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ORICON's 2022 Half Year Sales Ranking: Ikuta Erika's Memorial Book Sold 118k

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ORICON announces its 2022 Half Year Sales Ranking: Ikuta Erika's Nogizaka46 Graduation Memorial Book Kanon has sold 118,086 copies, and ranked No. 2 on ORICON Half Year Gravure Chart.

ORICON Half Year Gravure Chart Top 10

  1. Com. photo book TRACE: 261,161 copies
  2. Ikuta Erika Nogizaka46 Graduation Ceremonial Book Kanon: 118,086 copies
  3. Hinatazaka46 Kawata Hina 1st Photo Book: Omoide no Junban: 97,698 copies
  4. Nogizaka46 Higuchi Hina 1st Photo Book: Koibito no Yoni: 55,230 copies
  5. Nogizaka46 Kitano Hinako 2nd Photo Book: Kibo no Hogaku: 49,398 copies
  6. Sakurazaka46 Watanabe Risa Memorial Book: Dakishimetakunaru Shunkan: 48,490 copies
  7. Nogizaka46 Shinuchi Mai 2nd Photo Book: Yo ga Aketara: 35,795 copies
  8. Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! The Movie Official Visual Book: 33,132 copies
  9. 2021 THE FACT BTS Photo Book Special Edition: 30,147 copies
  10. Hirose Suzu 10th Anniversary Photo Book: Leisure Treasure: 28,747 copies
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