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Thursday, 21 June 2018 23:20

Ogino Yuka talks about AKB48 General Election

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NGT48 member Ogino Yuka opened a Showroom LIVE after AKB48 World General Election, the 4th place winner explained why her speech was so quick in the event, because the staff kept reminding her not enough time, she also thanked AKB48 1st generation's achievement which gave her the honor to stand on the stage of Nagoya Dome. 

Ogino Yuka told fans she will keep working after General Election because she wants to set up a good sample for D3 and younger generations. On the other hand the NGT48 member admitted she is just nobody, and not recognized by fans or other people, she is just the one who gets No. 1 at AKB48 General Election Preliminary results, but she will become braver and stronger to lead NGT48, and if one day she lost her mind by stress, she said she hopes the fans would just find it funny. 

Ogino Yuka also expressed her concern about AKB48 group future, she said AKB48 were great in Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko era, but after their graduation, she admitted old fans is not quite interested in AKB48 anymore, and now Sakamichi series is very popular, she suggested AKB48 should break the tradition and adapted to the situation, and make those fans back to AKB48, or at least those fans will have a expectation for new generation, she admitted she may not be qualified to say such thing, but she addressed if the members do not have this awareness, she worries about the future of the group.

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  • Comment Link Tuberose Friday, 22 June 2018 03:52 posted by Tuberose

    Younger fans might appreciate her suggestion but like I've mentioned before, the older fans are the ones who kept 48G in doing new concepts and they're the ones financially supporting 48G. See how much hate Teacher Teacher received for being influenced by Kpop? (tho it sounds like Jpop to me)
    I strongly believe that it's still much safer to try the newer concept in sub-unit formations. It's time for 48G to let International fans contribute

  • Comment Link Joe Friday, 22 June 2018 09:41 posted by Joe

    @tuberose I agree besides it isn't as simple as because two members left now we lost interest. Most of the original members we first got the know, support and love are gone but new members could easily fill their space if given the chance. The problem is the song quality has gone way down. Give them the cool songs that the 46 groups are getting and they will out sell them every time.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Friday, 22 June 2018 17:29 posted by Tuberose

    Song quality thing can be relative tbh, there's some songs that I'd say great enough to be a Kami song but sometimes the center or the story line of the PV ruined it (Like Negaigoto would be damn awesome if Sayanee or Mayukirin or Naachan or Miyu center it, Shoot Sign won't sound so bad if it wasn't for their Wrestling show, Jyabaja would be great if the song was 1.5x faster in tempo). I often found a c/w with A-side quality as well but bc the members perfoming them are actually fit the song's image.

  • Comment Link yada Saturday, 23 June 2018 01:20 posted by yada

    in my own opinion, the latest songs of AKB which is catchy and good is High Tension, even tho I am not a paruru oshi. The arrangement is neat, it is also easy to follow (except the "rap", lol). For other song after that, i think they have lack of appeal since the power is not on the sound, but on the concept: Shoot Sign - Wrestling, Negaigoto - farewell of good and peaceful times (in a sooon to be abandoned elementary school), #sukinanda - make up for Okinawa sousenkyo mess, 11gatsu - mayuyu's farewell (this is quite good tho, but somehow it is not as catchy as High Tension), Jabaja - to be honest i dont get it.. cheer up song for Nana after she admitted that she was depressed?, teacher-teacher - the K-Pop influence, but i agree with Tuberose above.. it still J-Pop afterall..

    Thus, i wonder, will we be more pleased if the 48G upcoming songs is made using concepts like they use in Hebirote or Manatsu no Sound Good times?

  • Comment Link Tuberose Saturday, 23 June 2018 16:19 posted by Tuberose

    High Tension is definitely a Kami song for me (and it will be performed in P48!), and Shoot Sign (Kojiharu's sexy voice ftw) is also one of my fav songs tho the concept sucks, for Negaigoto I actually like it but it's not suited for Summer song. Tbh any Summer song with bikini usually will be a kami song ngl, idky but I think Aki-p also put more effort into the song? Like it's super happy.
    48G really ace it when it comes to fast-paced happy dance song, so yeah they should go back to that kind of concept.

  • Comment Link minaminatakamina Tuesday, 26 June 2018 04:58 posted by minaminatakamina

    AKB48 is already dead. Yasushi doesn't care about them anymore. I mean, he does, but only as much as he cares about the other groups he runs. Mark my words, he will change the banner name for all the groups to Produce 48. They already made a show for it. Give it a year or two and you will be watching the Produce 48 World General Elections instead of AKB48. The whole point of the groups was "Idols you can meet" It's literally the tagline. As Yasushi makes more groups, people in those areas start liking those girls because they can drop in the concert hall more often, go to handshake events without begging for a day off from work, or possibly have a chance to run into them at a local restaurant. It's just natural that they lose main power of the other groups. Also, These groups thrive on new members anyways. They want you to choose your favorite girl, only one, and do everything you can to support her, meet her, shake her hand, write fan mail, follow her on social media, and basically pretend like she is your bestie/girlfriend. Once your favorite girl graduates it leaves a hole that is hard to fill. For me, my oshimen was Takamina. She worked so hard to achieve her dreams and help others to achieve theirs and when she spoke honestly from her heart it was like she was describing who I was. How do I pick a new girl after she left? AKB just wasn't the same for me anymore once she was gone. Instead, I'll follow her on Twitter and continue watching her career flourish. If Yasushi were smart, he would start hiring some new song writers and doing everything he can to bring all the groups into the new generation to grab new fans because once these girls graduate they take hundreds of thousands of fans with them.

  • Comment Link yada Wednesday, 27 June 2018 13:21 posted by yada

    "...everybody's changing and i dont feel the same..."


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