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Sunday, 15 October 2017 11:51

Is Re:Mind a ReMake?

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Hiragana Keyaki's first TV drama "Re:Mind" first episode has been delivered on Netflix last Friday. The story starts as 11 high school students woke up around a table in a trapped room, and they found themselves chained at the ankle to the ground...

However, you may find the drama's story and theme are very similar to another drama "Re;Mind" (2011), the 12-episode drama was about 11 people and 1 dog were locked in a room, and those people did not remember why they were there, moreover they found themselves chained at the ankle...

Let's take a look at the trailer of Re;Mind below:

So a question arose in my mind: Is Re:Mind a remake of the 2011 drama?

I am sorry I can not give an answer here, so far what I can find is that "Re;Mind" (2011) was a project of Keyakizaka46's producer Akimoto Yasushi and produced by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, the drama was consisted of 12 episodes, total 120 minutes, it was delivered on Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications' life.episode in 2011.

I Guess Everything Reminds You of Something by Ernest Hemingway

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