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Matsui Jurina Confident of Victory in World General Election

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In General Election appeal video, SKE48 member Matsui Jurina has said she is confident she will win the upcoming Election, in an alternative way.

In the video, Matsui Jurina promised to her fans that she will not graduate after winning General Election, but she confessed this election is the most stressful one, therefore she said she needs to change her mindset, and then she played her TV character "Hollywood Jurina" and declared to her rivals Longspeech Yokoyama, Octopus Suda, Dotonbori Shiroma and Cherry Miyawaki that She will be the champion in upcoming World General Election.

Full translation:

"I am SKE48 Team S's Matsui Jurina. Thank you for your support. I have been able to keep up for 10 years because my fans always think I am their number one. Thank you very much indeed. They said 10th Anniversary's SKE48 is at the second golden age. So I want to lead SKE as a gold position, not bronze, nor silver. Recently they always ask me if I am going to graduate after wining the place? My answer is I will not graduate. I will keep going, and will be more active. However, actually I am very worried, it is the most stressful general election so far. But the fans keeps supporting me, I have to stop worrying. So I will let go of my worries.

Change! (Change her Hollywood Jurina costume) 

At the date of February 23rd in Aichi Gymnasium, I did not ran away not matter I was hurt and beaten, do you know why? This is because you all were there supporting me. In the following World Senbatsu General Election, I will not hide nor run. Longspeech Yokoyama, Octopus Suda, Dotonbori Shiroma and Cherry Miyawaki, the champion is me." 

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  • Comment Link Joe Sunday, 20 May 2018 00:28 posted by Joe

    I bet it is stressful - the cards are stacked in her favor, she is the top member in it and her only real rival seems to have suddenly lost what was left of her support. I think it is win or go home time for Jurina. I am rooting for Yui Y but I know it wont happen, the best she can hope for is not to slip a few spots. Jurina doesn't need to win, she has been given the center or double position in both SKE and AKB singles since she started. At least Sasshi steps back for others to shine in HKT - And I know it isnt Jurina's fault but geezh.

  • Comment Link Mike Chan Sunday, 20 May 2018 13:48 posted by Mike Chan

    lol it feels so lame she declares 1st every year and never achieves it honestly the only reason she has a higher chance this year is because she had to wait for basically all her Senpai to graduate or not participate and everyone knows if Sasshi was participating this year or if Sayanee was participating this year Jurina wouldn't stand a chance. If she wins people are going to be like "ok took you 10 years even though you received a management forced push for soooo can you now step aside and let your Kohai shine" Im honestly hopping for a huge surprise like Yuihan for 1st....thats just my opinion

  • Comment Link moonlight901 Sunday, 20 May 2018 22:12 posted by moonlight901

    I'm expecting Jurina to win but it'll be the most unimpressive victory in the history of sousenkyo. Waiting for everyone who could give her a run for the crown to leave the race, it's like saying she beat a nobody (and I don't mean any disrespect to the other members when I say this, they're just not on Jurina's level to have any chance to compete against her in the election).

  • Comment Link Bob Monday, 21 May 2018 06:10 posted by Bob

    "lol it feels so lame she declares 1st every year and never achieves it honestly the only reason she has a higher chance this year is because she had to wait for basically all her Senpai to graduate or not participate and everyone knows if Sasshi was participating this year or if Sayanee was participating this year Jurina wouldn't stand a chance."

    Jurina vs Sayanee is 6-0. that's a funny "no chance of winning"

    the only senpai who have beaten her regularly the last 4 years were Sasshi, Mayuyu and pre-scandal Yukirin.
    graduation announcement TakaMina slipped in there one more time.
    in fact THE ONLY people Jurina didn't beat are Maeda, Oshima, Sasshi, Mayuyu, Shinoda, and 2 SDN members who only participated in the very first election, Sato Yukari and Urano Kazumi.
    out of EVERY senpai in the history of the elections, those are literally the only 7 she didn't beat (that is Jurina ranked higher before they graduated or stopped participating)...

    she's beat everyone else.
    Jurina's more than earned being considered a legitimate candidate to ever be #1

  • Comment Link Joe Monday, 21 May 2018 11:25 posted by Joe

    @Bob, you are right to say she is one of the top vote getters and always has a chance to do well as she is popular. I believe the point we are making is at this point she is basically the last idol standing and it is less a contest than a foregone conclusion which makes it a hollow victory. After 10 years I say let her have her biggest day in the sun, after all she is the spoiled child of the organization so she might as well have her massive sweet 16/debutaunt party.

  • Comment Link ray Monday, 21 May 2018 19:00 posted by ray

    I actually DO NOT think it will be such a "walk in park" win for Jurina
    like everyone predict. Do I think J is going to win? Yes, but not by a lot unless Sakura's vote slip or stale. Why do you think management is continue pushing Sakura like there's no tomorrow? She is the GIRL now that Jurina is with a different managing agency.

    Where will Mayu & Sasshi's votes go to is the key as everybody already know. Last yr. when Haruupi dropped out, it did not benefit Sakura a lot. Will a lot of Sasshi's vote go to her or will fans are getting tired of her already?

    Foe me, I hope Jurina will win even though I am not a big fan. Many fans forgot when SKE was formed AKB was at its lowest point; SKE was the only sister group that went through most of the tough time with AKB. Jurina deserves it for all the yrs she put into the organization & being one of their top attraction for 10 yrs without any major controversy damaging its reputation.

  • Comment Link Joe Tuesday, 22 May 2018 09:51 posted by Joe

    @ray "where will Mayu & Sasshi's votes go" isn't really a consideration because you can expect many of them to either be less pationate and buy less ballots or maybe not vote at all - there isn't a finite number of votes that has to be divided umongst the members but is dynamic changing with the rise and fall of the passion level of their fans. Sakura doesn't look to be managements darling as much as before to me but I don't follow her so I can't say. In any case Jurina is in a class of favortism way above anyone else and by far the most favored to take top spot. Anyone who disputes it is just in denial.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Tuesday, 22 May 2018 11:07 posted by Tuberose

    @Ray: Well said, a lot of people and new fans are hating on Jurina because she is "overpushed" but they forget that SKE was created as a project to test the water if this sister group thing can work or not, that alone was a pressure. She was 11 and still in primary school but she had to carry her group on her shoulder (thank God Rena was there), she was regularly on both AKB and SKE senbatsu and events which means she had to travel back and forth so many times that I don't even know how she can survive (she fainted a lot tho)
    She was treated like a child and nobody see her as potential rival when Kami7+Sasshi was still reigning, now that all the Kami7 are gone, it is her time to shine.

    If she ranked #2 this year, I hope #1 is someone from BNK48 not someone from Japan48

  • Comment Link Joe Wednesday, 23 May 2018 23:04 posted by Joe

    She didn't "have" to carry it that is how it was booked. They gave her a top spot in all akb singles and pvs as well as an entire sister group of backgroung dancers and singers - rena was her official rival which seems to be needed for group drama, she was a stand out so they picked her. I hope nobody hates jurina for it because what else could an 11 year old do? I think sone fans wish management would spread the love more evenly. Been a fan for over 6 years which in long enough to have seen everything they produced and way to long to be called new.

  • Comment Link K119 Thursday, 24 May 2018 14:25 posted by K119

    To all of you ... who think that Jurina should have already reached the first place because of the years of management forced push.

    Do not forget that this same push brought more haters than fans to Jurina.
    And it's important to say don't forget how much this all (like the way the management has put her in the spotlight since the age of 11, the pressure to not fail, the haters and etc) has cost her psychologically and physically during all these years, before making unnecessary criticisms.

    And if you find her lame, that she declares she wants to be number one every year.
    For me, it takes a lot of courage to be like that.
    Say what you want out loud,just for people around the world see you failing and laugh at you, but still keep trying and dreaming about the possibility of achieve your goals.

  • Comment Link buzzoff Friday, 25 May 2018 06:06 posted by buzzoff


    I'm tired with those people who belittled jurina's hard work just because of her "push"

    want to admit it or not, she sells well that's why she get "push"
    and her fanbase is pretty solid in or out japan

  • Comment Link Milky Friday, 25 May 2018 18:56 posted by Milky

    Whoever thinks that she winning is the most unimpressive win ever is so wrong... have you seen how Sakura's popularity is right now in Korea? Considering these are "world senbatsu" it will allow international fans to vote. Sakura's popularity is insane so far because of Produce48. If Jurina wins, I will be super surprised and 100% glad. Sakura winning will be the most unimpressive win. Honestly everything is pointing to Sakura so far, at the beginning it was to Jurina because it was SKE's anniversary and the elections were in Nagoya but after Produce48 started and Sakura announced it to be "her last elections" the cards changed 180.

  • Comment Link Lost Saturday, 26 May 2018 12:17 posted by Lost

    @Milky Ya'll really think Sakura's fans will spend money to vote? lol They are used to voting for FREE, SPECIALLY in MNET's (Like Mama) Voting is free lol And international fans have ALWAYS been able to vote. Nothing new, How'd you thing i've been able to vote since 2011? It's only called "World Senbatsu" beacuse it will consist of the international sister groups. I really don't see a Korean fan buying at least 100 singles/tickets just to vote for Sakura. The "Last Election" statement is irrelevant to her SK fans, they like her because of Produce48 and hence will vote for her IN Produce48. I like Jurina & Sakuchan, but The real underdog is Ogiyuka in this case, don't underestimate her fans. Not to mention BNK is HUGE! Cher and Music are in it, Jurina and Sakura aren't the only ones up for the throne

  • Comment Link K119 Monday, 28 May 2018 23:20 posted by K119

    @Lost Milky may be wrong about the "world senbatsu it will allow international fans to vote".
    But she/he has a point, for Sakura, the last SSK card will have an effect as well as her popularity in SK right now.
    And this was said by the Jurina's japaneses and chineses fans themselves.
    So Sakura winning this SSK, may be more likely than Jurina........

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