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Thursday, 10 January 2019 14:15

NGT48: Member involved in Yamaguchi Maho Assault Incident

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NGT48 member Yamaguchi Maho told her fans yesterday via SHOWROOM that she was attacked by two men at her residence in Niigata City on 8 December 2018.

After 1 day, NGT48 officially response to Yamaguchi Maho Assault Incident on web site, the idol group apologized to public that the incident caused turmoil, and state their theater manager Imamura Etsuro has been assisting Niigata local police's investigation in last month. 

The idol group also confirm one more male fan is related to the assault, even though he participated in. Moreover, the idol group also admit one man asked one of their member in street where Yamaguchi Maho's residence is located, though that member does not know where she lives, she told him Yamaguchi Maho's returning home schedule she speculated.

The idol group announce 3 male fans will be prohibited to participate in any group activities including LIVE, handshake event, and group event. At last, the idol group guarantee they will provide safe personal alarm to members and patrol at NGT48's cost, for preventing from similar incident happening again .

Original source: NGT48 official site

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  • Comment Link h36113 Thursday, 10 January 2019 15:01 posted by h36113

    And today they had her appologize for the trouble she caused.
    On stage.
    After TemoDemo.
    These assholes.

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Thursday, 10 January 2019 15:35 posted by Paul Cho

    My personal remarks:
    I write this post, but I find it is very strange, I wonder why a girl would tell a stranger in street that her colleague's return home time.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Friday, 11 January 2019 05:20 posted by Tuberose

    Girls are very frightening creature. The smartest ones are the purest looking ones, they know how to act as a good girl so that people will like them while the naive ones usually let their guard down. That's why it's hard for me to believe Rikahime is the culprit just like some fans speculated and the clues Mahohon gave doesn't fit her. I don't really follow NGT to know the other members' personalities but my guess it is someone close to her who knows her schedule well enough.

  • Comment Link El Bastardo De Imamura Friday, 11 January 2019 06:48 posted by El Bastardo De Imamura

    Well Maho did say it was someone who had or has a relationship and Maho told them not to go public about which that member obviously took it in anger and gave the address of Maho. The dudes did say it was someone that loves close to her, but they could have also lied. I trust Mahochan moreover some stalkers semdt by a hoe. The main reason people think it's Rika is because she never really gets punish and who else would management protect, but her? Even if it's not her a member is definitely sucking on managements dick for her not to get fired over something so serious.

  • Comment Link Joe Friday, 11 January 2019 11:05 posted by Joe

    @tuberose looks and intelligence do not go hand and hand, and "pure looking" is a bait in nature to give you more manipulation power so others cant see the bs through the fluttering eyelashes and soft cheek lines. Naive people don't let their guard down, they don't have a guard to begin with because they are pure and honest and think everyone is just like them. The more guarded someone is and how bad they think others are the likely they are not very pure at heart themselves. They gave her information because some of them are dumb kids who did somthing dumb it's called a mistake. Also we can't learn much aout them unless we know them in real life and hang around with them with friends and family because what we see on shows is them playing part of a charater based loosly on themselves mixed with who they wish they were or a classic type.

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