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Friday, 13 July 2018 04:55

PRODUCE 48 releases ep5 Teaser

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Who will take the No. 1 seat? Miyawaki Sakura? Yabuki Nako? Lee Kaeun?

TV show PRODUCE 48 has released the new teaser of upcoming episode 5, which will announce the trainee's ranking. The episode will be aired on 13 July 2018.

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  • Comment Link Pegasus Tuesday, 17 July 2018 17:00 posted by Pegasus

    All PD48 trainees from AKB48 that has been eliminated or left from PD48 should be awared from the beginning that its should be so since the vote rule is not fair for them. That's the fact.

    No body from their parents, their family, relatives, school mates, agency, friends..etc in Japan who can support and vote for them.
    It is interesting to see how long they will last but it doesnt matter.
    It doesnt change the fact that all of them doesnt have advantages like Ka Yeun, Wong Young, Yu Jin, etc.

    We saw too many hypocritical, cheap drama and lie here especially for "After school" Ga Yeun who already prepared from the beginning.. lucky for her that her parents, siblings, agency and friends can vote for her, not like AKB48 trainees.

    I heard Ka Yeun doesnt want to be centre? wkwkwkwk that is a big lie..
    All of them want to be the winner, not only to gain experiences bla bla bla. Say it if you want to be the 1st..!! say it when you want to be centre..!! Say it if you want to be winner.. Honesty is number one here.
    Better to choose trainees that always speake frankly and honestly without having to pretend behind the scenes..
    Be honest and say what you want.. instead of too many drama, pretend to be kind, etc ..
    When the other trainees must try to get that position and fight hard to get it.
    Ga yeun just need to wait.. she doesnt need any vote actually.
    Because she will get it without any effort.
    All trainers and producers will help her..
    They only need to scream and angry to the other trainees like Sakura, etc
    It happened to Sakura in episode 3-4. So easy to kick trainee anytime with that trick.
    1st trainer said that the current centre is no good and need to be changed.. that is why suddenly they change the centre to Sakura.. without lnowong that its actually a trap and planned..
    Time is not enough for practicing lyrics, rap and dance..
    (Practicing, dancing, singing + Rap in Korean language for such a short time is not easy)
    what happened next??
    2nd trainer said that the current centre is not good.. WTF she doesnt need to be angry with her like that.. i checked with some of my friends in some country, they are very mad with this trainers..
    At the end they got what they want after sabotage that team.
    Now they only need to do this trick again in next episodes. We'll see.
    I will not surprise if its happened..
    When we saw the 1st avengers team result, someone uploaded avengers video that only focus on Sakura..the result is 2,5 million hit in such a short time..

    Note this : its very very important that
    In the next PD48 / 101 session Mnet must not invite any actress who has already debuted in this 101 or 48 whatever program if they insist to use the current unfair rule.
    Including great actress from Japan like Miyawaki Sakura, if in fact only to hurt their hearts and make her cry. They also hurt the hearts of the Japanese people.
    I call it "Fair Rule" number one !
    No actress who has debuted ... at all. Full 100% trainee.. no After school.. no fromis 9's .. no questions !!!

  • Comment Link hmnd Wednesday, 18 July 2018 08:31 posted by hmnd

    I don't know any Produce48 contestant with the name Ga Yeun or Ka Yeun? Are you watching the same show that I watch? :)

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