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Matsui Rena joins cast of I SHARED MY HUSBAND

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Former SKE48 member Matsui Rena joins the cast of YTV TV drama "I SHARED MY HUSBAND".

Morishita Harumi (Koike Eiko) lives with her husband Amaya Kyohei (Hirayama Hiroyuki), but they had not officially registered their marriage. One day, she received a call from that police that her husband was killed by two males, while she arrived the hospital where her husband was sent to, she found there were females Ogura Kanako (Ryo) and Fujimiya Akane (Okamoto Rei) who claimed they were Amaya Kyohei's wife , and both of them had not registered their marriage like Morishita Harumi...

Matsui Rena plays the fourth wife Sawano Eri in the TV drama, unlike Amaya Kyohei's other three wives,  she is pregnant.

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