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Saturday, 07 July 2018 10:25

Matsui Jurina announces Hiatus

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SKE48 official web site and irving official site announces SKE48 member Matsui Jurina is taking a hiatus due to poor health condition, she stops all activities (including SKE48, AKB48 group, agency and social media activities)  and focus on recovery.

Original source: SKE48 official site / irving official site

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  • Comment Link sa chan Saturday, 07 July 2018 10:41 posted by sa chan

    i think this is just because of heaters.....

  • Comment Link Tuberose Saturday, 07 July 2018 12:40 posted by Tuberose

    It's officially confirmed that she left Produce48 as well. Please rest well J, I pray you return to full health soon. Miss you.

  • Comment Link Momo Saturday, 07 July 2018 15:08 posted by Momo

    Jurina's "hiatus" is strange as it was announced that she would take a break from all the social networks as well. There must be something more than health going on and they don't want Jurina pressured to talk about it on the social networks. Normally, if people really were having health issues, they would be encouraged to participate in social networks as a way to improve morale and keep in touch with friends. To be forbidden social network participation, especially for someone like Jurina is totally weird.

  • Comment Link aneroph Saturday, 07 July 2018 15:08 posted by aneroph

    Seems awfully strange to quit social media for health recovery. Whatever it is she is recovering from has to be mental. Still kind of feel like she owes her fans who supported her for 10 long years to see her as center a better explanation, but I know the Japanese are always extremely private when it comes to these things, so we will never get one

  • Comment Link Ruka Saturday, 07 July 2018 15:24 posted by Ruka

    She deserves a rest, with everything she's done this year. I'm praying for her recovery. :,)

  • Comment Link yuzu Saturday, 07 July 2018 18:20 posted by yuzu

    obviously the haters broke her.. get well soon.. :'(

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Saturday, 07 July 2018 22:42 posted by Paul Cho

    I deleted your comments. I think it is not the right time to criticize her.

  • Comment Link Joe Saturday, 07 July 2018 23:47 posted by Joe

    What health issue? She doesn't have to deal with anything all the other top members have to. Sashi managed to handle 5 times as much from every possible direction so is it true that Sashi is tougher and more powerful than Jurina? Get powers trough more work and hate than Jurina ever dreamed of in her darkest nightmares. So if that is what is defeating JM then she needs to move on and find a less demanding job in entertainment. I must be something more like contract negotiations with a strike - she is in a very strong postion right now.

  • Comment Link Saachan Sunday, 08 July 2018 01:15 posted by Saachan

    I just hope she will return soon enough time to shoot the mv for her upcoming center song. Hopefully this is just a bit. Haruppi was for out quite a long time and still is- felt as if she graduted. I know that Jurina is a very strong person

  • Comment Link Tuberose Sunday, 08 July 2018 17:36 posted by Tuberose

    @Joe first of all we don't even know if it's physical health or mental or both. And you can't compare people's on this

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Thursday, 12 July 2018 00:48 posted by Conscious Pilot

    "The Haters Broke her??"....really? people been hating on this gal for almost 10 years- literally the night she gets #1 (the most ultimate "F U" to any Anti in AKB) in SSK - she suddenly broke and was like "I can't take it anymore"??..NOT a Chance! Jurina would only get Stronger!

    I have a number of "Theories" but I think the Webmaster would call them "Conspiracy" so I won't even bother.

    Lets discuss what we DO Know... Whatever it is- it's a Media Blackout. She is forbidden from "social media" so she can't even defend herself or reveal the nature of her hiatus. The Mystery is even stranger than the Hiatus.

    We know she was asked to Apologize on TV for something that seemed like a 'Nothing burger' (in hindsight) and she's been M.I.A. since after the election (basically)- Maybe she had a tantrum & hurt herself?? Maybe she had an allergic reaction to some medication (for what??) & had a accident? (Which is not
    her fault). OR...

    I secretly worry that there's a GROSS 'Underbelly' to AKS that we don't see. Where girls sign contracts or get promised things in exchange for "stuff" & in the end a lot of them just find it soul-crushing at the top. Like "Is this what I sacrificed for??" - We'll never know till we hear it from Jurina.

    I Firmly believe she deserves her day in the Sun. Even thou she's been handed so much & I think she's over-rated in the end HER FANS Bought that #1 & they deserve their 53rd Center. They deserve their "Summer of Jurina". Her fans that financial bleed & keep the lights on in AKB & SKE Deserve some level of compensation. AKS is REALLY handling this poorly.

    If you get jipped out of a 'Jurina Center'- You're most likely NOT going to Vote (or spend as much) next year on her or another Idol- like the "rain-out" on Okinawa- AKS is handling this HORRIBLY! Fans deserve Some "explanation".

    But if it's Jurina's wishes to in total Radio Silence - then that's her choice & she have to explain that to her fans.

  • Comment Link Dan-D Friday, 13 July 2018 04:31 posted by Dan-D

    Let's face it. A lot of unexplained (aka weird and maybe creepy) stuff happens in the 48 group world.

    She's taking a hiatus right after reaching the top and celebrating it with such a big smile and extreme confidence?

    I'm a relatively new fan to the idol world (about 1 year), but you have to be blind not to notice all the "background noise".

    Being an idol is tough but it's even worse when you finally get what you've been working so hard for and seeing it all go to waste.

    I'm no expert but if something/someone managed to break such a strong willed girl then I'm not so sure she'll recover. Unless it's all a cover-up for something bigger.

    It seems like reaching the top in the idol world breaks people... *cough* *cough* hirateyurina

  • Comment Link Momo Friday, 13 July 2018 12:18 posted by Momo

    Being "banned" from social networks is a punishment. For young people it is a harsh punishment. For an idol it is unbelievably harsh punishment.

  • Comment Link Ray Saturday, 14 July 2018 02:07 posted by Ray

    I don't want to speculate here on this topic. I want to follow the facts only. It has been proven that great pop stars are sponsored by the huge silent mafia that controls this planet. When the artist does not satisfy their goals, they kill him/her (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston etc). The stars sign a contract to do what they command them to do, they work for their evil purposes. The artists normally have to identify themselves in public as members of this elite and they do this by making hand-signs in their public appearances. For example they have to make a symbol of a diamond with their two hands, but the most common one is the sign of "sh sh sh or shut up" that we do with our pointer finger put over our lips. Sadly more and more of our beloved babies have started making that sign in front of the cameras, I have seen Jurina, Akarin, Oguri Yui making it and as you can see these are the girls that are being pushed strongly by management to occupy central positions. Mafia has infected all sectors of Society. We cannot deny this fact.

  • Comment Link AKB48 Lover Tuesday, 31 July 2018 21:59 posted by AKB48 Lover

    48Group makes anti-fans of everyone, especially they're on the top. I know when members are higher, they expect more until reach the highest place. This depression happens to everyone who want to leap up their growing in 48G such as Sayanee, Sakura. Yes & it happens to Jurina as well even though she's number #1 right now.

    This is the generation of social network, people put comment fast. It might affect to the Queen Jurina on the throne. I wish every is healed soon. Sometimes, being not no #1 is easier to hold this world.

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Wednesday, 01 August 2018 02:32 posted by Conscious Pilot

    @Ray (july 14th) Finally someone's touching on the 'possibility' of this being MK Ultra (Monarch Mind Control)- I'd figure SONY would be involved if this was the USA- but SONY is obvious Japanese & they control NGZK & Keyakizaki (Yurina Hirate).

    Many of you might wonder why I'm so critical of Hirate Yurina in 2018- It's because I don't think she's "Genuine". I know she's an actress & I think she's "playing a role" in Keyakizaki. I think Sony said "hey, we want an Angelina Jolie rebel artist type Idol" And AKI-P probably sold Hirate on the idea. SONY wanted a "psuedo-trans" Danso Moody Feminist Idol & AKI-P loves is experiments. He's even admitted to experimenting w/ Idol images. Paruru was an experiment & even Acchan as the 1st 'real Center' was Experimental.

    Jurina is talented & has certainly earned her reputation but is it like her to be "off the grid" like this for this long?? Has anyone "seen her"? Friends? Anyone? Even Paruru did social media from her Hospital bed & posted pics of scarred knees, burns, ect whenever she had a "medical issue". Even the stabbing at the handshake involving Kawaei Rina & (that other girl) were LESS "Secretive" - she posted pics & made appearances less than a month after.

    I sincerely hope Jurina's ok (who wouldn't?) but it's gonna get really "Stepford Wives"- If Jurina comes back & looks radically Younger or OLDER. If She's "Illuminati" (or MK Ultra) maybe she tried to harm herself so they couldn't "use her" anymore & they don't have a clone or back-up plan ready?? YES, I know it sounds very "X-Files!" (I Hope I'm Wrong!!) but this happens too often in Western Music- Why not Japan. JAY might be on to something.

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