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Sutou Ririka Apologizes for Marriage Announcement

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NMB48 member Sutou Ririka made a public apology at the final concert of NMB48 LIVE 2017 in Summer, she said she feels sorry for her announcement in General Election which caused damage to members, staff and fans, and Sutou Ririka admitted she had hurt NMB48.

Sutou Ririka also said it is great to join NMB48, and she never lies to NMB48. At last, she said though she thinks she is an awkward person, she still wants to be the most happiest person of the world.

Another NMB48 member Kinoshita Momoka replied to Sutou Rirka, "People would like to hear how you love NMB48 rather than sorry, and it is great to hear you love NMB48". Kinoshita Momoka said she supports Sutou Ririka and asked her to keep supporting NMB48. 

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