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Sunday, 29 October 2017 23:25

48TALK episode 69: AKB48 50th Single, Nogizaka46 19th Single, Keyakizaka 5th Single, Show must go on

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This week, 48TALK crews and JoshBox talks about AKB48's 50th Single "11-gatsu no Anklet", Nogizaka46's 19th Single "Itsuka Dekiru Kara Kyo Dekiru", Keyakizaka's 5th Single "Kaze ni Fukarete mo" , and Documentary of AKB48 2nd "Show must go on Shoujo-tachi wa Kizutsuki Nagara, Yume wo Miru".

11-gatsu no Anklet MV (short version)

Sayonara wa owaru wake janai MV (short version)

DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 "Show must go on Shoujo-tachi wa Kizutsuki Nagara, Yume wo Miru" is the 2nd AKB48 documentary. The movie was released in 2012 and First Rabbit was the theme song. The documentary feature various moments of the idol group in 2011, such as Team 4 formation, Maeda Atsuko winning the 3rd AKB48 General Election, Shinoda Mariko winning Janken Tournament, AKB48's first dome concert in Seibu Dome and the Dareka no Tame ni Charity Project. 

DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 "Show must go on" trailer

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