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Takakura Moeka announces Graduation

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NGT48 idol Takakura Moeka announced her graduation at NGT48 Theater today (18 February 2020), her graduation live will be held on 21 March 2020, and she will leave the group on 22 March 2020.

Takakura Moeka is NGT48 1st generation member, and one of popular stars of the idol group, she joined the idol group in 2015.

Takakura Moeka passed NGT48 1st generation audition

NGT48 1st generation held their first event at Minatopia Niigata City History Museum on 21 August 2015

Since joining NGT48, Takakura Moeka was regards as one of young stars of AKB48 group, she and other AKB48 group young stars participated in AKB48 42nd single coupling track Sakki Made wa Ice Tea, and then appointed as CENTER for NGT48's first original song "Max Toki 315go" (AKB48 43rd single coupling track). She also represented NGT48 to serve CENTER position for two AKB48 single's coupling songs Midori to Mori no Undokouen (AKB48 47th single) and Tomodachi de Imashou (AKB48 51st single).

NGT48's ads and CM for JR travel brand TYO in 2016

On the other hand, Takakura Moeka served Double CENTER with Kato Minama for two NGT48 single's coupling songs "Kurayami Motomu" (NGT48 1st single) and "Ato de" (NGT48 3rd single). 

 In 2019, Takakura Moeka took a 3-month hiatus from the NGT48 activities to recovering back injury, and returned NGT48 this month (8 February 2020).


Max Toki 315go MV

Midori to Mori no Undokouen MV

Tomodachi de Imashou MV

Ato de MV

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