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Friday, 26 April 2019 11:06

Yamaguchi Maho Handshake Event New Arrangement: Chat Only

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Japanese idol group NGT48 update the official site about their handshake event related arrangement, one of the posts mentions their member Yamaguchi Maho will chat with fans only, and she will not handshake in her upcoming 2 handshake event on 5 May 2019 and 6 May 2019.

Original source: NGT48 official site

Reference: ORICON News / TV Asahi / modelpress / Sponichi Annex

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  • Comment Link SteveAJones Friday, 26 April 2019 13:01 posted by SteveAJones

    NGT 48 has become absolutely disgusting. I cannot support them any longer.

  • Comment Link akai seigo Friday, 26 April 2019 14:14 posted by akai seigo

    what i worry are the trolls online.

  • Comment Link Nick Friday, 26 April 2019 15:07 posted by Nick

    It might be because she's scared, like Kawaei after the Saw incident. I would too, shit... Didn't they say the 2 males that assaulted her were in the audience at one of the ngt lives? That's fuxked up... Ah if it was America everyone would of been like BOOM BOOM you dead now.

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Friday, 26 April 2019 15:32 posted by Paul Cho

    Please note: I slightly change your wordings.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Friday, 26 April 2019 17:41 posted by Tuberose

    @Nick that's the first thing came to my mind. I'm sure some delusional fans blame her for ruining NGT

  • Comment Link kinako Friday, 26 April 2019 20:02 posted by kinako

    @akai @Nick -- this is why we can't have nice things like idols or handshakes or air travel w/o security theatre. And right now? The US 'brand' IMO is at its lowest point in history, esp when comes to nutcases attacking innocents -- lots of police, our gov't officials and even the POTUS, included in those nutcases. We never have, and will never, foster the social structure to make such events even plausibly safe for idols. But I digress...

    Maho no doubt learned the double-edged nature of 'wotadom' and the web -- and its often wealthy-but-sewer-rat underbelly. It's no surprise she's increasing security -- and I don't feel her fans nor the general public will blame her at all for the decision. She's been through so much already.

  • Comment Link Joe Friday, 26 April 2019 21:50 posted by Joe

    That is a reasonable precaution and is for her protection, we have seen how unpredictable fans can be and with so much surrounding her it can attract some off balanced fans.

  • Comment Link seertotep Saturday, 27 April 2019 09:37 posted by seertotep

    This looks like a very cheap shot from AKS but looking at some comments here it makes sense.

  • Comment Link Watee Taksana Monday, 29 April 2019 08:33 posted by Watee Taksana

    No culprit, no problem.
    until someone say the truth, japanese fans still
    support without question (maybe not my idol).

    So, I think NGT do a good move for business, let it go. Get rid of the problem and use time to clear the memory is the best way to make money.

    I don't think Japanese fans can do anything. they will support(pay!!) and forget everything.

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