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Thursday, 21 June 2018 21:09

Watch SKE48 23rd Single MV "Ikinari Punch Line"

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  • Comment Link /dev/null Friday, 22 June 2018 02:12 posted by /dev/null

    The beginning reminded me of NMB48's "Ha" but quickly switches to a song with more of a Latin feel.
    I can't remember if any 48G has done a single with a strong Latin horn / guitar sound before but it is a good song and better than their last release.

  • Comment Link Hana Friday, 22 June 2018 06:09 posted by Hana

    Latin horn and guitar seemed to be pretty heavily featured in Chicken Line. Line line line.

  • Comment Link Colin Friday, 22 June 2018 09:21 posted by Colin

    I absolutely love this song. Without a doubt my favorite A-side song of the year and I see this becoming my favorite song of the year. I love it on every level. It's very very catchy and I love singing it to it already. The music is also great and flows very well. The buildup to the chorus really gets me going. I love the choreography with it. Makes me want to do it too, for the most parts. Though I don't have a partner which is sad because I also love the pairing dances. But I love watching it. I love the energy of it and that chorus line at the end is something to die for. I need this cd now and I want the mv asap. I love the retro outfits, Jurina looks cool but the other girls look so gorgeous. Visually very pleasing. It also has a great summer feeling which I love.
    This song packs the punch I was looking for and lines with what I like. Finally another SKE song I can keep on listening too. As while I love SKE, their songs usually don't do it for me. This one does everything and more.
    Hopefully I love the team songs like I do the NMB ones and AKB's team B and 8.

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Saturday, 23 June 2018 01:44 posted by Conscious Pilot

    So...Jurina dresses like a guy & ALL other members dance & look pretty behind her? Suda doesn't get any solo lines? Any other gals getting a moment to shine?? I kid when I call it Jurina48 but this is LEGIT TOO MUCH "Center"...Are all SKE A-sides like this??

    I can see her being "Center" but both opening verses where ALL Jurina solo. I remember "Must Be Now" (NMB) being ALL Sayanee' but that was 1 A-Side. Can the other gals not sing as good? Is SKE really just Jurina w/ 20 backup girls??

    The Latin thing is interesting - More than 90% of what AKB's tried in 3 years. A Tad too much Red IMO

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