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Sunday, 11 March 2018 17:01

Ikoma Rina declines New Single Center position offer

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Nogizaka46's 20th single "Synchronicity" will be released on 25 April 2018, because the single will be their member Ikoma Rina's last single, as so-called "Face of Nogizaka46", she was expected to take the center position.... but, the line-up were announced tonight, Shiraishi Mai was appointed the center position, instead of Ikoma Rina. 

According to Japanese newspaper Nikkan Sports and Asahi Shimbun, actually Nogizaka46's producer Akimoto Yasushi planned to let Ikoma Rina be the center, but she refused the offer for the good of the idol group, she thinks this single is significant to Nogizaka46, because it is the single after the group getting their first Grand Prix at Japan Record Awards. Moreover, the single's theme is not match with graduation.


Nogizaka46's 20th single "Synchronicity" has been used as the latest CM song for Japanese brand suit Haruyama's latest campaign "P.S.FA Freshers Campaign".

Pre-order Nogizaka46's 20th single "Synchronicity" on CDJapan:

Synchronicity / Nogizaka46
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  • Comment Link Tuberose Monday, 12 March 2018 02:40 posted by Tuberose

    Wise. Reminds me to Mayuyu when she refused the center position in Uza, no wonder they're good friend.

  • Comment Link Jason Chen Monday, 12 March 2018 08:29 posted by Jason Chen

    That was honorable of her but I still would have loved her to center her last single as a member....

    @Tuberose Mayuyu and Ikoma's situations are not the same. I dont think it was ever confirmed that Mayu approached management refusing her W-Center for UZA. It was only revealed that she was suppose to W-Center with Jurina and she couldn't master the dance and was the replaced by Yuko.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Monday, 12 March 2018 11:59 posted by Tuberose

    Im not sure myself if Mayuyu refused or was replaced haha.
    Ikoma probably will get a solo/grad song so it's okay.

  • Comment Link Lazwein Monday, 12 March 2018 18:12 posted by Lazwein

    When almost every graduate member got center position for upcoming single and solo song, she decide to refuse center position. Dare to be different, beside even without becoming the center most people will remember that once upon a time there is someone known as face of nogizaka named ikoma rina

  • Comment Link Milky Monday, 12 March 2018 21:14 posted by Milky

    Mayu didn't refuse it. She got replaced by Jurina because she couldn't keep on the dance. The original center of UZA was Mayu and Yuko. Just like @Jason Chen said just swapping members tho.

  • Comment Link Bob Thursday, 15 March 2018 21:22 posted by Bob

    "When almost every graduate member got center position for upcoming single and solo song, she decide to refuse center position."

    two members got a graduation single.
    not "almost every".

    and those 2, despite what foreign fans recognize (especially in the case of Fukagawa Mai), were 2 of the most popular members at the time of their graduation (literally within the top 5 members in popularity)

    and the simple fact is, Ikoma isn't. period. thats not hating on Ikoma, thats just being realistic.
    on Japanese fan forums, there isn't a big drama about her not getting a graduation center spot. most of the noise on Japanese forums is people cheering Shiraishi finally getting another solo center. that tells you a lot.

    this single is 21 spots, and you can easily list 25-26 girls (meaning some didn't even get in the senbatsu) who have been selling better than Ikoma in handshake tickets.

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