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Sunday, 24 June 2018 02:32

Even you dislike her, please don't dislike SKE48

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First of all, please note it is my opinion, this post is not a news. I wrote this because I re-tweet today's World Election no-cut show, I really concern some AKB48 fans may not really know what the group is going on.  

Some fans may know AKB48 group is handling a PR crisis right now, perhaps, they are doing too good which let overseas fans may not notice the crisis, perhaps, overseas fans can not reach the accurate information, some overseas fans don't want to mock their favorite group, or some fans may be misled by some fake fans.

SKE48 had to become an ambassador for a football team which is very likely to be demoted this season, AKB48 General Election 2nd place winner Suda Akari was forced to mock the apology interview scene in TV show, DOWNTOWN's Matsumoto Hitoshi criticized a certain member's manner in TV Show, a certain member's misbehaviour became hottest topic in Japan, ever hotter than Osaka earthquake and Japan winning a game in World Cup. It becomes a trend that Japanese people mocked a member's apology on YouTube and Tweet, as well as leaving some impolite comments about that members' outlook and behavior.

The crisis even influences SKE48 new single's music video, the music video which was released on 21 June 2018, get over 1,600 dislikes, and the views are just barely 128,000 in 2 days, compared to their last single which got 1,329 dislike in total with 1.9 million views in total, though I personally don't worry their sales which may be well "handled". 

As an AKB48 fan and the webmaster of this website, I personally other fans may notice the situation, and for those fake fans, actually I don't care about you. One more thing, I love AKB48, but I don't support bullying. 

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  • Comment Link Samui Boke Sunday, 24 June 2018 03:46 posted by Samui Boke

    People forget that idols are also human, they make mistakes. I am not Jurina oshi. It's fine Jurina, we all make mistakes on our life or career. Stay strong, life must go on.

  • Comment Link Jsprite Sunday, 24 June 2018 04:06 posted by Jsprite

    With exception of some people, most here love AKB48G. We also appreciate and love the effort you put on this site for English-speaking fans to deliver news about the AKB48/46G world. For that, I can only say: THANK YOU!

  • Comment Link Monte Sunday, 24 June 2018 04:44 posted by Monte

    What did Matsumoto say?

  • Comment Link Coquettish Sunday, 24 June 2018 05:08 posted by Coquettish

    Imo there’re SOME dislikes from ske fans themselves
    They’re disappointed in the song and MV
    it doesn’t feel like SKE and I don’t need to explain about the no budget MV

    As a ske fans myself i felt akip p getting lazy and lazier on making song for 48G
    It’s so outdated and unappealing for younger fans
    I’m beyond mad for the song

  • Comment Link Namaewashiranai Sunday, 24 June 2018 06:02 posted by Namaewashiranai

    Tbh the song is the worst 48 song I've ever heard. Nothing to do with jurina or ske48 members. Lol I can't even finish playing the video.

  • Comment Link Imo Sunday, 24 June 2018 07:10 posted by Imo

    This acchan famous quote cannot be implemented here
    Ske fans won’t hate ske just because of jurina
    At the same time, most other group fans don’t care about ske at all

    It’s been since forever other group fans think of ske as obnoxious ugly group
    Surprisingly I’m kinda okay with that

  • Comment Link Colin Sunday, 24 June 2018 09:06 posted by Colin

    @Namaewashiranai Really?
    Haru wa Doko kara kuru no ka, LOVE TRIP, Tsubasa wa Iranai, Negaigoto no Mochigusare, Shoot Sign, Green Flash or Ato de did it for you? You rather listen to any of those songs instead?

  • Comment Link grey Sunday, 24 June 2018 11:17 posted by grey

    different person, but i hate this song too
    i won't go as far as worst 48G song, but i dare to say this is ske48 worst song, costume, etc

    btw i love love trip, negaigoto, green flash
    i will put this in the same rank as shoot sign, they have the same cheap vibe lol

  • Comment Link Akatsuki Sunday, 24 June 2018 11:18 posted by Akatsuki

    It's easy to blame SKE as a whole for what happened, and it seems like it's happening. But this isn't why SKE is gradually dropping in popularity. Just my opinion, but SKE probably has the smallest group of young and new fans, and that's the fault of SKE's "crazy hako-oshi"

    Management and SKE fans has never been able to see eye to eye, Management push one member, fans will furiously support another, almost on purpose. Both though, has their own idea on why.

    Management-side wise, they understand that for young and new fans, visuals are the most important as that's how they capture attention from their appearances on TV. But SKE fans prefer...slightly "different" of idols. Why of course would be up for debate.

    Unless they can come together and properly produce a member that has both management's and fan's support, SKE's situation probably will not change for the better.

    The Jurina situation simply magnify this, as there are people amongst SKE fans that already do not like the fact Jurina is still unwilling to release her grasp on Center position and the "No 1" spot.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Sunday, 24 June 2018 14:03 posted by Tuberose

    I see an abundant amount of hate for SKE lately which is frankly not surprising, I knew the moment Jurina and Dasu won the #1 and #2 respectively the haters will be all over the place. But then it became the hottest topic in Japan even more than World Cup? Now that's news to me ideky bc they said 48G popularity is heading down fall so why would public care about this enough to made it a trend? Haters should stay pressed.

    @Colin: different person too but tbh yes I'd rather listen to Tsubasa, Negaigoto, Shoot Sign and Green Flash. Ikinari Punch Line sounds really old-fashioned and the "Punchy-line" kinda cringy. The last SKE song that I like is Kin Gin (many people said that song wasn't suited for A-side tho) then Mae no Meri and Coquettish.
    I feel like this single was rushed, like they just suddenly decided they need a new song to be performed at Nagoya Dome. The concept is pretty good, latinish with that cool couple dance but the whole song and MV is bad.

  • Comment Link Joe Sunday, 24 June 2018 15:44 posted by Joe

    I think that in the case of SKE48 the group and Jurina are one in the same and feel free to dislike ether or both but so long as it is for the right reasons. If you dislike everything just because Jurina gets so much push then you are aiming at the wrong target, she isn't in charge and has to do as her agency contract demands and nobody would turn it down even if they could. She has real fans who like her for her and would have liked her even if she wasn't pushed. Judge both by their content and what they produce for you the fans not back stage politics.

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Monday, 25 June 2018 01:02 posted by Paul Cho

    Re: JYuki
    Please re-post your comment without the link, thank you.
    if you have any question, please send me a private message.

  • Comment Link Ray Monday, 25 June 2018 03:48 posted by Ray

    No matter what haters try to invent, SKE48 has just monopolized 24% of the top 100 positions in the Sousenkyo 2018 leaving the other 76% to the other 15+ units (!!!).
    Ha ha ha THE WORLD LOVES SKE48 we have loved Rena, Jurina, Akane, Akarin, Ayaka, Masana, Yuka, Yukiko etc etc You haters can not erase so much love from our hearts. You are simply jealous , full of envy. You should rather rejoice at the fact that SKE has become as big as AKB in the eyes of the world. Music is free Music is for all humans and Humans LOVE SKE48 even if a group of CRY-CHILDREN feel envy at their SUCCESS.
    And this not the only general election where they have wiped off the rest of units. Hey cry-babies you can not erase the numbers that SKE48 reaches every year. Cry, cry-babies cry.

  • Comment Link Colin Monday, 25 June 2018 10:47 posted by Colin

    @Tuberose @grey
    Well to each their own then. I love Punchline. It's not that I can't see your views, I just don't share them. But I kinda see this a bit rushed and the mv has flaws. Yet easily my favorite song this year by a long shot, no matter how MV turned out. If I like the song enough, the mv won't change that. Though I never had a mv change my opinion on the song all that much.
    While I like Shoot Sign, can't say the same of the other mentioned though I have nothing against Green Flash. I also don't find the chorus cringy but super catchy. I'd say Teacher Teacher and Nekkoya are very cringy and even annoying but so-so costumes. I'd like the costumes here as well. Considering the Jaba outfits are imo some of the worst, I do say that I don't like Jurina's outfit. Doesn't work for me, the other girls look great though.
    I will definitely get this cd, though the 2 B-side songs revealed so far are unfortunately not worth buying it. I hope the other 2 do it for me otherwise I just pick based on the covers. At least those make it worth the shipping.

  • Comment Link JYuki Tuesday, 26 June 2018 13:29 posted by JYuki

    Ok, I'll say it again, because this is already getting ridiculous.

    Bullying is what people are doing with Jurina, especially, cyberbullying.
    Jurina went without food and sleep for three days, because of all the pressure and stress.
    No one considers how much this can change a person's behavior?
    Where the empathy of some people went?

    And despite this, everything has been clarified.
    You do not have to be a Jurina white knight to see clearly everything that has happened.

    But I'm going to help.

    Go on her thread, in a famous forum (which doesn't end with 48) and is for those who enjoy Jpop and especially Kpop.

    There is everything cleared up, if you do not care know about the truth.

    Everything goes out of proportion because people have always been salty with SKE, and especially with Jurina.
    Haters has been waiting for ten years to have something against her.
    And even if it's a lie, now that this has become big, they will use it against her, until the end of days.

    And so what a public person criticized Jurina?
    Oshima Yuko was also criticized because of the way she reacted to Riripon's marriage announcement.

    And I saw yesterday that Matsumoto Hitoshi's words were twist, to fit the narrative, that the haters of Jurina are doing.

    And what about that member who fat shaming another member, but that apparently was a misunderstanding too, according to her fans.
    It was bullying too or as her fans says a mistake?

    Idols are human too, and they make mistakes.
    The whole situation was too much for Jurina to handle, and she made a single mistake.
    Stop this witch hunt.

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Friday, 29 June 2018 17:14 posted by Conscious Pilot

    I enjoyed this article - Oba Mina once said (shortly after transfering to SKE & taken under the wing of Aya Shibata who I loved) that SKE fans "more Intense" & 'a Different kind of Idol fan' (I'm Paraphrasing). Now look at her- Boom Senbatsu.

    Sadly @Jyuki & @Ray ARE what drives SKE. Fans like them are ringing the bell. As far back as 2012 when NMB was fresh & new SKE already had an elitist CRUSH AKB48 attitude- they power vote Jurina's songs in AKB48's Request Hour & push their girls into top 16 (which isn't all bad, I like Suda & Shibata & Rena) but SKE FANS (some) always seem more ANTI AKB and I laughed at the comments about Jurina's strangle hold on "Center Position"- geez learn to share J.

    The money fans are who control SKE - The NMB fans are not vengeful. The HKT fans are more like the earlier AKB fans. NGT are money wota's but not Anti-AKB. SKE has always been about rubbing everyone's nose in SKE - look what we got- haha. It's partially managements fault for encouraging this attitude early on & the current SKE fanbase for letting it continue.

    Here's what's going to happen.

    Jurina's ELITIST (bragger) Fans will split AKB in 1/2- the 53rd single will be only 25% AKB gals anyway. Jurina will get ALL the Press & spotlight and if you're NOT into SKE or a Jurina devotee you might sit this one out (No Biggie right?)- That's late August?? then You have to WAIT until Nov/Dec for an REAL AKB song?? You spent all that money to Vote & still got stuck w/ SKE & Jurina in your face and SKE Money Wota's telling you that You're a HATER if you don't like it (You Have No Opinion- Jurina is God- STFU).

    You might already be "Turned off" by the election- what happens between Today & November?? Let's see...

    'Produce48' (which is already VIRAL) will pick it's 12 Idols (One will most likely be Sakura) & release an Idol song which will probably sell as much as their past 2 seasons (A LOT!!)

    'Twice' will have a Stadium tour of ALL of Japan w/ More Japanese original content & they're already multi-platinum mega stars there.

    'Black Pink' returns to Japan (after just breaking all the records they broke a year ago).

    'Red Velvet' - debuts w/ Japanese original content this summer.

    'Oh My Girl' is hiding in the shadows w/ rumored Japanese plans- OhMyGirl is kinda like a much Cuter & less eccentric Crayon Pop.

    WHY Mention these 5? It's not the Korean connection! There's a "stigma" to Idol fans - but NOT to a KPOP group. There's something more 'Mature' in KPOP that doesn't look like 20 teens dancing in cute outfits. The Music is more "Mature" -it's still POP/Rap/Dance heavy & you don't get the Idol Stigma.

    Lastly- It's in Japanese! it's NOT AKB (or SKE which is now in AKB's chair)- it's Hot Asians (1/2 are probably Japanese) doing popular music & it's FUN & Fresh & not the tired 'Idol Wota Game'. There's NO Elections, No Fan Wars, No Rivals or "Centers". Maybe you'll try somethng 'NEW' & maybe you'll like it??

    AKB48 is gone - AKI-P never planned for a "Rainy Day". Jurina having EVERYTHING was always the goal. Sasshi & Mayu fans prevented this for years- it's Game Over. Sakura is going to KPOP. AKB's only hope is Team 8. NMB48 is on life-support or worse after Sayanee quits. HKT will be the FUN New group for old AKB fans. NGT48 will become the Anti-SKE. KPOP will continue to march in Japan and by the Olympics 2020 Japan's Idol scene will be 1/2 Kpop & 1/2 Japanese & SKE will rule 1/3 of that 50%.

    Jurina is NOT #1 cause she's 'that Good' or Liked- It's the Money Wotas & SKE management that created this situation. DON'T Blame Jurina anymore than Acchan or Yuko or even Sasshi. The AKB48 Idol game will disintegrate because of the rabid SKE fans who wanted to KILL AKB (for sport) & AKI-P & SKE management made the choices to help this along. Idol fans will move on & find "other things".

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