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Monday, 09 October 2017 00:29

Destroy AKB? Maybe Miyawaki Sakura is THE ONE inherits AKB

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First of all, it is not a news, it is just an article for me to express my feeling.

Yesterday, AKB48 hold their Thanksgiving Festival to thank their fans to support them in General Election 2017, they hold 2 concerts for members to present themselves and show gratitude to their fans.

HKT48 member Miyawaki Sakura presented saka46 series' song with her HKT48 teammates AGAIN in her turn of the RANKED concert, and this time she performed Keyakizaka46's 4th single titled song "Fukyouwaon". As one of major member of the group, she is the perfect one to present the discord voice, in the right time, and right place. 

AKB48 General Election is the icon of the idol group, and Keyakizaka46's song was an inharmonious sound in AKB48 General Election related event, it matched the song's title "Fukyouwaon". And the lyric of the song is about standing in very adverse circumstances in her own way, it matches AKB48's current status, and Miyawaki Sakura's slogan "Destroy AKB".

If you follow AKB48 for awhile, you may know their history was not easy, and you may know the management team, even in Akimoto Yasushi's era, was not reliable, members need to count on members themselves, added value to stuff they presented, provided something more to their fans. Miyawaki Sakura used her wisdom to do more and try to get more, just like those AKB48 founding members did while everyone looked down on AKB48.

Perhaps, instead of destroy AKB48, Miyawaki Sakura is the one who has the spirit of AKB48.

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  • Comment Link Nikko Monday, 09 October 2017 01:30 posted by Nikko

    Spirit of akb48? please, she is a whore attention.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Monday, 09 October 2017 02:58 posted by Tuberose

    Frankly speaking I never really like Sakuratan. Her dancing and singing skill is not outstanding at all, in fact her dance screams "Give Me the Spotlight", as I often found her tempo is always a bit faster than the other members (its obvious if you compare it to one of best dancer Jurina).
    Her variety skill is average at best, only her acting skill is considerably good but sometimes her expression is idk how to say it... too much? . Her best skill is her face.
    What's more for a new generation member, she has quite a lot scandals.
    If there's any none AKB member (except Sasshi who's originally an AKB member) to destroy AKB, I'd like to see a member with real talent not just management push.
    This is my two cent, don't attack me.

  • Comment Link Jsprite Monday, 09 October 2017 03:56 posted by Jsprite

    Hmmm...not if Jurina has a say in it (and she will in the next Election)

  • Comment Link KPOP Sith-Lord Monday, 09 October 2017 04:08 posted by KPOP Sith-Lord

    This was Lovely!!! I've liked Sakura since I noticed her in 2012 "UZA"- She's always had a strong following w/ HKT48 fans and it's been fun to see her grow from this adorable chipmunk scrawny girl to a budding beautiful Girl Next Door heart-throb into the Woman she'll become in another year (or so).

    Say what you want about her but she's never really put on a fake persona AND like Acchan & Paruru she often admits her flaws & I like that she trys many new things. I saw her once on Showroom LIVE and she was just chillin' singing AKB songs (w/ a CD player) and playing w/ her cat & talking to the chat. It was sublime in it's simplicity.

    Acchan & Paruru had flaws & often would remind people "I'm really just a person in a VERY Large Group"- that's the Japanese way- to think of others AND the Group. I'd be Happy if Sakura led AKB. I'd be happy if Sayanee (NMB) did- Hell, given how much I've seen AKI-P neglect AKB- Let Jurina (SKE) lead them. Sakura has Earned my Trust & respect as an Idol.

    Lets face it, maybe AKB needs to be Destroyed & KPOP (TWICE & Black Pink) has reminded Japan that Idols sing, dance, & Perform like Rock Stars - ALL girls As a Group- No Centers & No Weak Links. If AKS had to face ANY KPOP group in competition in 1 week only 15% of the entire AKS line would survive. SAKURA has the fans, charms, Determination, & Moxie to be AKB48 next "Leader".

  • Comment Link Rika Monday, 09 October 2017 08:41 posted by Rika

    Lol, suddenly bringing kpop into the mix as if kpop is winning the hearts of people in Japan. Not disrespecting twice at all, I love them but the only reason twice was able to do well was because of the three Japanese members. They would've suffered the same fate of every kpop group that tried to debut in Japan (except for KARA, SNSD, and Big Bang) if not for the J-trinity.

    Did you forget about keyakizaka and nogizaka?

    But I do feel like AKB will decline sooner than later, and Sakura won't be saving it any time soon.

  • Comment Link . . . Monday, 09 October 2017 10:09 posted by . . .

    ..."destroy AKB" actually means what? Someone make me understand

  • Comment Link koroshimasen Monday, 09 October 2017 11:39 posted by koroshimasen

    wow kpop were going to destroy akb,really now? they cant even survive more than 5 years...let alone destroy one of the biggest money grab idol group in the world. No disrespecting the KPop group but as you have realize by all the previous SSK, talent in dancing and singing means nothing to hardcore fans. Have any of the Kpop group break 1mil sale for singles in japan yet?

    I don't really like Sakura, i feel that shes getting way too much push from the management and i dont think she is fun to watch in variety either. But i get why people would like her(cute face,decent body) hence why she keep being top contender in SSK for a while now...although i doubt she can win Jurina next year.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Monday, 09 October 2017 15:53 posted by Tuberose

    @Kpop Sith Lord: Sakura never put a fake persona? Funny as Ive seen her copying other members ideas too. She but a member that get too much push. Cant believe they make her the center for 10th year anniv single. Still and always will be bitter bout it.

    And why do you suddenly bring Kpop? Fyi Kpop is still not as relevant, not yet. It just Japanese has this "watching concert" and "buying CD" culture that Twice n BP can sell in Japan (do you think why Kpop always try to debut in Japan lmao), heck even most their Jap version bought by intl fans. Japanese knows very well that IDOL (the term idol was coined by Japanese if you don't know) are normal ppl trying to improve so they don't need to be a perfect doll and agency slave.

    @...: I think it means to dethroned AKB from their title as Japanese Idol Queen. Tho I believe when Sasshi was crowned as #1 back in KFC it was already done.

  • Comment Link Raf Monday, 09 October 2017 16:12 posted by Raf

    Lol, everyone are making so much out of this article. It's just a sakura fan trying to hype up the atmosphere for her to take on the ace position after mayu graduated. Seen it too many times to care.

  • Comment Link Milky Monday, 09 October 2017 18:46 posted by Milky

    ^ @ Sakura said in one of her election speeches that she wanted to "Destroy AKB" made by the first members to make a new AKB, the AKB of the new generation.

    Regardless of the reasons why people don't like Sakura, she is actually a very smart girl, she knows what she is doing. I'm looking forward to see next year's elections and how the centers are going to be managed from now on... for weird as it sounds the article, I agree on it.

  • Comment Link Jsprite Monday, 09 October 2017 21:28 posted by Jsprite

    Not sure about "Sakura knows what she is doing". She herself said in Showrooms that she doesn't know what to do to improve her ranking, even with tears in her eyes, and fears for the winds of change of younger members with potential from the other side. She basically meant there is Techi looming in the horizon. It is not surprising why she performed Fukyowaon, as in "Hey guys, look, I can sing this song too!".

  • Comment Link Chloe Tuesday, 10 October 2017 00:52 posted by Chloe

    People who wholeheartedly dedicate themselves on the profession they have chosen are to be respected and admired. For that I say kudos to Sakura

    On another note, saying that Kpop will destroy AKB is a bit much.
    AKB will definitely stay, in the industry for at least 10years or so.

    They, after all, employ the "graduation system" unlike K idol groups who have "static" perma members.

    As a fan of idols in general, I try to not think too much whether they're from the K or J idol class. Or think that the other is definitely better. Each of these idol class have their own appeal. Like if I wanna see high level choreo, I'll generally look for a K group like BTS. Or if I just wanna see some cute performance and funny, rejuvenating variety shows, I'll look into the J-idol genre.

    Like Sakura herself, its no secret she adores Keyakizaka46, and recently, it had also been revealed that she's an avid fan of Red Velvet. We can definitely see some influence of Kankoku-styling in her fashion and makeup

  • Comment Link anonymous Tuesday, 10 October 2017 08:41 posted by anonymous

    ^that reminds me, people accused her of plastic surgery whenever she visited S.Korea (several times).

  • Comment Link asaki kamikazi Wednesday, 11 October 2017 02:14 posted by asaki kamikazi

    survivor:That's sakura

  • Comment Link Tuberose Wednesday, 11 October 2017 02:36 posted by Tuberose

    ^ I'm not sure if she did get ps, but I'm pretty sure she got some injection, botox or sth. You can see it from her cheeks and chin its kinda obvious

  • Comment Link frank kenneth f. depamaylo Wednesday, 11 October 2017 15:23 posted by frank kenneth f. depamaylo

    i think akb48 will survive just like morning musume did i mean in that status their just in their hard times like other people in different careers need to face down fall to survive in the career track and that makes a career stay longer to study and improve..... i mean if akb48 and the whole is always on top there is no chance for other groups to see in the lime light of jpop and i also think if the 48group was in consistency there is no gain for others to establish their own track...... so that is maybe the reason akimoto sensei made nogizaka, keyakizaka and other girl groups to step up the 48groups game in idolhood supremacy i mean it is kind a boring if he keeps making more 48groups in japan... it is like one direction taking over the world

  • Comment Link Famous Kkura became kpops new goddess Thursday, 20 December 2018 18:37 posted by Famous Kkura became kpops new goddess

    I know some of here who's an antifan of sakura commenting bad about her before will or have turned to love hertoday. And became your inspiration and source of happiness everyday...

    PS. Sakura didn't need to do ps cuz she's born pretty and famous more than your idol

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