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Thursday, 14 March 2019 00:15

Yamaguchi Maho Relative: Yamaguchi Maho is considering to Leave NGT

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Niigata's local newspaper The Niigata Nippo had an interview with NGT48 Team G vice captain Yamaguchi Maho's relative. According to the idol's relative, what Yamaguchi Maho is fighting for now are NGT48 tell the truth and handle it properly, and she is keeping her eyes on the 3rd party committee's report and how the management will response.

NGT48 member Yamaguchi Maho was attacked by two men at her residence in Niigata City on 8 December 2018. However, according to the idol's relative, NGT48 management tried to minimize the incident by providing inaccurate information. Every time Yamaguchi Maho recalls the incident, she would cry, moreover, she becomes afraid to go out.

In January, Yamaguchi Maho once tried to visit and apologized to the enterprise who withdrew the sponsorship from the idol group, and she was persuaded to give up by the relative at last. 

Yamaguchi Maho is thinking it would be better she leave NGT48, but she also concerns if she just left NGT48 and NGT48 did not change, other members would experience the similar thing she did, so she wanted to stay in the group and demand the group to handle it.

Original source: The Niigata Nippo

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  • Comment Link Tuberose Thursday, 14 March 2019 02:47 posted by Tuberose

    She should. She's the victim but her name is tainted as well, everybody who see her will be reminded to the scandal. There must be some girls who hated her for spilling the tea and staffs blaming her for causing this mess, meaning her working environment must be stressful now. However, she need to stay until everything is clear because she's the key person here. Good luck Mahohon.

  • Comment Link 愛 Thursday, 14 March 2019 09:19 posted by 愛

    I am Japanese.
    I will not forgive Imamura Tokuo.
    He is running away. Imamura Tokio does not explain criminal cases.
    Japanese celebrities: Makoto Yamaguchi has suffered damage.
    Her belonging AKS Co., Ltd. is trying to cover up the case.

    Everyone in the world, please help me.
    Please see this homepage.
    Japanese media is under pressure.

  • Comment Link Angry Princess Thursday, 14 March 2019 17:36 posted by Angry Princess

    I see your point Tuberose-but what can she do at this point. I look at it like this: If she leaves now, saves her sanity ect and something else happens or it goes back to business as usual then the next time something happens Maho can just shake her head & be further vindicated.

    The girls that want to go back to the status quo & dismiss Maho could be tomorrows victims or deal with an even bigger problem down the line. Maho can't save everyone - she's done all she can do & in many cases more than anyone in her shoes had the guts to. This is NGT/AKB's problem and it's already too late because AKS didn't get in front of this sooner.

    Did we even consider the collateral damage people are over-looking? Idol careers will suffer now cause of lack if SSK election, Rika-Hime was unfairly dragged thru the mudd and she's been the most mature about this, Sponsors pulled out & they probably spoke to "future sponsors" who will never invest in an AKS product now- ALL because AKS is used to making "stuff" disappear- till Maho changed the game. She's done all she can & leaves with nothing save maybe the truth.

  • Comment Link Joe Thursday, 14 March 2019 23:08 posted by Joe

    @angry princess the only thing that will suffer is single sales numbers. The election was more stress and demoralizing for the vast majority of the members. Sure for the top 60 members most of whom were already getting some level of limelight or exposure it was a chance to get a better spot on the single but for most it was humiliation and heart break that fir all their hard work a measly 50 or less people cared enough to waste a ballot on them when others you stand right next to and hardly put a single drop of sweat more than they do if at all and they get thousands upon thousands of votes.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Friday, 15 March 2019 07:08 posted by Tuberose

    @Angry Princess:yes she can't save everyone and it's a sad truth. The dark side of entertainment industry is terrifying and we, ordinary folks can't do anything unless someone brought it to light like what Mahohon did. Sponsor is nothing new in this industry and it is tightly related to economy and politic hence why most of the time police ignore it.
    Celebrity may live a flashy life but I would never want to be one of them.

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