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Saturday, 13 October 2018 01:50

NO WAY MAN Handshake Sales tell you who are New Handshake Queens

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AKB48 54th single "NO WAY MAN" Theater Edition Handshake Event's 3rd round Application is due, so, who are the new AKB48 handshake queens, after Miyawaki Sakura and Yamamoto Sayaka?

The best sellers are AKB48 next generation ace Oguri Yui, and AKB48 top members Okada Nana and Kashiwagi Yui, all their handshake tickets are sold out, followings are each group's top sellers' sales statistic:


Okada Nana (36 slots all sold out)
Kashiwagi Yuki (20 slots all sold out)
Murayama Yuiri (26/36 slots sold out)
Yamauchi Mizuki (4/24 slots sold out)
Mukaichi Mion (2/36 slots sold out)


Yahagi Moeka (22/24 slots sold out)

Team 8

Oguri Yui (36 slots all sold out)
Okabe Rin (16/30 slots sold out)
Kuranoo Narumi (14/33 slots sold out)
Sakaguchi Nagisa (3/30 slots sold out)
Ota Nao (2/30 slots sold out)
Oda Erina (2/25 slots sold out)


Suda Akari (14/31 slots sold out)


Jo Eriko (10/37 slots sold out)
Shiroma Miru (5/36 slots sold out)
Jonishi Rei (3/18 slots sold out)
Umeyama Cocona (3/18 slots sold out)
Yamamoto Ayaka (2/18 slots sold out)
Umemura Azusa (2/18 slots sold out)


Sashihara Rino (6/20 slots sold out)
Tashima Meru (4/24 slots sold out)
Matsuoka Hana (3/24 slots sold out)
Moriyasu Madoka (3/24 slots sold out)
Unjo Hirona (2/23 slots sold out)


Nishigata Marina (7/30 slots sold out)


Ishida Chiho (12/30 slots sold out) 
Iwata Hina (7/24 slots sold out)
Yabushita Fu (7/30 slots sold out)
Takino Yumiko (2/36 slots sold out)

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  • Comment Link Someone48 Saturday, 13 October 2018 03:33 posted by Someone48

    IMO it's too early to come to conclusion.
    Sales are not over yet, and those can still evolve a lot
    Better wait for end of resale results.

  • Comment Link ... Saturday, 13 October 2018 09:44 posted by ...

    no one deserves title HS queen now that sayanee is graduating, not even sakura (and she wouldn’t be there anyway) it’s really ironic knowing no one managed to sold out at first round after sayanee stopped participating in AKB HS

  • Comment Link Joe Saturday, 13 October 2018 11:07 posted by Joe

    Is there a cost difference? Sasshi's number seems kind of low.

  • Comment Link candid Saturday, 13 October 2018 12:47 posted by candid

    Whoever it turns out to be, they've got some very big shoes to fill. Sayanee would usually sell out all her slots in the first round for both AKB and NMB, sometimes almost at the same time so she'd clear 50 to 60 total slots in a flash (even more if there were special stages).

    Speaking of which, looks like management haven't included special stages in this single or the previous one.

  • Comment Link Joe Saturday, 13 October 2018 14:10 posted by Joe

    Some please explain how the process works. As long as I've been a fan since I will never be able to attend one I am clueless on how they work I can only base it on my experience at comic con which you have to pay more for more famous people - do some Idols cost more voucher?

  • Comment Link LordNero Saturday, 13 October 2018 15:16 posted by LordNero

    Naachan & Yuiyui for 55th Center

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Saturday, 13 October 2018 15:47 posted by Paul Cho

    I don't think it is "too early", it is the 3rd round (of course 1st and 2nd round results are more valid), but I agree with you that the final results may be different.

    Perhaps you are right about no one deserves title handshake queen now, but Sakuratan was well-known handshake queen.

    I really hope 48G new generation can fill up those top members' shoes, but it takes years, perhaps.
    Management's arrangement is interesting, as my precious post, they re-sale 52nd single.

    If I have to explain how handshake event works, it need to write an article for it, however let me simply answer your question you don't need to pay more for "famous" members, 1 ticket for 1 time, and Sasshi's handshake sales are normal.

    Unlike Acchan and Yuko's era, now some members are very famous (e.g. Paruru, she is graduated, but she is the best example) or rank high at General Election (Sasshi), but their handshake sales are not good.

    Well, AKS don't care handshake sales, but I do hope Naachan & Yuiyui will become 55th single CENTERs.

  • Comment Link Momoka Saturday, 13 October 2018 16:18 posted by Momoka

    Sayanee is the ultimate queen in handshakes she is superior , Sakura isn't even close to how great Sayanee is
    It's too early to decide who's the new handshake queen
    We have to wait for the result of few more singles to decide , for now i see the potential members who can be the #1 handshake sellers in 48g are : Jurina , Naachan , Yuiyui, yahagi moeka, Yuiri
    (Yukirin isn't as great as she used to be before, and she only had 20 slots to sell in this single)

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Saturday, 13 October 2018 17:06 posted by Paul Cho

    I did't mean Sayanee and Sakuratan are same level, Sayanee are one of Japanese top 3 idols with Sasshi and Maiyan according to Nikkan's 2018 ranking, Sakuratan is just around 20th place.

    Well, I just called Sakuratan was AKB48's handshake queen, because she and Sayanee are only 2 members who sold out ticket by 2nd round at 50th, 51st single, and in 52nd single, her sales was not bad (34/39) while Sayanee's ticket sold out (20/20) by 2nd round, and 2nd round results count.

  • Comment Link Tuberose Sunday, 14 October 2018 14:11 posted by Tuberose

    yuiyui has a great potential, some people said she appeared out of nowhere when she was chosen as TT center and that she didn't deserve it but just look at the number.

    Ps. I miss Acchan and Yuko

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