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Stage Director SEIGO Quits Nogizaka46 Concert Production

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Hayakawa Seira vs SEIGO dispute is the hottest topic amongst Nogizaka46 fans (and many other people actually) this week, However, I must admit I still do not know the truth. Anyway, Nogizaka46 announce today that SEIGO quits Nogizaka46's concert production, Nogizaka46 will hire new stage director for the mid-summer national tour 2023.

According to Nogizaka46's statement, Nogizaka46 management has gathered the information from SEIGO himself, their idols and staffs, and it is confirmed SEIGO did using some wordings or behaviors while he guided Nogizaka46 idols, but Hayakawa Seira quoted "Kakehashi Sayaka falling from the stage was your fault" is not true. SEIGO thinks his intention was misinterpreted, so he tendered his resignation.

According to SEIGO's statement, SEIGO admits the improper use of language against Nogizaka46 idols. However, he claims he did apologize to Nogizaka46 idols and took responsibility for Kakehashi Sayaka's fell offstage on the following day, but Hayakawa Seira was taking a hiatus, she was not on site, so she misunderstood.

Original source: Nogizaka46's Tweet


  1. Nogizaka46 4th generation member Hayakawa Seira talked about SEIGO's behaviors in NHK radio show Radirer Sunday on 21 May 2023, according to Hayakawa Seira, SEIGO was a vice stage director of Nogizaka46's LIVE, and he would say something like "you ugly girl", "it is ok without you", (and some wording not allowed on broadcast) blah blah blah, during LIVE rehearsal, he even once said "Kakehashi Sayaka falling off from the stage was your fault, you deserved it".
  2. Nogizaka46 4th generation member Kakehashi Sayaka fell offstage during Nogizaka46 mid summer national tour Tokyo concert (Day 1) at Meiji Jingu Stadium on 29 August 2022, she suffered a facial fracture, got two facial lacerations, lost one tooth, and broke three teeth, and the nerves died after falling offstage. According to USB Inc.'s web site, the company participated the tour's production. 
  3. Hayakawa Seira was taking a 3 month hiatus from July to October last year.
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