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Monday, 12 November 2018 02:03

Live-Action Tonde Saitama Movie releases New Trailer

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Live-Action Tonde Saitama movie reveals new trailer today.

The live adaption is based on Maya Mineo's romance comedy manga of same title, the story is set on a fictional Japan where people from Saitama prefecture was discriminated, Asami Rei (Gackt) was a transferred to Tokyo's Hokuhodo Academy where Saitama students were prosecuted, he fell in love with Dannoura Momomi (Nikaido Fumi ) who was grand-daugther of Hokuhodo Academy Director, however Asami Rei was from Saitama, and Dannoura Momomi was from Tokyo's great clan... Saitama liberation force, Tokyo Government, and an additional party Chiba all were involved in their love. 

Former AKB48 member Shimazaki Haruka cast as Sugawara Ami in the movie, a girl from Saitama prefecture, is engaged to Igarashi Haruto (Narita Ryo), she and her family are on the way to Tokyo. To her, Asami Rei and Dannoura Momomi were just a story from the past.   

Live-Action Tonde Saitama movie is scheduled to hit theaters in Japan on 22 February 2019.

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