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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 02:54

About AKB48 54th Single Lineup

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First of all, please note this post is not news, it is just my opinion. This post is just discussing the 54th single's controversial lineup and does not pro or con any member(s).

Why do AKB48 fans think 54 single's lineup controversial?
1. It is the first time a non-AKB48 member serves at sole CENTER position for the group's normal single title track
2. Matsui Jurina is not picked into the lineup
3. The CENTER (CENTER and 2 SIDEs trio) is going to leave the group before single release.
4. The lineup is favorite to IZ*ONE participants, and it is indirectly promoting IZ*ONE
5. Some General Election high ranking members are not picked
6. All sister group's current next generation aces are not picked  
7. It is only one NMB48 member is picked
and etc...

Please notice while the management announced the lineup, they already insisted this one is a special one for IZ*ONE. Moreover, if you once watched the AKB48 group's documentary movies, you may notice every member in single lineup representing different parties' interests, so, let's check the lineup (not the formation): 

  • Miyawaki Sakura (CENTER), Honda Hitomi (SIDE), Yabuki Nako (SIDE), Miyazaki Miho, Shiroma Miru, Shitao Miu, Takeuchi Miyu representing Produce 48 project
  • Sashihara Rino, Kashiwagi Yuki, Yokoyama Yui representing key members of AKB48 group (and their agencies)
  • Takahashi Juri and Mukaichi Mion representing AKB48 group's next generation General Director
  • Oguri Yui and Okada Nana representing AKB48's next generation ace
  • Yamauchi Mizuki representing AKB48's future star
  • Obabe Rin Kuranoo Narumi representing Team 8
  • Suda Akari and Ogino Yuka representing key members of sister groups
  • Sugawara Maya representing SKE48's interest
  • Tanaka Miku representing HKT48's interest
  • Takino Yumiko representing STU48's interest
  • Nakai Rika representing NGT48 and Ohta pro

Some fans may complain why Miyawaki Sakura a non-AKB48 member serves the sole CENTER position for the single "NO WAY MAN", and it is definitely an important one which she will have an opportunity to appear as AKB48 CENTER in Christmas music show and even NHK Kouhaku, well, actually she will not, because she will not participate in AKB48 activities during the period. She may just participate in the single's MV and related production only, and I really doubt she will be on the cover of the single. On the other hand, her CENTER more likely is just a part of marketing plan, or public relation perhaps.

Some fans may complain why AKB48 promote another group in their single's title track, please note Produce 48 is a joint project which AKB48 group also participate in, so it may be one of the reason. More importantly, if AKB48 don't reward the outstanding members in Produce 48, it may affect the group's team spirit. 

Some Matsui Jurina fan or Jurina Knight may complain why the world champion, General Election 1st place winner, SKE48 absolute ace, next generation ace and SKE48 big ace is not picked into the line-up, I personally think it is because she is at semi-hiatus for some reasons. Moreover, you may notice TV appearance is a key factor to Japanese show business, it is very likely she will serve the CENTER position instead of IZ*ONE TRIO, well, if she come back (If she can not make it, Oguri Yui may serve the sole CENTER or W-CENTER with Okada Nana in TV LIVE). 

Some fans may complain the line-up is not fair to 2018 General Election high ranking members, well, General Election results only affect the General Election single's lineup, it is AKB48's tradition, therefore 2018 General Election (AKB48 53rd Single Sekai Senbatsu Sousenkyo) results only affect AKB48 53rd single lineup.

But I still don't understand why AKB48 do not pick any sister group's next generation ace, are they going to centralize the resource to AKB48? Moreover, after studying the lineup, I must say I am very disappointed for NMB48's participation, I hope it may increase NMB48 upcoming single's sales. By the way, personally I kinda worry about Kato Rena, the lineup may be a sign of graduation.

Note1: Non-AKB48 member served the sole CENTER position for AKB48 General Election Singles and Janken Singles.
Note2: Miyawaki Sakura served the sole CENTER position for AKB48 10th Anniversary Single "Kimi wa Melody" as AKB48 Team A's concurrent member.

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  • Comment Link saikouu Wednesday, 26 September 2018 04:20 posted by saikouu

    "1. It is the first time a non-AKB48 member serves at sole CENTER position for the group's normal single title track"

    It's not though? Sakura has been a solo AKB center before (kimi wa melody) and saku juri w-center for negaigoto no mochigusare (I know you said solo center but I would include this because it was a w-center with two sister group members unlike all other w-centers that had an akb + sister group member)

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Wednesday, 26 September 2018 04:52 posted by Conscious Pilot

    I couldn't be happier with this line-up. It shows me when the chips are down & there's marketing to be done AKI-P will sell out tradition, fandom, & conventional wisdom to make a buck. However, this same man is stubborn, egotistical & immovable when he is NOT forced to make money or return a profit. He has 2 Speeds. Bandwagon Jumper (Objectification if needed) and Vanity Pet Projects for his dolls.

    He keeps including Rika Nakai because she's at least a NAME & will stir the pot. He doesn't include a girl like Miyu because she's boring (compared to a Rika). Say what you want about Minegishi (Head shaving incident) but in hindsight I wonder if both she & Akimoto were "in on it"- certainly milked it for press. Girls like Paruru & Sayanee clearly don't need or want a circus parade when they graduate- They probably think it's over-kill & tacky.

    This is Akimotos LAST chance to milk these 3 for the next 2 years. Sakura played the game & WON - She wins a New Life & Global Idol career. Jurina will won AKB's #1 rank (but at what cost?). Miyu will always find work in music & be more known as a Solo. Yuki & Sahihara will just cash the check. Suda will smile hold the SKE flank. Juri, Oguri & Okada will grab wota real estate & the game begins again in 2019 for the next SSK.

    Nothing is certain. Sakura, Nako, & Honda will breeze in & out when IZ*ONE promotes stuff in Japan. You see these 3 A LOT more than you realize especially if they want to compete w/ TWICE & others in Japan. These 3 give IZ*ONE a homefield advantage. They'll be reality shows, V-Lives, & Award shows.

    Ask yourself 1 question: How Much was AKI-P PAID to allow this? He doesn't seen concerned. He's become more relevant & more in demand- He SOLD & Gambled AKS into KPOP for a buck- You think he cares he lost 3 Idols & almost exhausted Jurina? This is the most fun he's had in years. It was ALL his to gamble with & No One forced him to do a thing. He Chose ALL of this.

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Wednesday, 26 September 2018 05:14 posted by Paul Cho

    @Conscious Pilot
    I highly recommend you watch Documentary of HKT48 again.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Wednesday, 26 September 2018 05:16 posted by Tuberose

    ^saikouuu it's the first time a non-kennin member serve for the center.

    Tbh Paul, I don't even realize that it is indeed the first time a full non AKB member serve as center as I'm getting used to see Jurina and Sakura in center position (as kennin).
    And about J's absence, I think everyone understand it's bc of her health issue, unless they tryna start another fire by saying it's bc she hate Sakura or management is tired of her.

    About Sakura Nako Hitomi and the rest of Top 20 P48 contestants appearing, well I guess it's a given since this is business. Strike the iron while its hot they said.

    The only thing Im complaining is: the absence of Team K member (they can choose from Tomu Mako or Komiharu, is it bc they have reached the peak age?) and the lack of NMB member (is Miru there as P48 contestant or bc she's NMB?). Also why Sugawara Maya? I meant she's okay and I totally support young member getting recognition but hello where is Yunana?

    I'm praying that the 55th single will be Yuiyui-Naachan-Mion center, triple or w or solo center. All ssk senbatsu + a few from Undergirls will be selected. Another Sakura-themed song or happy dance song is great options.

  • Comment Link 11yearsinfan Wednesday, 26 September 2018 07:50 posted by 11yearsinfan

    So much BS here.
    Jurina served as first non-AKB48 Center with Oogoe Diamond and later with Sukina(was too long name).

    Sakura, Hiichan and Nako have to fullify their contract so they are going to come back. It's the normal was KPop works.

    The line up is made by Top 20 of Produce48 + some good dancers. And the 54th single is called "NO WAY MAN".

    Sayanee is graduating, therefore she isn't avaible.

    Jurina might be still ill or has to redirect the MV and lyrics/vocals for 53th single.

    AKS didn't gamble. They stirred up so much more interest and have 64 Million Dollars cash to support it. Despite the fact that Produce48, Stone Music and Pledis supported the founding strongly.

    Like AKI-P some years told, je creats the ultimate group dir Tokyo2020. That's in 2 years and the last half is said to be double contract, and even not Sakura, Hiichan and Nako really have a shot to represent 48G by then.

    Also Sakura told this SSK is her last for some reason(of being a potential member of Produce48).

  • Comment Link Sako Wednesday, 26 September 2018 07:54 posted by Sako

    why is nakai still in despite her scandal? Cant like honma be in it instead of nakai. Since nmb is on a different agency cant someone else and mirurun join like ayaka or akarin or yuuri- nmb has proven itself as top idol so why not include 1 or 2 more nmb. Better hope the b-tracks makes up for this contriversy.

  • Comment Link Bella Wednesday, 26 September 2018 07:58 posted by Bella

    Jurina centered Oogoe Diamond before she was a kennin I think

  • Comment Link Johan Wednesday, 26 September 2018 08:41 posted by Johan

    This whole 54th single is weird as f**k. I mean, in less then 4 weeks the venter trio will stop their 48 activities so i'm guessing the single will also be released before that time. That would be a record short time between 2 singles. Granted that "sentimental train" was released pretty late but even then, considering all other factors "now way man" is feeling extremely rushed and will have only a very short window of time to be fully promoted.
    No use in promoting a single who's center members aren't allowed to do anything for it.

    That also makes me think, especially with things as kouhakou in mind, that it wouldn't be all to surprising if single 55 is announced (and performed) before the year is over.

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Wednesday, 26 September 2018 09:19 posted by Paul Cho

    Oogoe Diamond is a W-Center (Acchan + Matsui Jurina) song for CD single, and a Solo CENTER (Acchan) song for LIVE

  • Comment Link sa chan Wednesday, 26 September 2018 10:12 posted by sa chan

    Oogoe diamond not w center :/

  • Comment Link Joe Wednesday, 26 September 2018 10:23 posted by Joe

    Unlike the Matsui pair in SKE or Sayaka in NMB Sakura has been more important outside of HKT than she is in it. More than any other member not in AKB she is a universal member more belonging to that special status of a favored talent like those other three sister members but they got to dominate their own groups in a way Sakura can't not being its consistant center and the presents of Sasshi.

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Wednesday, 26 September 2018 11:04 posted by Paul Cho

    @sa chan
    Interesting, where do you get the information?

  • Comment Link Momo Wednesday, 26 September 2018 11:22 posted by Momo

    The 54th single is an acknowledgement to the AKB group members who participated in Produce 48. This was a tough road for all the girls, no only in additional work and training time, but also because they knew that the Koreans would look down on them and there was also the language barrier to overcome. Since these members came from all the different AKB groups and sister groups an AKB single seems most appropriate since AKB was the first group and is also the largest group. Who will be the future center fir this song is just a detail. Lots of centers have graduated and yet their songs are still performed with new centers. It is a non issue. The membership selection was a brilliant idea as it underlines the fact that this single is not just another AKB single. It is special and because of this it should be different from the rest. If it causes discussion among the fans, so much the better.

  • Comment Link Akai Seigo Wednesday, 26 September 2018 19:36 posted by Akai Seigo

    The single is more like a group of puns:
    1) they're all female.There's no way a man could be in the center lineup.
    2) if a newcomer will be at the center.Older fans would react, "No way,man."
    3) if Sashihara will be the center position,again.
    4) a Korean guest singer manage to snag the center position and what would purists say?
    Or what if Hirate Yurina became the center?Hmm, probably wont happen.

  • Comment Link Pinoccolo Wednesday, 26 September 2018 20:51 posted by Pinoccolo

    This is a smart move from AkiP. Strike while the iron is hot. Produce 48 drummed up a ton of attention to the slowly dying group, including a huge amount of international people that have become fans of the girls. The smart move here is not to continue on like nothing happened to please all the boring, creepy old men that cling to the AKB of years past and expect everything to go exactly the way it always has. Put out songs and shows and get as many of these girls in front of the camera and into the spotlight as possible. Push the ones that you believe have star power and get them into the sights of all the international attention. Overhaul the musical sound of the group, rewrite the rules that got you here. A company that is unwilling to change is a company that will soon be bankrupt. Class up the group (which is already happening without all the ridiculous gags on AKBingo and stage performances, and getting rid of bikini magazine and performances) and ditch all those weird perverted old men that supported you for all these years. As bad as it sounds, they have given the group a bad reputation and continue dragging fandom through the mud. It's time to stop worrying about their basement internet rants and move on before the only fans you have are all dead and you no longer have any fans at all.

    Unfortunately, I don't see any of this really happening. He is rushing this single out to give these 3 girls one last performance before he loses them forever (and honestly because Sakura is so stinking popular in AKB. If it was only Miyu that won a spot I don't think he would be bothering with this at all). Let's face it, everyone thinks they are coming back after the contract is up, but if Iz*One is even half as successful as I think it will be then they will end up in Korea for a lot longer and visit 48G to hang with friends only. He includes Miyu, Miru, Miu, Miho because they made it very far in PD48 (No Sae??). He then wants to plug his own group to the rest of the world by including a top representative from each group (NMB doesn't get one because Miru is the top for NMB and she is already in the lineup for being in PD48) and throwing in his biggest stars (Sashi, Yukirin, Yuihan), as well as the girls he/AKS truly believes are his/their next big stars (Oguri Yui, Okada Nana, Nakai Rika). After this single is released he will return to the normal schedule, normal music, normal shows, and the fandom from PD48 will slowly die off and switch to full time fans of Iz*One who no longer have any memory of what AKB48 even was. We will return to the creepy old man fan base that has always existed.

  • Comment Link candid Wednesday, 26 September 2018 22:27 posted by candid

    How is dropping a girl out of senbatsu because she doesn't show up for work considered controversial?

  • Comment Link Bella Wednesday, 26 September 2018 23:02 posted by Bella

    Oogoe Diamond is Matsui Jurina solo center. The person who sings the 1st verse behind Jurina is Takamina. Acchan and Kojiharu sing the 2nd verse.

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Thursday, 27 September 2018 00:34 posted by Paul Cho

    Matsui Jurina was never out of AKB48 single title track lineup b4.
    If anyone want to claim Oogoe Diamond is Matsui Jurina solo center, it is fine. But without solid proof, I will regard it as spam, and delete it without notice

  • Comment Link Tuberose Thursday, 27 September 2018 03:23 posted by Tuberose

    It is actually Acchan and J's wcenter for Oogoe Diamond, if you were there when it's released you'll know but after sometimes they somehow changed the information on the internet and it became a J solo center. Old wota club only.

    Even for the solo cover of J shouting Mariko-sama, the cover was meant for Acchan but management thought it's more interesting to put J instead. But it didn't change the fact that Acchan was one of the two centers. In fact, it's Acchan who stood in center position for live performance. J was made as one half of the wcenter to promote the first and newly formed sister group which was SKE.

    Here's the source:

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Thursday, 27 September 2018 03:33 posted by Paul Cho

    Thank you for your input. I am too tired to explain. I must admit your explanation is far better than mine.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Thursday, 27 September 2018 04:06 posted by Tuberose

    Pleasure, Paul. Just letting them know the truth.

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Thursday, 27 September 2018 04:26 posted by Conscious Pilot

    Hey @Paul - Never saw the HKT Docu (got a link? subbed).

    I can't stand "Oogoe Diamond", Never liked it. Didn't even know it was a Jurina song. I remember people freaking out when Paruru centered "Beginner" for the 2013 Request hour concert on YouTube. I assumed they were ALL Acchans & when she left, they gave it to Jurina.

    Rika Nakai gets in because she's Rika Nakai & NGT48's 1st Ace. They'd give it to Ogiyuka but she's like rank #5 now, so Rika reps in place of Kitaharie Rie. Sometimes it's about "Body Type"- She's thin & Waif-like & knows how to dance. Sometimes "eye candy" is a better sell than "hey, this girl deserves it"

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Thursday, 27 September 2018 04:52 posted by Paul Cho

    @Conscious Pilot
    No link, if possible please buy it on CDJapan through this site. or you ask other fans, Aki-p has no much influence on single lineup, or even 48G.
    For your other opinion, sorry, I don't want to comment, some I don't dare to, some I think it is better other 48G fans joining the discussion.

  • Comment Link PaulChoFriend Friday, 28 September 2018 17:44 posted by PaulChoFriend

    @Paul Cho, since I am the first one who pointed out that Jurina is the Center because Acchan wasn't avaible, you just have to look at the CD Jacket. I am a Mayuyu wota, so don't mix us up. Lately you are every one-sided Reporter.

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Friday, 28 September 2018 18:33 posted by Paul Cho

    @11yearsinfan (I feel uneasy about your new name, sorry)
    You are not the first one spamming me, you are just the first one leaving comment. Yeah Of course I looked and remember the cover jacket.
    I am not one-sided, if you check the content, I just do what I should do, as an AKB48 fan and as a web site administrator, and report-something-er, (I am lot of things to consider).

    By the way, why don't you just forget the crap, and discuss about the lineup.

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