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Would You Accept Taniguchi Airi's Love Confession

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If Sakurazaka46 3rd generation star Taniguchi Airi was your neighbor, and one day, that kawaii idol prepared a love bento lunch box for you and confessed her love to you, would you accept it?

The week's When You Turn There, Sakurazaka? featured Sakruazaka46 idols' Bento Confession Championship, and Taniguchi Airi, Ishimori Rika, Odakura Reina and Inoue Rina were the competitors.

That three idols prepared their love bento and confessed their love to Mr. Sawabe Yu (The host).

Generally, no Taniguchi Airi's buddies would believe their oshimen's love confession would be rejected, but..., Mr. Sawabe Yu rejected her (rejected Inoue Rina's too, did not response to Ishimori Rika's, he only accepted Odakura Reina's).

By the way, Inoue Rina's love bento was Chinese cuisine, can she cook?! I think she has taste disorder.

Personal remarks: I think it is because the show arranged a (little bit) creepy character for Taniguchi Airi, she played a weird (stalker?) and short tempered girl. However, I think the winner should be Ishimori Rika. 

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