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SKE48 Iriuchijima Sayaka wins Showroom x Popteen Contest

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SKE48 9th generation research student Iriuchijima Sayaka wins Showroom x Popteen Competition Contest.

  1. Iriuchijima Sayaka (SKE48 research student)
  2. Kobayashi Rina (NMB48 research student)
  3. Shobu Marin (NMB48 research student)
  4. Yokono Sumire (NMB48 research student)
  5. Horinouchi Momoka (NMB48 research student)

The above winners will appear in the magazine Popteen (2019 October issue), which will be released on 1 September 2019:

  • Iriuchijima Sayaka (1 page)
  • Kobayashi Rina + Shobu Marin (1 page)
  • Yokono Sumire + Horinouchi Momoka (1/2 page)

Note: SKE48 9th generation, NMB48 6th generation and HKT48 5th generation participated in the event.

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