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Monday, 07 August 2017 06:48

Sutou Ririka Apologizes for Marriage Announcement

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NMB48 member Sutou Ririka made a public apology at the final concert of NMB48 LIVE 2017 in Summer, she said she feels sorry for her announcement in General Election which caused damage to members, staff and fans, and Sutou Ririka admitted she had hurt NMB48.

Sutou Ririka also said it is great to join NMB48, and she never lies to NMB48. At last, she said though she thinks she is an awkward person, she still wants to be the most happiest person of the world.

Another NMB48 member Kinoshita Momoka replied to Sutou Rirka, "People would like to hear how you love NMB48 rather than sorry, and it is great to hear you love NMB48". Kinoshita Momoka said she supports Sutou Ririka and asked her to keep supporting NMB48. 

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  • Comment Link YuriAnnin Monday, 07 August 2017 10:24 posted by YuriAnnin

    I don't hate her but i'm happy that she apologize....

  • Comment Link ririppn Monday, 07 August 2017 12:54 posted by ririppn

    that was all that I needed, now i'm gonna stop hating her

  • Comment Link 48group fan Tuesday, 08 August 2017 07:09 posted by 48group fan

    Doesnt really matter to me, i will still keep on supporting her and NMB no matter what she does/says..

    to fans, if you are truly a fan of your favorite member, you will definitely support her no matter what is the situation/circumstances that she had.

  • Comment Link 48group fan Tuesday, 08 August 2017 07:30 posted by 48group fan

    to user ririppn,

    An idol fan supposed to support and cheer for her or them from start to end no matter what circumstances whether she is in the group of graduated from the group, NOT hating her just because she had done wrong at the start and then stop hating her when she apologize at the end..

    From your comment, it means you have already hated her the moment she spoke of the marriage thingy and you felt betrayed by her and now you say you going to stop hating her?? >_> that is NOT what an idol fan should think or say..

    she is not even your girlfriend/significant other that she sticks to you everyday and she had done nothing wrong to you or any fans physically or mentally..

    i think you dont deserved to be called an idol fan of any of your favorite members the moment you start hating someone, not with this kind of mentality thinking..

  • Comment Link raf Tuesday, 08 August 2017 18:23 posted by raf

    To user 48group fan

    Who the hell are you to judge other fans by using your personal standard?

    Personally, I have no problem of this girl of leaving nmb for getting married, never a fan to begin with. I do think she could find a better time & place for the announcement.

    Every fan has his/her own reason for supporting an idol/idol group, it is different from yours or mine. It is their right to feel the way they do as long as they limited only to the way they feel. How dare you to judge other's emotion by your own standard.

  • Comment Link Mee Tuesday, 08 August 2017 19:39 posted by Mee

    I Don't think that person spoke in a "I think she is my gf that's why i hate her" situation. Everyone agreed that it wasn't the right place to say something like that, specially after getting ranked so high. Not that fans expect her to be single so she is worth of the votes, but the fact that there is a rule and there's another bunch of girls respecting that rule, it's seems a little unfair.

    I'm glad she apologized. Whoever thinks that the apology wasn't need, you need to realize what her announcement meant to the rest: She broke the rules (it doesn't matter how unfair it is, and how stupid it is, it's still a rule that is being respected and followed by other members taking care of the group's image) and she sidetracked the press to her announcement instead of other matters like Mayuyu's grad announcement (even though I'm sure it wasn't Riripon's intention to do so but of course something as controversial wasn't gonna be a small new that everyone would forget about).

  • Comment Link brian Friday, 11 August 2017 16:44 posted by brian

    ssssshhhhh.. guys..guys.. the disaster has apologize. Lets just move on.

  • Comment Link Tictac Saturday, 12 August 2017 09:39 posted by Tictac

    Everyone has their own opinion so stop fighting :3 atleast she apologized and everything is fine now so move on lol.

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