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Sunday, 10 December 2017 03:17

Miyawaki Sakura's Future Looking Bleak as AKS cancel her Concurrent Position?

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First of all, it is not a news, it is just an article for me to express my feeling.

Miyawaki Sakura's dream of being AKB48 group CENTER position is on the cusp of coming to an end after she does not hold current position in AKB48 by recent Team Shuttle. 

Obviously, Miyawaki Sakura was the member who gets all the push from the management: Miyawaki Sakura was the CENTER of 3 significant AKB48 singles, one was AKB48 38th Single "Kibouteki Refrain", the music video with all golden girls back to support, one was 43rd single "Kimi wa Melody", the 10th anniversary single of the group, and last one was 48th single " Negaigoto no Mochigusare", well 48th is a very meaningful number for AKB48. Don't mention she was leading actress of several AKB48 group's TV drama.

BUT, right now, Miyawaki Sakura lost her concurrent position in AKB48, well, I don't know what's on the management's mind, but it seems...  for those sister group top members who lost concurrent position in AKB48,the management will lost their interest in them too, soon or later. e.g. Matsui Jurina and Yamamoto Sayaka lost their CENTER position in sister group, and Miyawaki Sakura's situation seems worse, unlike Matsui Jurina has signed a Irving, Yamamoto Sayka is under showtitle, Miyawaki Sakura's current agency is AKS, so if she does not get the management's support, neither does she get the support from AKS. 

However, we should not forget our queen of AKB48 group Sashihara Rino, she is not CENTER of AKB48, and not even in HKT48, she never holds any concurrent position in AKB48, but she won four times in AKB48 group's General Election, she is one of top talents in Japanese showbiz, and she holds some important positions in several showbiz related organizations (Tokyo Idol Festival, Yoyogi , =LOVE). Sashihara Rino proves it is not just only one way to be top in showbiz.  

Moreover, Sashihara Rino announced she will not participate AKB48 General Election anymore, so who will her fans vote in next year? Miyawaki Sakura once said she could be No. 1 of General Election next year (in TV variety show "Downtown DX" dated 7 December 2017), if she got 40,000 votes from Sashihara Rino's fans. Miyawaki Sakura keeps saying she need an opportunity to make self-breakthrough, perhaps losing her concurrent position will be Miyawaki Sakura's opportunity to crown AKB48 group.

Note: In 2017 General Election, Sashihara Rino had 246,376 votes, Matsui Jurina had 113,645 votes, Miyawaki Sakura had 82,803 votes. 

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  • Comment Link sa chan Sunday, 10 December 2017 04:42 posted by sa chan

    matsui jurina:
    - she is the last member will be in SSK 2018 from single - iiwake maybe -

    - she is the only member who become center with 3 legend members ( Acchan , Yuko and mayuyu ) I mean before them graduated .

    - she will have 10 years in 48 next year

    - she has been for many generations from senpai to kohai now

    also she is very good dancer and she is just 20th years old

    I wish she will be the queen next SSK because she deserve it

    sorry for my English

  • Comment Link 47 Sunday, 10 December 2017 05:17 posted by 47

    as you said, sasshi is the queen...any pushes are meaningless for her. but i guess that is true to a lot of the old timers like yukirin, oya, sayanee and even yuihan. their previous works and pushes allow them to gain enough traction to survive in showbiz.

    but the newer gen needed all the pushes they can get hence why all 48 groups is pushing yuuri,yunana,hanachan and yuiyui.

    its a bit of a sad news that sakuratan loses her akb seat, i kinda dig the idea of her full time akb member and breaking away from hkt because she feels more of an akb member than of hkt. i used to not like her when she is younger but shes slowly growing on me and lately i kinda like her.

    i dont think the management were so stupid to just throw her off considering how much they've spend on her. probably with solid reason such as they think sakura would be able to survive on her own now or sakura herself wishes the push were given to other people instead...the more interesting theory is that the management is leveling sakura to jurina to get ready for the next ssk lol

  • Comment Link Str Sunday, 10 December 2017 05:19 posted by Str

    It will be danger if Jurina still hold SKE's ace position for too long, so is Sayaka with NMB. So right now, SKE and NMB shaping-up future center group, that are Obata Yuna and Shiroma Miru. I think you are already know about this. But Sakura? HKT got Haruppi, Nako, Meru and Mio. And HKT member on average less graduating than other sister group. They will be alright.

    AKB shuffle is for AKB very own. They don't need sister group member anymore. They're dying. I think it's for them to move with their own original member now.

    And i bet General Election next year is Jurina vs Sakura

  • Comment Link Jsprite Sunday, 10 December 2017 05:35 posted by Jsprite

    The Sakura train is going to give way to a new train: The Ogino Yuka train. Also, sorry but Sakura is no Sashihara Rino. We'll have to wait until the next Election to see the full effect of her kennin cancellation.

  • Comment Link NotMyQueen Sunday, 10 December 2017 06:12 posted by NotMyQueen

    Sasshi is not my queen. I respect her and her "ways" of winning. But the real and true queen is Mayu.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Sunday, 10 December 2017 06:35 posted by Tuberose

    Well, she already got more than what she deserve when she was a kennin (center for 3 important singles, solo in A7). Now it's up to her.
    She can either sit there doing nothing but complaining or fight back.

  • Comment Link Someone48 Sunday, 10 December 2017 08:50 posted by Someone48

    1st of ll , I am not a Sakura fan, and I am mainly following AKB48 as a group, I'm looking also at what the japanese sister groups are doing but it is not the same interest.

    For Sakura's concurrent position cancel to change anything, the AKB48 management has to grow a girl to the star level;
    And so far they did not have the guts to do so.
    Mion looked a good choice but they droped her as fast as they choosed her as a single center.

    Assuming the single strategy remains the same, the loss of her concurrent position won't change anything at all for Sakura.
    With in mind the fact that simultaneous places are mainly for theater performances, it is not a big deal anyway since Sakura never showed up in AKB theater. In a little more than a year, she porformed a whooping 1 show out of 56 possible. So "kenin" is just a word coupled to her name.
    She will still be a 1st line girl for AKB48 singles and still be a possible center also she is now a candidate to take the election crown.

    Your comparison with Jurina and Sayanee has very little sense, because these girls respective groups are desperatly in need of new blood and keeping them as eternal centers can not help with that.
    Despite being "only" 20 years old, Jurina has allready a 9 year career in SKE48, she represent the old guard and is a part of the past. SKE48 must look forward and must not count on their past only.
    Sayanee is a different case since we all know that she put a lot of effort in launching her solo singer future, meaning she is now close to graduation. She understood that while she is pulling the NMB48 train, she is also a burden for it's members, hence her decision to sit out the election this year (she might to do the same in 2018), and the microphone passing in the last NMB48 MV. NMB48 need to promote someone else as their leader and it is exactly what they are doing
    If both these groups had not done this face change, they would be in the same situation as what AKB48 was after Yuko left.

    In the case of Sakura, she is the current HKT48 superstar and still rising (while the other two mentined girls are past their peaks) but she has yet to center an HKT48 single. Sasshi is out of the equation, she did not join this group to put them all in her shadow, Harupppi with her current health issues won't center the next HKT48 release. So who is left ?

    Conclusion, as we saw, the cancel of concurrent position did not stop sister group girls from being AKB48 singles senbatsu, so Sakura will remain a strong senbatsu choice in AKB singles.
    Her biggest threats in AKB48 singles are either coming from Niigata with Ogino Yuka or from Tokyo with Team 8 Oguri Yui.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Sunday, 10 December 2017 16:25 posted by Tuberose

    I kinda forgot Ogino Yuka, but yeah she might be the biggest surprise in ssk next year.

  • Comment Link Joe Monday, 11 December 2017 14:46 posted by Joe

    Stars are born, not made. You can argue that Maeda was placed in front but everyone should agree she had the stuff to push herself to the front on her own Oshima and Sashihara too. If you look at someone and think they need a push or nobody will notice them then they must not have that umph it takes to hold it once given it.

  • Comment Link scot Wednesday, 06 March 2019 01:08 posted by scot

    I know I'm late.. but like some of you said... Sakura's kennin cancellation is probably because she doesn't need much push anymore and to help AKB stand on their own without sister group members..

    this is also an opportunity for Sakura to be HKT center (which didn't happen yet) ..
    still, her participatipation in Produce 48 elevate her name in Korea and in return, Sakura even center in AKB's No way Man despite not being an AKB member

    nevertheless... Sakura's decision to stop participating in election (this 10th is the last) is good for me... Sakura is a a fighter but also not a fighter...

    like she said, without Sasshi... Sakura dont have much motivation for election and rather help her junior raise up in rank and popularity...

    and somehow... Sakura actually win the heart of Korean and become 2nd place (we all know how Koreans don't want Japanese to win their own show so they stack their votes on Wonyoung) and the rest is History...

    Sakura as izone is the 2nd best part of an idol called Miyawaki Sakura..

    her first part as HKT48 is still there,, remain as her past...

    but for Sakura to return a HKT48 again is still a huge possibility knowing Sakura always cheerish her love ones (HKT and IZONE)

    as for now, I want to watch Sakura spread her wings as far as possible and return to her nest while still sometimes participating internationally with izone..

    I wonder what going to happen in the next 2~3 years.. hm....

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