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Monday, 20 May 2019 07:49

Man arrested after alleged death threats against Ogino Yuka

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A jobless Japanese male who had made death threats against NGT48 member Ogino Yuka to media, has been arrested today (20 May 2019).

The suspect Domoto Kazuki (24-year old) had faxed an A4 size death threat letter to Japanese medias and Niigata local government offices on 9 May 2019. 

Screencap from BSN News

Reference: Nikkan Sports

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  • Comment Link Tuberose Monday, 20 May 2019 16:52 posted by Tuberose

    No matter how much you dislike someone, killing them is not the answer. Moreover if that someone had no idea of your existence.

  • Comment Link Jolly_Roger Monday, 20 May 2019 21:29 posted by Jolly_Roger

    Calling this subhuman creature a "man" is an insult to the term. No real man would ever threaten a female like this, especially a young and innocent young woman like Yuka. How do these filth justify such nutless dishonorable behavior is beyond me.

  • Comment Link Joe Tuesday, 21 May 2019 19:07 posted by Joe

    @Reader, you taught me that in Japan men can do anything they want against a woman and get away with it. Why did they bother to arrest this man? Surly if your theroy is true he will walk away Scott free so why bother? Maybe they haven't done an internet search for bazaar and unusual cases and found one where a man ate his female coworker and got off because he landed in front of a nut ball judge, since that is as close to what happened here as the case you outlined related to Maho's.

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