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Sunday, 31 March 2019 03:07

Yahagi Moeka joins Mirai ☆ Monster as New MC

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Yahagi Moeka is about to begin enjoying "Mirai☆Monster", the AKB48 new star will co-host the show with Sekine Tsutomu!

FujiTV announced today that AKB48 member Yahagi Moeka and Japanese actor Isomura Hayato will join FujiTV's documentary show as regular MC beginning 7 April 2019. Yahagi Moeka will replace Takahashi Juri as new MC. Takahashi Juri is the show's MC since 2017, she announced graduation from AKB48 on 4 March 2019.

Note1: Yokoyama Yui is one of Mirai ☆ Monster's regular MCs
Note2: Former AKB48 general director Takahashi Minami was Mirai ☆ Monster's MC
Note3: Kojima Mako and Kawaei Rina were the show's studio guest

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