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Wednesday, 26 September 2018 01:09

Miyawaki Sakura may NOT come back to 48G after IZ*ONE

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AKB48 group members Miyawaki Sakura, Yabuki Nako and Honda Hitomi will join Korean-Japanese group IZ*ONE for 2.5 years, so what's their future plan after IZ*ONE?

According to Miyawaki Sakura: "IZ*ONE is a 2.5-years time-limited group, in any case, it will be end after 2.5 years, just like other 2 PRODUCE series group. General procedure, the members will return to their agency after the group disband and re-debut. So it is not possible not coming back or there is always a place for you." Miyawaki Sakura also uses "Study Aboard" as example to describe her situation. In the mail, she did not mention HKT48 nor AKB48 group, so, does she mean she will return to her agency (AKS) and re-debut after IZ*ONE?  

However, in Miyawaki Sakura's other mobile mail, she insisted joining IZ*ONE is not a graduation from HKT48, and she wants to bring back IZ*ONE fans' love and return to HKT48.

According to her conversation with Team H captain Matsuoka Natsumi, it seems she is considering a plan with other HKT48 1st generation for HKT48 10th anniversary, but it does not officially confirmed, nor knowing if it is for public or not. 

Miyawaki Sakura is a HKT48 1st generation member. She was next generation ace of AKB48 group, and one of top members, she won the 3rd place of AKB48 group's 2018 General Election which was her last one. Miyawaki Sakura is the CENTER for AKB48's upcoming 54 single (TBA) which will be released on 28 November 2018, her last handshake event will be on 21 October 2018. Miyawaki Sakura passed 2018 reality competition television show PRODUCE 48 and joined its group IZ*ONE on 31 August 2018.

Note: AKB48 announced on 24 September 2018 that Miyawaki Sakura, Yabuki Nako and Honda Hitomi will cease all their AKB48 group's related activities until April 2021.

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  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Wednesday, 26 September 2018 04:05 posted by Conscious Pilot

    before any Sakura fans blame: Mnet, KPOP, The Koreans, Trolls on 4chan- REMEMBER Who held the Leash the ENTIRE Time!- Akimoto (Aki-P).

    HE allowed the uses of AKS songs & OK'ed which girls could go. Sakura wanted more and she wasn't going to get anywhere in a Jurina controlled AKB48. I'm not ragging on Jurina- AKI-P choose her as his pet (Fav) and probably worked her to exhaustion. Having to guidance of Sashihara Rino & seeing how Acchan, Yuko, Paruru fared with out AKB Sakura risked & gambled everything on the NEXT Wave of "Idol Pop" music- KPOP.

    Look at the love Chiyori, Miyu, Erii, & even Bibian got for simply being themselves- There's an untapped market of "Idol Performance" just outside Japan. The 3 Japanese members of TWICE did it, Sakura is now trying (and Still Risking Everything). JYP will hold season 2 of "SIXTEEN" (which created TWICE) in Japan- Japan is bending to KPOP...& Korea is welcoming Japanese performers- This is a GOOD thing.

    Sakura is the Acchan of a NEW Era. Japan can brag they had her 1st, but it's KPOP that will make her a STAR.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Wednesday, 26 September 2018 04:59 posted by Tuberose

    That's what I've been wondering.
    Will she comeback to Japan after she tasted the glitter life of Kpop? Or maybe she won't comeback to Kpop after IZ*ONE bc Kpop life is a bitch

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Wednesday, 26 September 2018 05:25 posted by Paul Cho

    She will return, but her mobame is very weird, she specifically clarifies her situation. About K-POP, I really don't know.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Wednesday, 26 September 2018 05:45 posted by Tuberose

    @Paul: that's just a hypothetical question haha I'm pretty sure AKS made her sign a contract that she will have to comeback and stay for some years before she's allowed to grad (this is business, they won't just let their cash cow go like that) or if they didnt...let's just pray she'll comeback and bring along IZ*ONE fans.

  • Comment Link Risa Watanabe Friday, 28 September 2018 04:39 posted by Risa Watanabe

    54th single gonna be Sakura last song with AKB .. Prepare guys .. She back in 2021 just to announce her graduaation from the group and to has a proper graduation concert ..

  • Comment Link nhan Friday, 28 September 2018 06:09 posted by nhan

    If IZONE success when sakura join.She can earn at least 4 mil US dollar in 1 year , it's mean 10 mil for 2.5 years.How can she back to AKB to earn 120 k for 1 year ????

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Friday, 28 September 2018 12:54 posted by Paul Cho

    @Risa Watanabe
    Sorry, I have to delete to your comment, I think your wording is a bit sensitive. Sorry

  • Comment Link Pam Friday, 28 September 2018 12:57 posted by Pam

    The money is in Japan . Every kpop fan knows that.its the reason. Klpop groups always debut in japan. Korea is a supeer small market. Japan is second biggest music market on the world.

    It has no point of comparing .

    Honestly NO girl group in Korea has sold a million copies.

    How can you leave that for a unknown rookie group in a country that clearly dislike Japanese?.

    If Sakura was an undergirl I understand. But she's always a front girl. Always. Top 3 in such a huge group is a big deal.

    If she's leaving 48 with the naive though IZONE will sell a million and be like BTS , well she's in for a rude awakening. Most kpop girl group fans are extremely fickle , barely spend money . It doesn't compare to the passion and money spending of wotas .

    She'll see how it is to go from a group were you are loved and your fans throw money at you to meet you to this group were the voting was free and most public hate you only for being Japanese.

    By 2021 wotas will forgot Sakura. And she'll have no place to comeback .
    She made her choice.

  • Comment Link Wotaku Monday, 08 October 2018 19:35 posted by Wotaku

    Saying Miyawaki Sakura as Acchan New era and claimed KPOP industries will make her STAR is a ridiculous thing i ever see or read..

    I think People now days still don't understand why AKI-P choose Acchan as First AKB48 center back in 2005 when SSK voting system still not introduced at that time.In my opinion AKI-P reason is simple,because Acchan at that time has NOTHING..I mean she's NOTHING at all.Acchan can't dance,can't sing and not adorable but AKI-P still choose her because this is what WOTA's want.Many WOTA's (local/international) not interested in ''BEST OF THE BEST'' idol like many KPOP Fans do because we all already know no perfection in this world.WOTA always support their Oshimen(fav member)who work really hard in their passion and desire to make their dream came true.Please don't think WOTA and KPOP fans do a same way to support the idol.For WOTA ''effort'' is everything.For KPOP fans ''perfection'' is everything.

    For a future,we already know Japan is second biggest music market in the world.KPOP idol no matter boy/girl band they just recognize in the world but this doesn't mean they can sell a million copies of their single.This is a fact,that's why Hamasaki Ayumi much richer than PSY or G-Dragon.

    Maybe that's true Miyawaki sakura can earn at least 4 mil USD in 1 year at KPOP industries,compare what she earn in AKB48 before but after IZONE disband what's left for her?In AKB48 even she earn small payment but is like forever payment until she graduate in AKB48.After that she can continue her carrier and became a celebrity in Japan and can earn much more.

    That's just my opinion,and yes i agreed with someone who said when she comeback in AKB48 in 2021 later I'm pretty sure her popularity ranking in 48G will drop and she will forgotten.The reason is too Many Fresh member in 48G will be the next future in AKB48 franchise and many of them is much better than her.Sakura is not a next gen of Acchan and she will not became ACE in AKB48 history.

  • Comment Link Jolly_Roger Tuesday, 09 October 2018 02:40 posted by Jolly_Roger

    Akimoto is no fool. Despite Japan being the 2nd largest music market - or more because of it - Jpop and Japanese acts like 48Group are far behind kpop in developing overseas markets. This collaboration was the perfect mechanism for 48 Group to tap into Kpop's global name recognition without having to develop it from scratch. Thanks to Produce 48 and IZ*ONE many many more people around the world will be introduced to 48 Group, and smack themselves for not knowing about 48 Group awesomeness until now. I am one of them.

  • Comment Link Jsprite Tuesday, 09 October 2018 05:22 posted by Jsprite

    Sakuratan is no Acchan by a mile.

  • Comment Link ekop Tuesday, 09 October 2018 13:49 posted by ekop

    Sakura can get 4 million USD per year in Korea?? Based on what??
    Accordingto 2017 IFPI data that's more than 2% of Korean physical music market value LOL
    Don't believe with whatever KPOP lover said dude, they're always wearing their tin foil hat on LOL

    According to 2014 Exciting Max! (magazine name) Sakura already have 10 million yen per year (around US$88,000)
    Sasshi in the other hand can get 68 million yen per year (around US$600,000)
    That's what they got in Japan in 2014, the biggest physical music market in the world
    There are no magic in Korea that can make them rich instantly, especially with such a small market value LOL

    My data are not fanboy data, you can cross check them if you want
    For all KPOP fanboy, please stick to real data and number
    Keep it real dude, you're making yourself look like a fool LOL

  • Comment Link Wotaku Monday, 15 October 2018 11:14 posted by Wotaku

    @ekop Your comment is a real deal dude.I'm with you on this.I already knowing long time ago how much AKB48 member earn in that group based on Exciting MAX! in their August 2014 issue.That's why i'm wondering how can Sakura can make 4 million USD in just 1 year in KPOP industries(someone say that,not me hehe) and that fact is not make any sense at all.

    But i just trying not to make someone here heart broke LOL thats why in my previous comment i say ''MAYBE'' and i believe many readers here understand that context.I agreed with you man.That's no other way for idol in KPOP industries can make them rich instantly because we all already know that's no point to compare how big Japan music market with Korea.Human always lying but number and data is a real

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Monday, 15 October 2018 18:31 posted by Conscious Pilot

    Wow...@WOTAku - You seem a tad hazy on the early days of AKB son.

    2005? Acchan didn't Center anything till 2006. The Original "Center" was Takamina (any noob knows this). Who is the only member of Generation "1.5" of AKB?? (any true fan knows this). But I digress.

    Yes, Japan is the 2nd largest Music Market (for Asian Pop groups) but you're out of context in your Japan comparison via Acchan. NO One in Japan sets Korea ablaze w/ Jpop- Yet, somehow the Koreans come over to Japan (w/ translated songs) & plant their flag?? It have Never gone both ways. Therefore Sakura is the 1st AKB (AKS system) Idol to be evaluated & train as a Korean Idol w/ & against other Korean Trainee's to earn a spot to "Debut" in a Korean Idol group. She can now become "The Korean Acchan". The 3 Idols from TWICE can't claim this because they were never Idols and started out as "Trainees" who happened to be Japanese.

    The Idol Game has changed since 2006-2013. Now, you have China 48 groups. There's like 8 Kpop groups in Japan. Everything is going INTO Japan- but what besides Video Games & Anime leaves Japan & still remains "Japanese"?? When AKI-P sets up a franchise, he tailors it to the country - When KPOP enters Japan, it still remains KPOP but w/ Japanese lyrics. Hell, TWICE released a song ALL IN ENGLISH in Japan "I want you back" (by the Jackson 5). IZ*ONE can go International (K-Con in the USA for example) And speak some English or NOT change a thing & still pack an stadium. What can HKT48/AKB48 do besides show up & look cute in any country besides Japan??

    By my last count Sakura has already made money on 4 major products: A character in a Mobile Video game, A winter clothing line, A School Uniform company (Skool-looks), & there was a Beverage as I recall (like Picari Sweat?) when Prod48 ended (I forget- I could be wrong)- That's less than 2 Months. Imagine what she'll be pushing by Jan/Feb 2019. Not to mention AKB is gonna milk her "Image" as long as they're allowed for Korean $$. Thanks for Playing

  • Comment Link Remy Tuesday, 16 October 2018 11:18 posted by Remy

    I may be naive but I don't think this is about money. It's not like she wasn't getting tons of brand promotional money in Japan or getting side work there.
    I think she's trying to make her mark in 48G by going to Korea and standing toe to toe with the k-pop idols on their own turf. And/or prove she's a force without 48G behind her.
    I don't mean to say I don't think money has anything to do with it, but I think there's more at play here than just that, at least for Sakura.

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