new contract, while also making new Team NIII, G, and TIII. The girls who learned their lesson could just be demoted to a trainee or transferred. If they did this back in February, we wouldn't be here today.

    The whole event has only cast doubt on the group as a whole and everyone will be wondering who the snakes are. That will destroy NGT48. Not the others.

  • Comment Link kinako Wednesday, 24 April 2019 07:34 posted by kinako

    @Sakimaaai: far more concisely and elegantly put than I could do... only because my opinion of anyone arguing FOR NGT OR AKS MGMT, is IMO something probably more suited to a (hypothetical) f2f meeting with me :D

    One complicating factor beyond this whole mess, is the matter of the 2020 Olympics -- and why AKS chose to blow something that could've been solved with perhaps a single week of remediation, totally behind the scenes... into the six-month-plus, sponsor-scattering, national- & international-level scandal it became.

    NGT48 was a powerhouse in the 48 Groups. Was...

    It took only 3 yrs for their fans to put a member in Kami7 and another in Senbatsu.

    It had no shortage of Niigata and even Kanto sponsors, and a hit TV show borne of its own members' unexpected & unusually-watchable variety skills.

    It was just about to go international with its fanbase (into Russia, which at least to me was questionable but whatever). They seemed capable of no wrong...

    ...when Maho's assault & member/fan scandal hit Showroom, Twitter, soon the morning news -- and within six months -- it was all gone.

    I just find it poetic that NGT/AKS -- both its bumbling, misogynist mgmt, and its 2(+) rotten-apple, sociopath members -- were aired out in the crucial, pre-Olympics year AKS could not afford a scandal of any size, much less one that wipes out the entire sponsor portfolio of one of its top-tier groups.

    However, despite having -- I'd hope -- employees a lot smarter than I am about enta in Japan... they decide to pull this clown-show nopefest they did with Mahohon, knowing they had the eyes of the world watching as 2020 is

  • Comment Link kinako Wednesday, 24 April 2019 09:54 posted by kinako

    (continued -- glitch in the Matrix :P )

    ...knowing they had the eyes of the world watching as 2020 is less than 7 months away. Knowing that, like it or not, they represent Japan to the global community.

    And then news that Maho + Rittan/Renapon, announced graduation. I'm under no delusion this wasn't going to happen with all we know of the players... but by no means do I endorse it. And apparently the majority of people in Japan seem to agree -- with their wallets and cellphones.

    Does anyone actually think AKS isn't going to face consumer backlash for this? That it won't bleed into the other 48 groups and their sponsors as well? That the funds redirected to keep NGT's sponsor-less corpse alive, drains already-depleted cash from said groups, affecting their promotion?

    If so, I'd like to watch as they witness a dose of well-deserved reality this summer.

  • Comment Link SteveAJones Wednesday, 24 April 2019 11:33 posted by SteveAJones

    AKS and more specifically NGT 48 mistreated her from the day she reported the assault. It is appalling this young girl was forced to offer a public apology for it! It is disgraceful NGT48 management continued to lie time and time again about the circumstances of the case. Now she is leaving, as we all suspected she must, but this is not over! It is too late for Maho to receive justice through the courts, but the court of public opinion can still ensure justice is served by putting NGT48 out of business forever.

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