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Sunday, 21 April 2019 12:09

Yamaguchi Maho Finally Decides to Leave NGT48

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The fate of Yamaguchi Maho at NGT48l has finally been decided, today.

NGT48 Team G vice captain Yamaguchi Maho and two other Team G members (Hasegawa Rena, Sugahara Riko) announced graduation during the team's final performance at NGT48 Theater on 21 April 2019, and Team G will be disbanded. The 3 idols will leave AKB48 group next month, their last handshake event will be on 6 May 2019, and their graduation live will be on 18 May 2019.

Yamaguchi Maho told her fans on 8 January 2019 that she had been assaulted by two men at her department in December 2018. However, Yamaguchi Maho then was forced to make a public apology by NGT48's management company AKS, though she is a victim of the incident.

AKS' victim-blaming treatment aroused criticism from the group fans, medias, TV commentators and even overseas medias. Under public pressure, AKS "tried" to handle the incident, but what they did failed to meet Yamaguchi Maho and people's expectations, and the idol group lost Niigata local government, organization and their sponsors' support in last few months.  

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  • Comment Link keyakiwhy Sunday, 21 April 2019 12:19 posted by keyakiwhy

    more like NGT48 finally got rid of Yamaguchi Maho and decided to start over without them

  • Comment Link Who Sunday, 21 April 2019 12:32 posted by Who

    Ngt48 and their management is trash. They handled this the wrong way and I hope they disband and try again.

  • Comment Link Jerry Sunday, 21 April 2019 12:51 posted by Jerry

    Felt that coming but kudos to Riko and Rena for sticking up for their friend. I hope Rena's involvement in Produce48 will spread this whole situation more into Korea. Now NGT48 Management will still have to deal with a mess on their hands since the members who indirectly had a hand in this are still members.

  • Comment Link sorasan Sunday, 21 April 2019 13:29 posted by sorasan

    The fans will moan but to NGT management, they will most likely be thinking Good Riddance ... now that the thorn is gone ... blar blar

  • Comment Link Tuberose Sunday, 21 April 2019 13:43 posted by Tuberose

    I have to say goodbye to NGT now, can't they just transfer Rikahime to NMB and make her a member of Queentet?

    @Jerry Rena wasn't that popular and SK is already messy with the prostitute scandals

  • Comment Link BSpearman Sunday, 21 April 2019 13:48 posted by BSpearman

    No no no no no no no no no no no ????????????????????????

  • Comment Link Baron Sunday, 21 April 2019 14:00 posted by Baron

    I can’t believe she’s leaving, after everything she’s done, those people couldn’t stand up to her after she got attacked. I hope and pray that whoever hurt Maho will ROT IN HELL

  • Comment Link JusticeFor48G Sunday, 21 April 2019 18:08 posted by JusticeFor48G

    NGT is not just one person. Stop focusing on just Maho. Feel sorry for the other members who were wrongly accused. If you don't like 48G and AKS listen to K-Pop (this issue is nothing compared to the shit those companies do). Real fans will stick around and be happy that this mess is over with.

  • Comment Link lol Sunday, 21 April 2019 18:10 posted by lol

    Paul you are too bias in your coverage of this. Feel free to delete this comment, but stop assuming everything is black and white and AKS is evil and Maho is perfect.

  • Comment Link Old AKB Oshii Sunday, 21 April 2019 18:30 posted by Old AKB Oshii

    'This issue is nothing' 'Real fans stick around and be happy THIS MESS its over' ,
    Wait I think I have heard that tone before.. KPOP FAN DEFENDING BIAS..there you go..DNA Match found...ha ha ho and look at him acting all tough and defending J-Pop from J-pop fans. Learn to understand that majority of Japan and TRUE 48G fans are nowhere near done with such a heinous crime gone unpunished .Get your act straight or go back where you came from and start indulging with your imaginary bias date fantasies.

  • Comment Link Jerry Sunday, 21 April 2019 18:44 posted by Jerry

    @Tuberose. You are right, I remembered that Korea is going through the prostitute scandals after I posted my previous comment.

  • Comment Link yy Sunday, 21 April 2019 19:35 posted by yy

    I do not follow NGT, that's why I stay away from the whole discussion. But I find a couple of comments ridiculous.

    "If you don't like 48G and AKS listen to K-Pop. Real fans will stick around and be happy that this mess is over with."

    When have 48G & AKS represent the entire Jpop? They had been the top idol group for many yrs in Japan but that does not mean they are Jpop. Even Nogi46 which is now the new champ in the J idol world does not represent the entire Jpop industry. As for this "Real Fan" label, just because not everyone see the same way as you do; JusticeFor48G; that doesn't mean they don't love the 48G. Your assumption is just arrogant.

    "Stop assuming everything is black and white and AKS is evil and Maho is perfect."

    Please provide some FACTS that Yamaguchi Maho have done something to justify this attack. I don't care if she is not perfect because no one is. From everything I read; Eng, Jap & Chi news & blog sites, no one mention anything about Maho caused this attack herself. As for AKS; I don't like AKS, haven't been for a long time.

  • Comment Link Ryuu Sunday, 21 April 2019 19:41 posted by Ryuu

    So basically NGT48 is going back from scratch after this?, well good freaking luck with that seeing as they (NGT48 Mgmt.) have shown no credibility in the past few months, almost no sponsors to date and the Niigata local government not wanting anything to do with them anymore because they don't trust the management lol!

  • Comment Link Zo Sunday, 21 April 2019 20:16 posted by Zo

    They left at the right time, NGT is nothing but a black mark in the industry now because of poor management.

  • Comment Link Jolly_Roger Sunday, 21 April 2019 21:42 posted by Jolly_Roger

    Such morons here. A young woman is assaulted in her own home by some filthy subhumans and not only to police do nothing but her own management forces her to apologize for causing "trouble" because she wanted the same justice anyone else is entitled to. Is it legal to physically assault people in Japan? No? Then where do any of you get off on blaming anyone but Niigata police, prosecutors, and NGT/AKS? Maho has to end her career... what punishment have the scum who attacked her gotten? None. What punishment went to the manger(s) who forced her to apologize and refused to do anything get? Relocation to another job within AKS. This whole situation is a travesty of justice plain and simple.

  • Comment Link londonakbfan Sunday, 21 April 2019 22:38 posted by londonakbfan

    Seeing how everything happened, i am disappointed. I wish maho would stay but i understand. As fan of the ntg48 and 48 as a whole we have to give aks a chance to make it better than before.

    Me personally my oshis are sakura and Moeka. Both look young (moeka is hot for a 16yr old). and sakura was hot at that age too.

    The same way i support them, we ALL should support Maho to the fullest!

  • Comment Link kinako Sunday, 21 April 2019 23:08 posted by kinako

    I have extremely mixed feelings about Maho announcing graduation, esp with those two members involved in her attack, still gainfully employed. But I've turned this over and over in my mind... and don't think Mahohon had much choice.

    Ideal scenario (IMO)... Those Two are removed from the group; other members who broke the rules reprimanded and/or asked to graduate... Maho is apologized to, and stays. This is the dream outcome... but it isn't going to happen.

    Say mgmt allowed all of them to stay in, with this goofy reboot... despite all being KKS again it'd be farce to think there wouldn't be animosity between Those Two and Mahohon... which would bleed into their work eventually. So unless she stayed in and They left, Maho herself couldn't be confident she wouldn't be the target of another attack. Remember the sewer-rat scumbags who enabled Those Two to do what they did with abandon, are still out there -- with Bunshun at their disposal.

    So less that happening -- and AKS's refusal to give Maho even a simple direct personal apology, due to *them losing face*... Maho's best way forward, is to start over outside the toxic swamp of NGT and AKS.

    I think @Zo, @Ryuu above said it well... NGT, despite this mindless reboot, will never gain the credibility it once had, at least not in my eyes. Your character is determined by your actions... and every step of NGT/AKS mgmt's path thru this mess, has been disgraceful and deserving of every yen they've lost.

  • Comment Link seertotep Sunday, 21 April 2019 23:55 posted by seertotep

    Glad she finally left and graduating from this rotting group. Hope for the best for her and her friends. NGT48 should clean up the group for real if they really want to continue. The main culprit was not punished at least make her quietly leave the group.

  • Comment Link Joe Monday, 22 April 2019 01:54 posted by Joe

    This illustrates the power of fear and how destructive cowerdice can be. AKS management isn't evil and didn't act out of malice, they were and always are afraid of how fans will react, not just to this incident but all the time. They live in constant fear of those who they most target as fans the wotas so much so that in thus case it became a self fulfilling of epic scale that brought the whole ship down. If you analyze this whole mess and view it in the larger context of love bans, forced graduations and bezar press conferences over the years you see clearly that they are goverened by fear rather than courage, abandoment instead of protection and control instead of nurturing.

  • Comment Link akai seigo Monday, 22 April 2019 11:46 posted by akai seigo

    seems AKS never learn what happened to Kawaei and Iriyama years ago.

  • Comment Link depressedsalmon Wednesday, 24 April 2019 02:27 posted by depressedsalmon

    No point sticking around for people who blames her for everything because it "causes a bad image to the group". Japanese's (or any other country's) culture of prioritising face value or image above all else is really bad when it comes to handling situations like this. Like telling the truth or just handling it better is less of an option to the management, instead they choose to dismiss people, hoping the situation to calm down, or downright silencing the person involved. Now the situation got out of control because they didn't expect for Maho to continue to speak about it. Oh man, i hope she lives a peaceful life after this.

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