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Sunday, 13 January 2019 20:06

Re: 2019

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First of all, it is not a news, just an AKB48 fan want to say something about 2019.

These few months, it is not easy for any AKB48, AKB48 group fans or even Sakamichi series fans. 

As an AKB48 fans and AKB48 fansite webmaster, I thought I know new AKS doing many horrible things to members for years, however I admit I were wrong, and I admit I were too harsh to a member after understanding which kind of people around her, if only 10% of internet rumours were true (some already confirmed, but it seems they will hide in the dark forever), new AKS, their alliances or related parties did the things beyond I could ever imagine.

Some readers may know I wanted to give up the site again, well, I am still considering it, because I were very disappointed by new AKS' behaviours, I run this site for spreading 48 culture, because a fat old man and some girls did something great which should share with overseas people, but I am confused if I should keep going on. 

New AKS thought they are clever enough to run a living legend by their own way, it worked for last few year, but they overlooked the fact it was not because of them, but some great girls still were there, while they were gone, AKB48 group suffered a several disasters.

New AKS released a statement last night, I can not confirm if it is a best solution, or even a solution to the group, perhaps it is just for public relation. I don't know if new AKS will compensate to the victim(s). However, I wish they learn the lesson this time. If they do learn the lesson, I believe AKB48 group can cope with the crisis, with those new generation members. Of course I don't compare founding members and new generation, it is unfair and pointless, new generation were/are great, but they just did/do not have an opportunity.

For fan who worry about AKB48 future, you can take it in the opposite way, new AKS really demonstrate how powerful they are while dealing with NGT48 scandal, well, in not a right way though. If new AKS do it in right way, fans and members can reply on them. Don't forget, a fat man will return soon, I wish the fat man can prove himself he is still a genius.

Sorry, just write something stupid. If you find this post waste of your time, I'm sorry. 

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  • Comment Link Diki Monday, 14 January 2019 03:39 posted by Diki

    If your site could catch a new fans, then it's absolutely worth it. After all we like how teenage girl fighting to shine by their own charm.. 48/46 group can be very powerful to inspire people.
    So keep this site running please

  • Comment Link Haslin Monday, 14 January 2019 03:59 posted by Haslin

    Yes... This young girl catch their dreams.. Sometimes people make mistake... From mistake people will learn... I love akb48 group n thanks for ur hard works

  • Comment Link Jsprite Monday, 14 January 2019 05:29 posted by Jsprite

    Paul, I hope you don't lose faith in AKB48 and their sister groups, including Sakamichi. A lot of times things don't go as we wish or expect them to be. This site is a source of 48/46G news for a lot of international fans. I personally check daily (literally) for news about them. Between graduations and things not so great lately these are rough times indeed, calmer waters will arrive in the future. Otsukaresama deshita!

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Monday, 14 January 2019 06:45 posted by Conscious Pilot

    Ultimately you need to ask yourself Paul - WHY do you do this site? Forget about us, AKS, ect - Why do YOU do it? Maybe AKS doesn't deserve such "Rose colored glasses" any longer. Your Blog has a "Neutral" tone - it's passive. Perhaps a more critical tone is needed for certain stories & events?? It can't be All "Sunshine & Rainbows"- There is a darker side to Idols & AKB - We've all heard "rumors" & stories of Bullies and secret scandals. If AKS went this far to hide the truth (or discredit an Idol in their care)- just imagine what the REAL Stories & Scandals are like.

    Briefly, I'll give examples:
    Remember all the Milky (NMB48) Scandals? (off & on over the years). She would tell fans in Handshakes "Do you trust me?"- She was clearly punished (suspended?) once or twice- but so what, Other lesser Idols did worse & just eventually faded away or got Froze Out- Why did they give spotlight & punishment to the same person?

    Case #2: Was the initial Scandal of Minegishi 'that bad'??- Yet, she Shaved her head & made it so much worse & brought global press & ridicule to AKS management- YET, they allowed her to MILK the scandal? She was in "Mechike SP", she had a wig & got interviewed at SSK- She got the attention but NO real punishment- She's STILL waiting for senbatsu crumbs to fall off the table- I wonder to this day if the WHOLE Event was "Staged"- for publicity & sympathy...again, the Dating Ban was "Tested"

    Case #3: The Sakura vs Jurina thing in SSK 2018. WTF happened?? The #1 rank girl DISAPPEARED for Months after winning? No Social Media- NOTHING. We all know something "Shady" went down- drugs, mental breakdown, punishment for attacking another member?? (ALL Speculation!!!) Those that Paid ALL that money to vote for Jurina deserve an answer! Now suddenly SKE48 is sold? & AKI-P is playing w/ his new toy "IZ*ONE"- These things didn't just randomly happen- There were cause & effect & deals made? Punishments & Gifts exchanged?? Cover-Ups? How did ALL of AKS keep a lid on the Jurina thing?? How Messed Up must the TRUTH Be that NO ONE in AKS is will talk about that night??

    YOUR BLOG was one of the ONLY sites covering the Twitter Storm, The Apology, The Fan Reactions in REAL TIME about the Events of SSK 2018. Korean sites were citing you as a SOURCE. We got a brief look behind the curtain of the Real AKB48. Is Jurina a Victim? a Villain? (both?) Maybe here think I hate Jurina- Far from it. I just want the truth. Many of us wouldn't have known what 1/2 of what we know if it wasn't for your blog that night. That's I kept coming back.

    NOW, Compare & Contrast the NGT48 Mahohon Reveal vrs ANY other AKS Scandal- They Lost control & the mask slipped & fans were PISSED. Imagine the control needed to shield us (the Fans) from the Events of SSK 2018? A girl got attacked in her home by fans?? (NGT48)- Jurina was relatively fine & lucid for SSK, then suddenly made a TV Apology for 'trash talking' Sakura?? then DISAPPEARED for over 2 months?? She was Number FRIGGIN' ONE RANK!!!- No Social Media?? Even Paruru tweeted from the hospital.

    When you see the Extent to which AKS LIED to you & Controlled information & narratives w/ Mahohon (NGT)- Are you worried how many Other times you were "LIED TO", How many Other Idols were abused, shelved, & punished for God Knows What?? Anything to be Famous right??

    So Paul- You're questioning WHY you should continue this blog?? Maybe just "change your focus" every so often- ASK some questions- Dare I say "Speculate"? Are you gonna be a Flag Waver for AKS (like nothing happened) OR maybe start an "AKS X-Files" section where fans share their TRUE stories of handshake moments or Fan Theory/Rumors? Maybe become an Archive of the OLD AKS that we all Loved before we knew what AKS was capable of??....I assure you- This Mahohon thing is probably a tip of a darker & larger IceBerg & at some point some Idol is gonna snap & ALL the skeletons will be loose...and your Blog will cover it.

    (*My guess is it will be either Takamina or Minegishi who breaks ranks & tells all the dirty secrets- Minegishi for Attention or Takamina to protect future girls or honor one's she couldn't protect*)

    Why should you do it Paul?? Only You know. Why I comment? Why am I so inquisitive/Combative?? I intentionally Trigger to get responses so I can get more "TRUTH". Everyone is bias, everyone shades the facts for their Oshi, NO Idol is perfect- I just love the pursuit of Truth & Motive.

    Would you still do this Website if all the Rumors were true?? What does AKS actions tell you just from how they've handled things in 2018 alone.

    *BONUS Round: Hirate Yurina is on a 2nd Hiatus for a torn muscle in her pelvic region...She's the lead dancer. What other things cause Pelvic injuries? Maybe's a back/lumbar or groin muscle tear? How does a Pelvic injury happen? Sports athletes get them- male ones, but they wear cups for protection...How does a girl hurt her pelvic region?

    Oh well, it's Probably Nothing...Nothing to see here folks. Oh, Look at all these Awards Hirate Yurina won for a film playing...herself (without a pelvic injury). Well, I'm sure the Awards & Fame will cheer her up on her road to healing her pelvic injury. Oh well...just another IDOL X-FILE.

    Makes you wonder why I chose my Id "Conscious Pilot"

  • Comment Link Tuberose Monday, 14 January 2019 10:00 posted by Tuberose

    I was about to give up on 48G post Oshima Yuko era. I hated the fact that Sasshi was spared from her scandal. I hated how the newer members lacked backbone, whined all the time, less serious and more importantly couldn't sing-dance-boring compared to Golden era members. But that was all in the past.
    Sasshi earned my respect for her persistence and I love how she always put HKT first (that's why rn I'm disappointed with Ogiyuka). I seriously thought that after Kawaei and Paruru left 48G will end because nobody else from gen 10-15 were as impressive but then Jurina and Sakura happened (I love Jurina for the same reason as Sasshi and the fact that she is trying to bring back golden era's system. I still don't like Sakura as much but she's smart, if only she improve her leadership skill), and I enjoy the push Naachan-Mion-Yuiyui are getting these days. PD48 also let me learned that the new gen only need a chance to shine.
    Now where's the problem? Why is 48G unstable and losing to Sakamichi Series? Oh right, it's the management.
    The way management handled Jurina-Sakura ssk incident and now with NGT...I finally realised the real enemy is AKS.

  • Comment Link Colin Monday, 14 January 2019 15:01 posted by Colin

    I understand your thoughts Paul.
    I can't really add anything that hasn't said already.
    The people who posted above me, are the ones you should be reading. They state it better than I ever could.

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Monday, 14 January 2019 20:13 posted by Conscious Pilot

    You finally realized @Tuberose that we've always been on the "same side"- lol. AKS has always been the enemy. Their choices & motives are NEVER transparent.

    I've been cheering on the KPOP invasion because it will finally show AKS that their "System" or choices are NOT Working. I want the BEST for Jurina, Sakura, Hirate Yurina, Neru, Rika Nakai, Suda Akari - everyone. Everyone is everyone.

    I love the idea of why AKB48 was in 2010-2012 - it was a Golden Era- so much was promised when they reached the top of the mountain and yet SO MUCH has NOT been delivered. WHY Waste these next gens potential?? Why start so many sister groups & neglect the Flagship that started it all?? Only AKI-P or AKS knows how & why this happened.

    AKS deserves what happens to them now. Wheather it's JYP becoming the Gold Standard or the Chinese reinventing "The Idol System" down the line...whatever. AKS is NOT about the fans or the Idols - AKS is about AKS and fans would like to make an Informed Choice.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Tuesday, 15 January 2019 07:23 posted by Tuberose

    @CP you and I were arguing about many things and for some of it I can't agree with you even now.

    I'm also into Kpop since early 00s era so I know that Kpop is no better than Jpop (they're both ugly heck this is how the industry works in every part of the world) thus I don't wish Jpop would adopt their system. I'm content with Jpop being Jpop. Promotion wise Kpop is better ofc (but Japan don't care because the make more than enough money in Japan alone hence the second biggest music market in the world), but have you ever wondered why some Jpop groups are still active for more than 10-20y (with or without rotation/graduation system) while most Kpop group disbanded after their 7y contract expired?

    You bring up JYP, but I must say that only Twice is the only successful group in all aspect (image, harmony between member, sales etc.). However, is JYP actually that great? As far as I know he's afraid of Twice becoming the second MissA therefore he forbid the members to do individual activities, isn't this count as wasting their potential?

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