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Watch: Imaizumi Yui's stage combat rehearsal video

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Imaizumi Yui's upcoming stage play "Azumi Sengoku-hen" is going to run at Bunkamura Theatre Cocoon, Tokyo next week. The team revealed the stage play's stage sword fight rehearsal to press on 5 March 2020. Following is the rehearsal video:

Imaizumi Yui will play the protagonist Azumi in the stage play, which is live action stage adaptation Koyama Yo's AZUMI manga. The original series featuring the young female assassin Azumi in the early Edo period was adapted into stage play thrice, "Azumi on Stage" (by Ueto Aya) in 2005, "Azumi Returns" (by Kuroki Meisa) in 2006, and "Azumi Bakumatsu-hen (by Kawaei Rina) in 2015.

The stage play "Azumi Sengoku-hen" is scheduled to be performed at Bunkamura Theatre Cocoon, Tokyo from 14 to 29 March 2020, and at Cool Japan Park Osaka from 4 to 5 April 2020. 

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