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Yokoyama Yui to appear on Honda Tsubasa's CHEAT

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AKB48 member Yokoyama Yui will appear in the first episode of Honda Tsubasa's new TV drama "CHEAT Sagishi no Minasan, Gochui Kudasai", she will play a female swindler called Hosokawa Reiko, it is her first time to play the villain role. The episode will be aired on YOMIURI TV/Nippon TV on 3 October 2019.

Hoshino Saki (Honda Tsubasa) is a member of anti-swindler team CHEAT, on the other hand, she has another identity MOMO (Kisaragi Momo), who is member of an unpopular idol group. However, Hoshino Saki's idol career was not well, and then she got hired by police officer Kazuki Anzai (Kazami Shunsuke) and formed the anti-swindler team. The CHEAT team consists of a police officer Kamo Yuto (Kaneko Daichi), an ex-private detective Negishi Shun (Uesugi Shuhei), a young female hacker Maruyama Mizuki (Fukuhara Haruka) and Hoshino Saki herself.

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