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Friday, 13 July 2018 14:24

Billboard announces 2018 Mid-Year Sales Report: AKB48 reigns Best-Selling Music Artist

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Billboard JAPAN has released its 2018 mid-year sales report which were compiled between 1 January 2018 to 1 July 2018. Japanese idol group AKB48 have taken the first place in the best-selling artist ranking by total sales of 5.5 billion yen in first half of 2018, it was followed by Nogizaka46 with 2.8 billion yen, and Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE with 1.96 billion yen.

TOP 10 Best-Selling Album in First Half of 2018

1. Bokutachi wa, Ano Hi no Yoake wo Shitteiru (AKB48): 614 thousand copies
2. FACE YOURSELF (BTS): 330 thousand copies
3. Finally (Amuro Namie): 323 thousand copies
4. GR8EST (Kanjani8): 318 thousand copies
5. Yummy!! (Kis-My-Ft2): 242 thousand copies
6. Everybody!! (WANIMA): 237 thousand copies
7. FUTURE (Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE): 215 thousand copies
8. Hatsukoi (Utada Hikaru): 207 thousand copies
9. Yuming kara no, Koi no Uta. (Matsutoya Yumi): 189 thousand copies
10. Hashiridasu Shunkan (Hiragana Keyaki): 165 thousand copies

TOP 10 Best-Selling Single in First Half of 2018

1. Teacher Teacher (AKB48): 2.923 million copies
2. Synchronicity (Nogizaka46): 1.388 million copies
3. Ja-Ba-Ja (AKB48): 1.263 million copies
4. Glass wo ware! (Keyakizaka46): 1.089 million copies
5. Cinderella Girl (King & Prince): 0.701 million copies
6. Find The Answer (ARASHI): 0.463 million copies
7. Muishiki no Iro (SKE48) 0.455 million copies
8. Candy Pop (TWICE) 0.39 million copies
9. Wake Me Up (TWICE) 0.383 million copies
10. Lemon (Yonezu Kenshi) 0.335 million copies

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  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Friday, 13 July 2018 15:40 posted by Conscious Pilot

    Uh-oh...TWICE is in the Top 10...TWICE. That Keyaki46 song at #4 & then Hirate Rina wasn't around to help promote it?? What was that? Good thing Neru is there to keep Idol fans engaged.

    Nogazaki46 is a solid group. I like some of their stuff. I like that they aren't creepy & emo moody like Keyaki. Someone told me the Idols in AKB48 wanted to be more in NGZK46 than AKB...because AKB is BORING the way AKI-P is 'doing things' (2017 was almost "Dinner Theater"). They look at EVERY Other group & exciting things are happening in the fandom & song choices.

    AKB48 pulled out a win w/ "Teacher Teacher" & YuiYui w/ Team 8 enthusiasm could save the rest of the year & build for 2019 BUT AKI-P is just gonna collect your cash & go back to a "Sentimental Train" w/ a Center that isn't even there!! while KPOP continues it's Japan Assault (for the 2nd Summer).

    Perfect Storm: September- TWICE has an Arena tour of Japan, Produce48's Group Single will Release & BLACK PINK starts their 2nd Japan tour...and where is AKB's #1???

    NOTE!!! Jurina is totally INNOCENT in this- The poor girl exhausted herself keeping 2 Girl Groups "fired up". I'll never blame her for this. AKI-P never had a "Rainy Day" plan for who to push in AKB when Jurina left. P48 will steal Sakura & Yubuki & Miyu and Suda Akari will should both AKB & SKE and Sayanee & Sasshi will have to hang-on any Grad announcements because AKB48 needs to REBUILD FAST.

    Juri & Mako could lead BUT after seeing how stuffs done in KPOP (Mako is ranked 12th in P48) it's like leaving the Big City for the Country. You could get Saho, KomiHaru, YuiYui & Rika (NGT) to lead maybe but you gotta stepup the Music/Dance to Kpop levels to remain competitive w/ TWICE & now P48. You can't rely on Gimmicks, Dansos, & Girl power (Hirate Yurina cross-dressing fanbase) to save you in 201. He Must Go BACK to the 2010-11 WELL w/ fresh MODERN Song sounds, Bikini's or Sexy outfits, & Performance Visuals...and dare we say "VISUALs" appealing to the Idol Otakus. That will get you 3 Million sales...and the election probably helped.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Saturday, 14 July 2018 17:23 posted by Tuberose

    ^Look at the best selling album, BTS is right there behind AKB. In "album"! Proving that Kpop is slowly but surely reigning over Jpop.

    Anyways, what you said about Nogi being less boring than AKB is actually a matter of taste. This time Aki-p switched their songs, but look at those people still complaining because "Oh no AKB sounds like Nogi!", in the end it's the group's image.
    What AKB fans want is not a song like Nogi's but 1) Kami song that sounds like Jpop era 2010 - if you're old fans 2) A truly modern hit song that sounds almost identical to Kpop but can attract young Japanese - if you're new fans.

    Also AKB need to find a powerful ace like Jurina-Sakura (but J is old and they're both not from AKB they're carrying their own groups' rather than AKB), Naachan is good but she's now a part of STU and her image is not of traditional AKB. After watching P48, I hope Aki-p and the management will super push Moekyun, she has that X Factor weirdly reminds me to Acchan-Yuko-Paruru. Yuiyui and Mion are cute and all but they're kinda bland, they're like Yukirin or Tomochin definitely front girl but not center material.

    Tbh, I'm wondering what will happen if the older girls like Maiyan-Nanase-Sayurin-Misamisa graduated from the group because of age and Ikuchan decided to pursue a solo career? Can Asuka and Miona (or maybe Yoda and Momoko) carry the group? Or will they crumble like AKB when most of Kami7 and the supposedly-new-aces like Kawaei and Paruru graduated?

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