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Monday, 05 November 2018 12:10

AKB48 group Announce New Project: No. 1 Singing Competition

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AKB48 have announced their new project via SHOWROOM tonight, they will hold a group singing contest "AKB48 group Kasho Ryoku No. 1 Ketteisen".

The singing competition is for members of Japanese 48 groups only, the participant can choose the song for performing, the qualification games will be held in November 2018, and the final battle will be held at Asakasa Act Theater on 11 January 2019, and live-broadcasting on CS TBS channel.

Reference: TBS official site

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  • Comment Link Imaizumi Erina Monday, 05 November 2018 12:34 posted by Imaizumi Erina

    AKS trying to prove something to haters .. " We're not bad as you ppl think of " What a way to shut the haters????

  • Comment Link Trump The Peacemaker Monday, 05 November 2018 14:48 posted by Trump The Peacemaker

    @Imaizumi Erina, More like trying out the survival show formula. A Janken tournament isn't that any different. Maybe next he'll try a Idol Ninja obstable course tournament.

  • Comment Link Imaizumi Erina Monday, 05 November 2018 16:24 posted by Imaizumi Erina

    @Trunp The Peacemaker I think Sayanee graduation has triggered mengement to find new members that have vocal power since most of 48G best singer on the brink of graduation ..

  • Comment Link qwink Monday, 05 November 2018 20:38 posted by qwink

    I'm curious about how they will go about judging this. If they use a jury people will say it's rigged. If they use voting it is just like sousenkyou 2.0

  • Comment Link Remy Monday, 05 November 2018 22:08 posted by Remy

    tbh, I'd totally watch a Idol Ninja Obstacle Course Tournament show

  • Comment Link Elvin Monday, 05 November 2018 22:55 posted by Elvin

    I think we already know who the best singers are :/ Most of them graduated without getting the recognition they deserve.
    Management knows that idol fans don't really care about vocals. They don't even give them vocal lessons for god's sake.

  • Comment Link Ray Monday, 05 November 2018 23:13 posted by Ray

    This is a great idea. Wow. It is time for the world to know who the best singers are. This will heal a lot of wounds that we the musicians have gotten from Management. My ranking so far goes like this:
    1. best 48G singer is Yokoyama Yui
    2. second place could go to Furuhata Nao or Takayanagi Akane
    3. Mukaichi Mion is at the top of my picks though she doesn't have a super voice, but she is a great interpreter
    4. Okada Nana has a great voice, great vocal power but she hasn't exploited this yet, she is a strong contender for number one position
    5. Yukirin is a great singer though I don't enjoy much her tonality
    . Warning, even though they are not seen as great singers both Ogino Yuka and Matsui Jurina could come to show how big artists they are. Sadly this competition is perfect for Takeuchi Miyu to win but I think she won't be in the group by then.
    It is gonna be a great show.
    We hope they also announce similar events about instrument playing, melody composing and song writing. We adore 48G

  • Comment Link temmy Monday, 05 November 2018 23:20 posted by temmy

    there is Sisca in JKT48 and Sheki in MNL48, if they join this competition, its gonna be awesome... AKB48 need to understand that they have sisters in overseas,

  • Comment Link Tuberose Tuesday, 06 November 2018 03:24 posted by Tuberose

    @Ray Yuihan has a beautiful tone but her voice is shaky. Tbh none of current members is a 'great' singer, good or okay but definitely not great. Still I don't really mind as they're idol not singer.

    The best 48G singers in history:
    Nishikunihara Reiko, Iwasa Misaki, Yamamoto Sayaka.

  • Comment Link Elvin Tuesday, 06 November 2018 04:25 posted by Elvin

    Most general 46G probably haven't heard of her but Yamauchi Tsubasa (former NMB) was also one of the best. She made Yoshida Akari visibly jealous of her talent, lol.
    Okada Nana would get my vote, based on listening to her sing on one of her old Showrooms.

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Tuesday, 06 November 2018 22:20 posted by Conscious Pilot

    Singing? "The Voice"? or "Masked Singer"? WOW - you're not even trying to invent your own niche'. Don't you want to wait for JYP to do "Sixteen" season 2 so he can steal whatever's left in AKB?- lol.

    It's not about the girls - it's about the Judges. If the judges are industry "pros" & have NO Idol allegiance to AKS it'll be interesting but I sense it's going to be as rigged as Jurina's Janken if AKS controls every aspect of the show.

    If this show is all about cashing in on the KPOP (or international audience) it might spell doom for any of the "Old Guard" who try to reinvent themselves- It's easier to sell a 3 New Faces than refurbish an established image- Like Mayuyu or Geesh couldn't get traction but someone like Miyu could because she's now got a NON-Japanese Only fanbase. Graduated girls who never took off have better shots because they have no baggage.

    Also what's popular about Produce48 was shaped by Koreans (as only they could vote) so a Japan type show could devolve into Spamming the vote for anything & not pick based on talent at all. While a niche' audience enjoys Hirate Yurina & Okada Nana (Dansos)- how does that translate into singing? What if it boils down to "Image"? and the current craze for producers are Skinny girls who look like the 2014-15 version of Okada Nana?? All the Sudden Komiyama Haruka becomes a 'golden ticket' because she's 20, Model Pretty, & sings effectively...all the sudden the 'coolness' of a Danso lays an egg because they'll selling "Traditional Idols".

    @Trump - They already have 'Ninja Games' in KPOP. It's called the "Idol Olympics" (or something)- girls from "Red Velvet" run races, do archery, & sports against girls from "TWICE" or "BTS" or whomever. IZ*ONE will most likely participate this Spring. (I think it's in Spring?)

  • Comment Link Tuberose Wednesday, 07 November 2018 03:31 posted by Tuberose

    @CP: hey I'm wondering how long have you been in Jpop fandom? Honestly no offense but the more you talk the more you sounds like a new fan of both Kpop and Jpop. If youre not then I offer my sincerest apology.

    AKB have been doing singing competition since long ago (for example AKBingo ep 301), AKB have a 48G Sport Festival and before that a sport competition in AKBingo too.

    You're saying things as if AKB is trying to copy Kpop stuffs when in fact P101 was a copy of 48G system with all those vote and pyramid thing (people of Pann and all discussed about this too). Btw have you heard of Last Idol? And when Trump mentioned about Ninja stuff I'm pretty sure he meant sth like Takeshi's Castle not ISAC.

    Also you've been mentioning about Danso this Danso that End of Danso era or sth about that line for who know how many times, what's your problem with Danso anyway? Could it be you were rejected by a girl once bc that girl is a homosexual who was in love with a Danso?

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