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Friday, 22 March 2019 05:09

Yamaguchi Maho Assault Report: Press Briefing Highlights

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NGT48 member Yamaguchi Maho Assault Incident Investigation Report's Explanatory Meeting concluded with a press briefing at Niigata on 22 March 2019, here are some highlights from the press briefing:

  • The management regard the incident is an incident, not a crime
  • The 3rd party committee did not attend the briefing, because it is the procedure
  • The management think no members involved in the incident
  • All the wrongdoings happened related to incident, the management decide to ignore them
  • The security's enforcement is security's issue, no comment
  • The management will not deny the related person to participate AKB48 group's activities, except NGT48's
  • Staffs and members' relationship are their own personal matter
  • AKS take all responsibility, and nothing to do with Akimoto Yasushi 
  • Matsumura Takumi pay was cut by 30%
  • No comment if Yamaguchi Maho would announce graduation or not
  • Matsumura Takumi denied Yamaguchi Maho's claims which he requested her to apologize
  • AKS explained why they did not fire those members who had private connection with fans, because there were no evidence they were involved in the incident
  • What Yamaguchi Maho claims will be handled by 3rd party committee
  • AKS explained former NGT48 manager Imamura Etsuro did not attend the briefing, because his contract was terminated, and Matsumura Takumi is in-charge-of it now
  • Admit Hagiri Runa's resignation is related to the incident
  • Admit former NGT48 Imamura Esturo did give favor to some fans
  • AKS explained why they did not sue, because it was not a crime
  • Matsumura Takumi does not know which members are involved
  • Yamaguchi Maho is considering to graduate, but the management want her to stay
  • The management had their own censorship system on members' social media post and speech (Not including SHOWROOM)
  • NGT48 has no plan to release new single
  • Matsumura Takumi claimed he did not know member(s) are dating with fans (Until reading Yamaguchi Maho's Tweet) 
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  • Comment Link /dev/null Friday, 22 March 2019 13:07 posted by /dev/null

    what a mess. It did nothing to help out Maho, and just makes it look like this whole affair is an annoyance to them. Her response on twitter is golden and she is just going to remain a thorn in their side.

  • Comment Link Angry Princess Friday, 22 March 2019 16:49 posted by Angry Princess

    this is an outrage (flips table) total BS!! - we learned nothing new. ALL AKS/NGT did was add more useless corridors to the maze.

    You can tell by the way they selective choose words they know the meat of what happened & probably the why- they just keep using sanitized words and jargon to clean the matter. I've lost all faith in NGT48 - Shut it down.

    Send Rika, Yuki oguri(?) #5 girl to AKB- send the dancers to NMB & anyone worth saving to STU & HKT- just end it. You blew it.

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